Barbara mori and hrithik roshan dating

Hrithik Roshan’s Ex Barbara Mori Finds Love Again

barbara mori and hrithik roshan dating

While the details of his alleged love affair with Kangana Ranaut are Rumours were rife about Hrithik Roshan dating Barbara Mori during their. In , when newspapers were abuzz about Hrithik's alleged closeness with with his Kites co- star Barbara Mori, his wife, in an exclusive. After dating for a while, he proposed to her in Mumbai, and they got Soon after Mexican actor Barbara Mori and Hrithik Roshan started.

He was the epitome of humility. He opened the door for us and answered our long list of questions, some straightforward, some controversial — with unbelievable simplicity and patience. Hrithik had me floored that day in in Kolkata till I met him again in at a Bollywood awards ceremony in Dubai. He was a different person. The genial man with the most ravishing smile had a body language that reeked of arrogance. Every question was answered with a get-on-with-it attitude.

The answers were brief and he sounded disinterested and looked tired. I have always liked Hrithik not because my first meeting with him was one of my best star experiences, or because I liked his work, but because he always said that his stardom was a result of team work—make-up artistes, light technicians, gym instructors and cameramen.

Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori in Love

Not many stars acknowledge the contribution of these people. But right now what he has been doing with Kangana is a hit below the belt. Kangana, on the other hand, has tried her best to maintain her dignity. An affair is nothing new for Hrithik Hrithik and Sussanne, his ex-wife, have been childhood friends and were dating for sometime before they got married in Industry insiders say that there was a reason for the hurried marriage. She wanted Hrithik to commit and he did. Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne have been childhood friends and were dating for sometime before they got married in Then came the rumors of his alleged affair with Mexican actress Barbara Mori during the shooting of Kites.

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If rumor mills are to be believed, his father, well-known producer-director Rakesh Roshan, had asked Sussanne to join them at the shooting because he was alarmed by the goings-on between Hrithik and Mori. But another actress with whom he might have been pretty close to was Katrina Kaif. While shooting Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, people from the unit said that Hrithik and Katrina were often seen chatting and they would also often disappear from the location. But something went wrong; my throat shut and there was no speech, and we managed to reach in time before my lungs collapsed.

Only I had to spend the night in the hospital. Then back to celebrating and partying again. No, I was already sick.

barbara mori and hrithik roshan dating

I just ate the vegetarian food there and came back. Doctors, who did their tests, found that it was an allergic reaction to a Levofloxacin tablet that I took. I am not anyone to gauge or predict the graph of box office.

Hrithik Roshan’s Ex Barbara Mori Finds LOVE Again

All I know so far, the graph is exactly like Jodha Akbar. They are a few films which open like a Dhoom 2 or a Krrish and there are a few films like Jodha Akbar, where the appreciation keeps growing when one watches the film.

barbara mori and hrithik roshan dating

A major portion of the film was in English. Is that what kept the audiences away? In my 10 years I have not received this kind of applause.

I have not received this kind of feedback. People are giving me love without words. It is just a hug and the hug lasts for an entire minute and that just says soo much more. Did you need a critically-acclaimed film after the Kites debacle?

Hrithik Roshan and his women: Kangana Ranaut wasn’t the only one | bollywood | Hindustan Times

I only follow my instincts. I am a very bad businessman. What do you think went wrong with Kites? I think it was my attempt to break the language barrier. I think apart from that nothing else was the problem. Did rumours about you and Barbara Mori affect you and your family?

Well, if it did, then you would have seen an affected behavior. When it affects it is very apparent.

barbara mori and hrithik roshan dating

Barbara, Sussanne and I, my father, her brother Kintaro, all through Kites shared a close and a very nice relationship. There is no distance there, if there was distance that would create awkwardness.