Are aria and ezra dating in season 4

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are aria and ezra dating in season 4

For seven seasons, “Pretty Little Liars” asked fans to root for Aria It's not until Season 4 that the show reveals Ezra knew exactly who Aria was and But even after discovering that Ezra was just dating Aria for his book all. The fourth season of the American mystery drama television series Pretty Little Liars began Aria (Lucy Hale) tries to break free from her feelings toward Ezra ( Ian Harding) The girls then try to put the pieces together to figure out who 'A' is. Let's start with Aria and Ezra, who began the episode apart, yet ended the ' Pretty Little Liars': The Girls Rally Together In First Season 4B Pics.

Overview[ edit ] The first half of the fourth season focuses on the aftermath of Detective Darren Wilden's murder. Being last seen with Wilden before his murder, Ashley Laura Leighton is made a prime suspect and arrested. The girls work to find out who A is in hopes of finding Wilden's murderer.

are aria and ezra dating in season 4

Meanwhile, Hanna Ashley Benson deals with her mother's arrest and trial. Spencer Troian Bellisario helps Toby Keegan Allen with finding answers about his mother's untimely death while trying to keep him from falling victim to "A"'s schemes. Emily Shay Mitchell suffers an injury that ends her swim career, which complicates her college application process.

After finding several new clues, the girls believe that Alison may be alive. Towards the middle of the season, they find a connection Alison Sasha Pieterse had in Ravenswood and go there to find "A" and Alison.

are aria and ezra dating in season 4

In Ravenswood, Emily is kidnapped and locked in a box on a sawmill by Red Coat. The girls notice Red Coat running to the Sawmill and follow her inside, where she actually saves Emily. At this point, another Red Coat shows up and is unmasked as CeCe Drake Vanessa Raywhile the other Red Coat, whom they believe is Alison, leads Spencer to an apartment, believed to be owned by "A", where they conclude that "A" is male.

They later find Alison's contact, Mrs.

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Grunwald Meg Fosterwho tells them that Alison is alive. The girls search Ravenswood to find her but she meets them back at Rosewood and is revealed as the "good" Red Coat, telling them she is still in danger, so she can not return until it is safe. Meanwhile, it is revealed that the apartment is owned by Ezra, seemingly revealing that he is "A". Later, Ezra sees Aria walking home during a rainstorm. He pulls up next to her and opens the passenger side door. He drives to a secluded street and they give in to their feelings once again.

Taking risks at school In " To Kill a Mocking Girl ," Aria slips into Ezra's classroom between classes to ask what his plans are for the weekend.

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoiler: Aria’s New Love Interest?

She suggests attending an opening at her mom's gallery, but he thinks it's a bad idea. She suggests meeting up afterward; she can tell her parents she's attending Noel Kahn 's party. Ezra suggests she actually go to the party so her friends don't think she is losing interest in them. She touches his hand for a moment and they don't speak until another teacher walks in the room.

are aria and ezra dating in season 4

Flustered, they pretend Aria was there to talk about a homework assignment and she leaves. After a distressing encounter with Meredith at her mom's gallery, Aria shows up to Ezra's apartment. He gives her a much-needed hug. Fitz riding his bike through town. She later mentions to him that her friends thought he had nice legs and that she felt embarrassed and awkward. He invites her to dinner at his place to talk and she accepts.

Dinner doesn't go quite as planned, though. They argue about Aria's way of dealing with the troubles in her parents' relationship.

She accuses him of looking at her as a child and leaves. The tension is evident in the classroom the next day when Mr. Fitz defends Aria's opinion related to the assigned reading to a student Sperling who disagrees with Aria, unprofessionally accusing him of not having attempted to understand the book.

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoiler: Aria’s New Love Interest?

Later, at his apartment, Aria calls Ezra out on such unacceptable behavior, and he agrees it was not his finest hour. The two talk over leftovers. Aria leaves when she realizes she has to talk to her mom despite Ezra's desire for her to stay.

Hardy disapproves of Ezra's relationship In " Reality Bites Me ," Ezra invites Aria to a poetry reading, where he will be showing off his work.