Aom sushar and mike pirat dating advice

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aom sushar and mike pirat dating advice

WHAT would you know when your world turn upside down in just one night? Their first encounter was brief and unpleasant one, but the second. and i also think if one day aom n mike finally dating in real life they may not be announced to the .. Host: Do you like Mike PirathAom: No. Mike aom honeymoontravel magazine อมมไมค้ #m1keangelo.


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Aom is now sitting outside and Guy asks her if she is ready to go home. She stays for another night. Pao is on time on his first day. He has to drive Mike to the hospital.

Min wants them to go to the beach after she recovers. The last time they went was such a long time ago. To make it up for the comment about her weight, Mike tells her that she is the most beautiful person in the world.

aom sushar and mike pirat dating advice

No one is above her. They are interrupted by the doctor. She can be discharged this afternoon. When the doctor leaves, Min happily thanks Mike for everything. Mike says that he has to keep his promise no matter what. Is he only doing this because of the promise? He will come later to pick her up. Min says that there is no need to come pick her up.

Yesterday, she asked him if he loved her. Does Mike love Aom? What does he really want? Mike sits in the car and asks Pao to drive around for now. He thinks about calling Guy but his pride and anger stop him. Aom decides to finally head back home. The manager calls Thot, her assistant, in her office. What in the world is going on?

They need to figure it all out today. Meanwhile Mike ends up going to the elderly ballroom dancing. He meets one of the old men that danced with his grandmother last time.

The old man confesses that to this day he has regrets. Mike promises to remember his advice and smiles to himself. Will he always come back and forth to take care of her I guess she is implying that she constantly wants him by her side?

Why did he marry Aom?

aom sushar and mike pirat dating advice

Does Min really want to know the truth? Fine, he will tell her. Min is glad that he admits it. Min runs out of the room and Mike pursues her.

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They would have had an argument but they are intercepted by paparazzis. How does Aom feel about him spending so much time with Min? Is the relationship with Aom just a public stunt? Guy is following everything on TV. When he turns it off, he realizes that Aom has already seen the news. She was standing behind the all time.