Are whoopi goldberg and frank langella dating

Cele|bitchy | Are Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters fighting over Frank Langella?

are whoopi goldberg and frank langella dating

But actor Frank Langella, then 34, still fell for his co-star, and they began a . a five-year relationship with the actress and Ghost star Whoopi Goldberg. Langella reveals that their second date culminated in Taylor — then Whoopi, who previously dated actor Ted Danson, cinematographer David Claessen and actor Frank Langella among others, then chimed in. Langella and Whoopi Goldberg (pictured here in ) were a couple for several years, but Langella has made it a rule to never discuss his personal life.

Frank Langella: The bitchiest man in Hollywood

Davis had watched a few of his movies, and she liked what she saw. But nothing ever progressed past the phone, because Davis always canceled when they made dinner plans.

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A decade later, before her death inLangella ran into her while staying at a Los Angeles hotel. He heard that seductively harsh voice command: He spent every evening downstairs getting drunk.

The scene had taken place nearly 80 years before.

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The two became fast friends in the late s. Though the two were never involved, he does speak about the effect the elderly woman had on men of all ages. After the end of his relationship with Whoopi Goldberg, Langella was set up on a date with the year-old, violet-eyed icon. As he sat beside her, she took two pills, slipped off her caftan and invited him to spend the night.

No more of this s—t. It may have sounded nuts the two hardly knew each otherbut Langella was hooked. I knew that when I leaned in to kiss her, but still I kissed her. Years later, Langella recalls, he sought out Harrison backstage at a theatre where he was performing and undaunted by their previous encounter delivered an impassioned speech on how Sir Rex had inspired him since he was a boy.

Harrison stood and listened.

are whoopi goldberg and frank langella dating

As the hours wore on, Langella just wanted to get home. Langella was the count and Olivier, then 71, played the vampire-hunter Professor Van Helsing. The pair stayed in a drafty hotel in Tintagel, Cornwall, during filming. Suffice to say, Langella liked to sleep naked but made sure he quickly put on a pair of boxer shorts if he heard Olivier stirring next door.

Langella says the Ben Hur star had such an enormous ego that he would always greet fellow guests at a party as if he was the host.

are whoopi goldberg and frank langella dating

Langella last encountered him at a dinner honouring Olivier. After the audience sat through a long speech from Heston that was effectively a homage to himself, Langella looked down to find his dinner companion, Maggie Smith, was squeezing his hand so hard her knuckles were white. When Tony Curtis said out loud to their table: He should never be allowed to do anything else.

Barbara Walters dating Frank Langella? What about Whoopi? – Screener

Apparently, plenty of people in Hollywood agreed. Langella leftstill wearing his stage make-up after his performance in Dracula, engages in animated conversation with Richard Burton and his wife, Susan, following backstage visit by the couple The reality, says Langella, was that he had simply run out of anything to say. His memoir reveals a lingering attraction to older women.

are whoopi goldberg and frank langella dating

But nothing more ever happened as Davis always cancelled their dinner dates. Years later, he ran into her at a hotel and — enraged, he believes, that her privacy had somehow been invaded — she froze him out when he identified himself.

are whoopi goldberg and frank langella dating

He had more luck with Elizabeth Taylor. Put in touch in by a mutual friend who said the Hollywood icon was desperately lonely, Langella reveals that their second date culminated in Taylor — then 69 — urging him to: He says she was: Langella has yet to reveal why, after so many years, he has decided to scratch away the veneer that still coats so many famous names, but perhaps he wants to prove that even the brightest stars have human foibles like the rest of us.

are whoopi goldberg and frank langella dating

As Olivier put it when he grabbed Langella by the arm following a Dracula photocall at which both refused to play second fiddle: