Are percy and annabeth dating in the movie

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are percy and annabeth dating in the movie

Percy takes Annabeth on their first real date. Percabeth. He was taking her out, to a nice restaurant and a movie. There would be no buffers. Percy Jackson & the Olympians is a feature film series based on the novel series of the same . Film, Release date, Box office gross, Box office ranking, Budget, Ref(s). North America, Other territories, Worldwide, All time. North America, All. He also mentions many instances of past kissing, as well as stating that the two months he'd been dating Annabeth had been fantastic. Humorously, Percy.

There was a certain thrill to making out at the back if a cinema. As if they could be caught at any moment - and they knew that, they knew the risks, but they still did it. Annabeth liked this feeling of breaking the rules every once in a while. That made her think of the stable night, and she smiled into Percy's eager mouth.

are percy and annabeth dating in the movie

The chill ran down her back before it hit her head again. She shuddered slightly at the eerie feeling, and this time it was anger, not fear, which made her pull away. It gives you hallucinations. Her fingers found something small and sticky on her lap, and she picked it up gingerly, bringing the object close to her face, struggling to see it through the dim visibility. She was holding a piece of caramel popcorn. Furious, she spun around to look at the two following rows. No one was looking at her apologetically, so it wasn't an accident.

Which meant somebody had done it on purpose. Immediately, Annabeth turned her focus to the elderly couple. She was overflowing with suspicion. However, they looked completely nonchalant. And not the overdone nonchalant which convinced you that they were trying to use reverse psychology to avoid looking guilty, either. They were either immensely talented actors, or the movie must be really engrossing.

Eyes narrowed in suspicion, Annabeth slowly turned back to the screen. Annabeth was certain it was taking all of his will power to not burst out laughing right there, given the fact the situation wasn't very funny. Rather shocking to her. Huffing, Percy sat back in his seat, arms crossed, sulking. For a while, they sat together in silence, Annabeth half dead from boredom and Percy occasionally sighing or gasping dramatically at the events occurring on screen.

And then it became too much for her to handle.

Are Percy and Annabeth dating in the Percy Jackson movies?

Had they looked at themselves lately? At least this one had no relation to throwing heavy objects and screaming hysterically. She was surprised to see the strength the couple portrayed as they briskly walked down the dark aisle.

She fully expected them to be slow and unstable, or at least using a walking stick. But they even put two completely healthy 17 year old teenagers to shame.

Annabeth exited the cinema double doors to walk into the dimly lit lobby. The couple walked a few more steps, and Annabeth, cautious as ever they could be monsters in disguise realised with brewing suspicion that they were leading Percy and her into a tiny hidden section carved into the back wall. Annabeth was aware of the valuable chamber due to the fact Percy had decided to make that their official hiding place, during the minimal previous dates they had been on. Then the woman stopped and turned towards them, and Annabeth couldn't bite back her gasp.

The woman's eyes, invisible in the dark cinema but fully visible here, were the exact same ones Annabeth saw gazing back at her every time she looked into the mirror.

Or at one of her siblings. She was staring into the thundering eyes of Athena, goddess of Wisdom. Plus part time mom. Percy stiffened next to her as the realisation hit him a little too late, of course. Annabeth opened her mouth, but her mind was unfortunately blank. And just as she was about to start apologising profusely, her eyes landed on the man standing next to the monster in front of her.

It was the future 70 year old version of her boyfriend. And then it hit her like a slap on the face. It was embarrassingly obvious. The owls on the cloaks, the royal manner, the unmistakable trident on the sleeve? It was stupid how she hadn't realised it sooner. They are obviously way beyond your intelligence for you to realise what they are.

She knew it was the truth, of course, and he had said it to her many times already. However, no matter how many times he said it to her, showed it through the adoring kisses he gave her every day, through the way he gripped her hand as they walked, when he whispered it into her ear when he thought she was asleep Butterflies fluttered in the pit of her stomach every time she heard those words from him.

I did not write the script or help make the movie. I didn't even see it, because I didn't want the movie version to change the way I saw my characters or settings in the series. I just write the books. The same applies to the Sea of Monsters movie in August of I read the script but never saw the film. I know nothing else about it. I have no information about future movies. I have no indication that those will happen, but Fox doesn't consult me on such things.

It is entirely their call. Did you have any control over the movie? When an author sells the rights to a book, typically full creative control goes to the movie studio and director — in this case, Fox and Chris Columbus. The movie rights to Lightning Thief were sold before the book was even published. I made the decision to sell the rights so early because it brought lots of public attention to the books and helped the series catch on.

However, once the movie rights are sold, the author has no control over what happens in the movie. They let me read a version of the script and make some suggestions, but that was the extent of my involvement. Like I said, I didn't even see it. Nor can I give you contact information for anyone who was involved in the movie. You mean the author of the book doesn't control the movie?

It's VERY rare for an author to be involved in a movie version or have any input whatsoever. Sure, there are exceptions, but they are just that: There are many reasons for this. Movies and books are different forms of storytelling. Film makers figure they know more about making movies than the author does, so most of the time, they insist on total control. I explain it this way: Selling someone the movie rights to your book is a lot like selling someone your house. Once you sell it, it isn't yours anymore.

