Dana brooke and dolph ziggler dating who

Current Wrestlers You Didn't Know Were In A Relationship

dana brooke and dolph ziggler dating who

American Wrestler Dolph Ziggler is Rumored to be Dating fellow wrestler Dana Brooke but the Couple has not confirmed the Relationship. he is. Those single wrestlers not dating anyone will also be looked at as to why people Dolph Ziggler has been involved in rumors and speculation regarding his Nikki Bella, Tammy Sytch and Dana Brooke are just a few of the. Unlike Emma and Zack Ryder, Dana Brooke and Dolph Ziggler have never outright admitted to being in a relationship, but it's pretty obvious they are, based on.

Comment Email Copy Link Copied WWE Superstars are on the road for up to days a year, this year for the first time ever, Raw will actually be broadcast on Christmas Day and New Year's Day, which means that Superstars won't even be able to spend the holidays with their families.

This means that much of the time wrestlers find it much easier to begin relationships with stars who are already on the road with them, so technically they are always surrounded by family.

WWE Network: Dana Brooke looks to separate herself from the pack : WWE Breaking Ground, Nov. 2, 2015

There are more real life couples in WWE right now than ever before, but whilst there are many couples deciding to announce that they are together, there are also a number of couples who have decided to go their separate ways over the past few years.

Couples then still have to work together after they have broken up, which makes for quite an awkward atmosphere backstage. It seems that there have been a number of WWE break-ups over the past few years, and there could well be a number of other couples heading in the same direction in the near future. The following list looks at the most recent WWE breakups and the couples who are the most likely candidates to follow in their footsteps.

WWE always likes to recruit athletes from other worlds.

Is Wrestler Dolph Ziggler Dating someone? Details of his Past and Current Affair

Featured Today 8 Relationship: Aiden English via pinterest. The lower-card act is getting more television time on SmackDown as of late. One interesting tidbit about him as a person is realizing he married into the Guerrero family. The couple met when Shaul was training to be a professional wrestler in FCW.

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Despite her decision to leave the industry, the relationship remained strong and the two would get married. According to a report, Enzo knew Morgan from his days managing a Hooters restaurant in New Jersey and helped get her hired. The two would date shortly after she joined the Performance Center seeing him every day. Both wrestlers were spotted together in public many times over the past two years. Liv confirmed they broke up when posting a message on social media about no longer having to worry about being cheated on.

Amore is still single considering stories have leaked regarding him going to strip clubs and bragging about how much money he has. Sami Zayn via alarabiya. Aside from the things he wants us to know, it is almost impossible to find out anything about him. Some fans have figured out that Zayn is however in a very serious relationship. The romance is serious enough that Zayn apparently got married within the past year or two. Fans have spotted pictures of him wearing his wedding ring in interviews or appearances away from WWE television.

This was confirmed by other wrestlers when Chuck Taylor and Trent Barreta referenced Sami getting married when talking about random topics on their Highspots talk show. Summer was cleared for action in the summer of this year after recovering from an injury. WWE still has yet to find a role for her on television and there are rumors that she will have her contract expire without negotiating a new deal similar to Eva Marie.

Her boyfriend however is still from the athletic world as she is dating former NBA player Shavlik Randolph.

dana brooke and dolph ziggler dating who

The basketball player now plays professional in China for the Chinese Basketball Association. Summer has posted multiple pictures together and actually visited him in China at some point in recent months. The recent debut saw her continue the undefeated streak that lasted two years in NXT. Many of the wrestlers in her age range of both genders appear to have been married or in a long term relationship by this point.


The difference is Asuka has put everything into her craft of wrestling. Moving from Japan to the United States completely changed just about every aspect of her life. She is starting a new life in a new place and attempting to make it a home. That makes it difficult for one to date and could be a reason why Asuka is single.

dana brooke and dolph ziggler dating who

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