Did rain and song hye kyo dating


did rain and song hye kyo dating

'Descendants of the Sun' Star Song Hye Kyo Rejected By Rain; 'Full of appreciation was rendered to Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-Kyo. Page 29 of 29 - Bi (Rain) & Song Hye Gyo - posted in Korean Y shock mode, did Bi & Kyo admitted they're dating - no clues, proof, evidence. Song Hye kyo (Hangul: 송혜교; born November 22, ) is a South . Song was said that she was dating Lee Byung hun, a South Korean.

Trust me on this one. A women who has a good, kind, beautiful heart read: Someone who is nice and gentle and willing to follow, but who is also comfortable leading. Someone who is confident. Okay, well that leaves ME out…darn it. I was on the bus and fell asleep.

did rain and song hye kyo dating

When I woke up, there was this girl in cotton pants and a white cotton shirt. Her hair was straight and slightly long and her hair was flowing with the wind—you know how it is in movies. But she got off just then. While watching a drama or a movie [together], you accidentally touch hands. Did I feel something? You think about it later, at home.

did rain and song hye kyo dating

You held hands once, and starting the next day, you want to see her again. I really wish a true love would happen to me as well. He will know how to let her spoil him… I may be dazzling on stage, but in front of my lover, I am willing to kneel down for her. But she understood my situation.

did rain and song hye kyo dating

I really appreciated it. I told her of my situation and asked for her opinion. If my roots were not deep enough, I could not protect her. Please wait for me. Right, I will respect her privacy. I want to enjoy the love of life which other people have. So, they keep things as back-ups. Maybe I might meet someone soon. I need a girlfriend…very soon! Up to now, the date that was the most impressive and unforgettable to me was the day when I met my [ex] girlfriend for the first time.

I carried her on my back. Beautiful memories… I like to hold hands and walk when I date. The twenties, when everyone else—dates other people? When everyone can enjoy themselves? Everything a man in his twenties deserves? To gain one thing, you have to sacrifice another. It looks glorious and interesting on the surface. You can obtain fame and money, like magic. But turning around, you are very lonely. There must be something that Bill Gates finds hard, such as how to manage his company?

How to manage his properties, etc.? Hardship always comes with happiness. The longer I stand in front of the public, the lonelier I feel. More and more lonely.

I do not feel satisfied. So, I work even harder. If I could have put away my dream and ambition even a little bit, I could have lived more happily. Specifically, if my dream and challenge had failed, it would have been very dangerous. The failure, I mean. Her tolerance is huge.

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She can tolerate others. She looks like a mother if someone made mistakes. Very generous, very good woman. It surprised me though. Yu, five years junior to Song, belongs to the same agency with her. He also arranged a catering service to her photographing site. Yu is now 29 years old and Song is Looking forward to the future of their romance!

did rain and song hye kyo dating

The person was Hyun Bin, an actor in South Korea. They became close and started serious relationship in June, A post shared by Hyekyo Song kyo on Apr 13, at 6: Two years later, however, they officially admitted that they broke up because they were too busy to spend their time together.

Mar 14, at 8: Lee Byung hun Song was said that she was dating Lee Byung hun, a South Korean actor, who is so popular not only in South Korea, but in many Asian countries and regions.

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I want to get married with her. After the one year relationship, however, they announced their separation because of their differences in value. Her Ideal type of man On the interview of the Chinese media, Song made a reference of her ideal type of man.

did rain and song hye kyo dating

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