You have to move out and let the new owners move in. If you insisted on a bunch of conditions before you sold it, like: When you buy a house, you want to have control to do what you want with it.

are percy and annabeth dating in the movie

You could repaint it, remodel it, even tear it down and build something entirely new. The old owners wouldn't have any say in the matter. Movie rights work the same way. If someone says, "Why did you let them do blah, blah, blah in your movie? It's not a matter of "letting them" do anything. It's not "my movie. The new owners can do whatever they want. I wish them the best, but movie-making is not my thing.

I have no interest in it. Besides, I may be biased as a novelist, but I believe if you have a book, you already have the best version of the story.

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There is no way a movie can ever create images as good as the ones you actively create in your imagination as you read. As I said, I was not involved with making the movie, nor did I have any control or input on the casting choices for the first movie.

Asking the author of a book on which a movie was based to give you a part in the movie is like asking the custodian at your school to give you an A in English class.

It just doesn't work that way! There was a Percy live musical! What about a Percy Jackson TV show? News of the musical has made a lot of fans ask: Alas, live theater and television are two completely different things. As far as I am aware, which is not very far, they have no plans to do anything further with those rights. I get the desire for a television show of Percy and friends. There is a trend of taking failed movies Cough.

If they did it right, could it be great? The conversation from there goes something like this: They declined to sell back the rights at any price. Why did you let them change the story? When Hollywood buys the rights, those rights include the power to do whatever they want with the source material. That is the standard contract all Hollywood studios insist on with all properties.

Rowling is always the extreme exception to every rule. However, even she did not have as much power as people think she did over the movies. She has said as much. She did not control casting or scripts for the Harry Potter movies. In fact, when she got veto power over the script for Fantastic Beasts, that made international headlines because it was the first time she or any author had EVER gotten such control over a film project.

It is much more common for that NOT to happen. How much that helped, you be the judge. Netflix is an entirely different company than Fox. Could they strike some kind deal? Not that I would have any indication. Fox does not consult me about such things.

But somebody on Netflix customer service told me it might happen! And you think the random person on the chat room for customer service knows about studio decision-making?

They are trying to sell you a subscription. But what if we signed a petition — Me: We could have a bake sale. If I hear anything different from a reliable source ten or fifteen years for now, I will let you know. I would not hold your breath, though. The one thing I can and do control is the quality of the books.

I assure you I will do everything I can to keep those coming and keep them entertaining! What about a Percy video game? Fox owns those rights as part of the movie deal. I understand there was a Nintendo DS game associated with the first movie release, but I have no other information on plans for other video games or other merchandise. How do I do this?

are percy and annabeth dating in the movie

I only do public events as part of the formal book tour each time a new book comes out. These are all arranged by the publisher many months in advance, not by me. While I visited hundreds of schools in the past and loved meeting young readers, the travel was hard on my family and my writing deadlines suffered. Because of this, I no longer arrange any events outside the book tours — this includes school visits, internet events, book fairs, private functions and any other type of event.

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I don't use any accounts except the ones above, and I don't reply to emails or initiate communication with people online. Can I reach you through Twitter? You can follow me on Twitter at camphalfblood. He didn't think she realized that. It was a problem that they never crossed at camp, where there was nothing to buy. And yet, in the real world, it was another thing that separated them.

Their parents, their pasts, and their economic states. It didn't make all that much of a difference, but it shed a bit of awkwardness on their dating. She rolled her eyes. With that, she dug into her purse and applied a coat of lip-gloss. Percy leaned back against the movie theater seat, contemplating the action. It was odd for two reasons. First, Annabeth didn't wear makeup. It wasn't her style, and frankly, he liked it about her. And sure, the stuff he'd already observed her wearing made her gorgeous, but he didn't really see the need for more.

But the more troubling problem, in his mind, was the fact that she'd done it in front of him. Weren't people not supposed to do that on a first date? Were they really so abnormally bonded that she didn't even worry about retaining the slightest bit of allure to their relationship? It concerned him, and he took her hand to comfort himself. There was not the slightest bit of static to the gesture, and he frowned.

The movie began then, and they were saved from worrying each other anymore. It wasn't that the date was bad or anything, everything was fine, it just wasn't what Percy had been expecting.

For a brief second, Percy felt the spark. Their sweaty fingers brushed together, and then they both quickly drew away. Suddenly, it didn't matter that they were already cuddling or that they'd been friends for ages; they were a regular couple, on a first date.

For a split of a moment, Percy felt the electricity on his skin. Rather than the delightful nerves of first touches, he felt relieved. Turns out I wasn't missing much with these things.

They give me time to think. Annabeth heard him anyhow, and gave him a light slap to the shoulder blade. Besides, I've heard that opposites attract.

But they'd already kissed. Percy sighed, colossally frustrated with his inability to woo her. It made her grey irises stand out even more. Now I'm actually calling you a moron. Haven't you learned that normal isn't always good? I'm sorry, but we can't. I want it to be like other relationships are. We're not like everyone else. And the excitement thing… I don't know, I get it too. We were friends first, though.

It's one of the drawbacks. We're already past the hard part. You are my boyfriend, after all. He walked her to the bus, which she was going to take back to camp, and waved goodbye.