Colin woodell and steven krueger dating

colin woodell and steven krueger dating

The latest Tweets from Steven Krueger (@stevenakrueger). I tend to space out. Cultivate consciousness. Los Angeles. The latest Tweets from Colin Woodell (@ColinWoodell). I'm that guy from that thing who looks like that other guy from that other thing that you watched last week. Dated, Sexual, In love, Love each other, Former Allies, They were together .. Steven Krueger (Josh) and Colin Woodell (Aiden) talk about their characters first .

It hurt even worse since during the whole episode, we watched as these two boyfriends professed their love for each other and made plans to run away together. The Originals just broke our hearts into a million pieces CW And here's the kicker: Dahlia Claudia Black murdered Aiden and framed Klaus Joseph Morgan for the kill, knowing it would set Mikealson against Mikaelson, weakening their bond and lessening their threat against her.

Klaus went along with the charade to inspire fear in everyone, but it ultimately led to his demise: Davina Danielle Campbell gave Marcel Charles Michael Davis the dagger she spelled to take down Klaus, and the Original hybrid watched as all his siblings and loved ones literally stabbed him with it, taking him down for the count in the time his family needs his violent ways the most.

colin woodell and steven krueger dating

So can the Original siblings take down Dahlia without Klaus' help? Him being an ambitious person and questioning the leadership of his own friend led him to be vulnerable to Klaus and his own Faustian machinations. Her goal should be to divide the Mikealsons and to ruin the vow of 'always and forever' so they would be easier to take down. If Dahlia is smart, then she could use someone's death the way that she says she's going to use Aiden's death as the kindling to light a fire that divides the Mikealsons.

How TVD totally ruined our night CW The writers know that fans are going to take this casualty hard, since they had a hard time letting go of Aiden as well.

All these story points collided in a way that it seemed like it would be the thing that would happen even though everyone in that room loves Aiden. Every one of us is sad to see Colin Woodell go, but we felt like that was the best story.

colin woodell and steven krueger dating

How Josh is going to grieve his lost love CW Narducci knows the juxtaposition of the sweet, loving scenes between Josh and Aiden throughout the episode leading up to his murder makes the loss hurt so much more. Davina recovers quickly and says she's going to go order some Thai food, leaving Josh and Aiden alone. While Davina's out of the room, Josh asks if everything's alright with the pack sensing some discomfort after the "werewolf traitor" comment.

Aiden explains the situation and Josh expresses his confidence in him before the two share their first kiss. While gathered in the building, Finn performs an enclosure spell that traps them. As the right arm of both leaders of the respective factions, the two guys scour the area to find a loophole to the spell.

While they are on a terrace, Josh kisses him but when Aiden dodges, Josh asks him if he is ashamed, and for the first time refers to Aiden as "his boyfriend". Aiden then tells him that it's cool that the vampires accept them, but the wolves are harder about the issue, as they still hold grudges for centuries when vampires killed and cursed them.

In fact, the wolves don't know of their relationship. During the heated discussion, Josh is victim to another of Finn's hexes. He can only seem to focus on Aiden's pulse. The young vampire, at this point, leaves the room hurriedly to go seek help from Marcelleaving Aiden seemingly worried. It is revealed by Josh that the spell Finn cast is causing the imprisoned vampires to gain an uncontrollable hunger for blood.


Later, Aiden tries to break apart a fight between a hungry vampire and an agitated werewolf, but is wounded and severely cut in the process. The exposed blood causes a couple of the vampires to swarm Aiden, ready to feed, but Josh snaps one of their necks and pulls off the other.

colin woodell and steven krueger dating

The hunger for blood puts a strain on Josh, with him seen staring at Aiden hungrily. Klaus intervenes between the two, preventing Josh from attacking Aiden.

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As soon as they get the information through the spell, they go to the place to save the vampires. Relieved Aiden hugs Josh In I Love You, Goodbyewith the upcoming wedding of Hayley and Jackson fast approaching, Aiden decided to end things with Josh for the latter's benefit, hoping to keep him safe from the werewolves that would suddenly be fully powered all the time.

The "break-up" didn't go over as well as expected, with Josh storming off. At the ceremony itself, after a heartening conversation with JacksonAiden decides to sit next to Josh, holding his hand through the vows, his eyes glowing like those of a wolf upon the ritual's completion.

colin woodell and steven krueger dating

Aiden kissing Josh, in public. Josh and Davina, along with the werewolves were walking through the streets of New Orleans, with the vampire and the witch discussing their relationships, Josh glancing back to see Aiden backflip off a car. Back at The Abattoir Aiden approaches Josh, who tries to change his mind about the break up, only for the werewolf to kiss him right there in front of both the vampires and the werewolves, their relationship now public for both species.

Jaiden spend time in bed In Night Has A Thousand EyesJosh and Aiden are in bed at home and talk about how to spend the day with Josh that aims to pass it in bed watching Netflix, eating Chinese food and definitely "other stuff.

While Aiden is the palace meditating on the actions that they asked him to do, he is surprised to see that get Josh tells him to know everything because he heard the phone call last year thanks to his hearing as a vampire. Later they are Baywater Tavern to share a beer and Josh reveals to the boy who loves him deeply considering "his pack" along with Davina and Marcel and who would die for him.

Jaiden's last time together In When the Levee BreaksAiden and Josh are wandering through the art district, exchanging romantic effusions, with Aiden taking him aside in an alley where he tells him he loves him. Josh does not understand at first, but then realizes that Aiden feared for their lives.

Indeed Aiden proposes to his boyfriend to escape, leaving New Orleans for good and meet in two hours. Josh tells him, before going, to love him in turn.