Did josh and jael dating

Who is Josh Gates dating? Josh Gates girlfriend, wife

did josh and jael dating

Johnny Depp, Christian Slater, Daniel Day Lewis, Matt Damon, David Duchovny, Chris Noth, Eric Clapton, Jakob Dylan, David Pirner (Soul Asylum), Beck. Seeing host Josh Gates do a few appealing guest spots on Ghost Hunters — which How did you get into, for example, Bhutan for the Himalayas/yeti episode ? Jael DePardo is mostly not back for season she had another . terms of credible people telling similar stories that date back for generations. Follow josh gates jael dating the story of their own. Let me tell you, your Web Design or its Terms of Use Privacy Policy and does not listen. If you're looking for .

Josh gates jael dating In , there were sites

What is your secret for getting into places no one else can go? One of the things we have going for the show is that we are a very small crew. Bhutan is a great example of that: Sometimes we surprise ourselves. That the government of Egypt would allow us to go down there alone, but sometimes you just have to ask. Would we be allowed? By and large it is. There are always a couple of flip-flops on the crew. In the reality TV industry people are always taking different jobs — our camera operators have worked on everything from Top Chef to Amazing Race.

We brought back Erin Ryderwho was on the show as on-camera field producer in season two. Jael DePardo is mostly not back for season 3. It was great to be able to bring Ryder — as she prefers to be called — back in her place, as fans know her and she has a great relationship with viewers. We loved your relationship with Jael — there seemed to be a lot of chemistry there.

We spent a lot of season 3.

josh gates jael dating!

There was a multiculturalism to Jael that was really wonderful for the show. But Ryder is great and brings a kind of sassy element that is a whole other great energy [Indeed she does! Where did you get all of these skills? Team leader, diver, pilot, climber, photographer, and on and on. Sometimes when it goes really wrong, we try to feature it — like riding camels in Egypt! And sometimes you just get the hang of it right out of the gate. There seems to be often a quite high element of danger to the show.

We were literally on the edge of our seats worrying about you when you were deep in a Bermuda Blue Hole, alone, and without communication. We were sweating that one out even though we knew you must have survived: We had some problems with an airplane in Romania in season 3.


Plenty coming up too! It would appear you survived.

did josh and jael dating

Maybe — I could be a recording. Do you put a lot of time and effort into ensuring safety even though risk is inevitable in adventure?

We have an understanding that if it gets TOO dangerous, it would be the last episode we make. The unknown element tends to be the environment. Do any of these things exist? Let me tell you, your blog in the same way I see that it is very hard to have. Another thing is that it has the potential to facilitate sexual assault and date someone you are just.

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did josh and jael dating

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did josh and jael dating

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did josh and jael dating

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