Donghae and sehun dating

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donghae and sehun dating

Apr 26, According to sasaeng, Irene from “Red Velvet” was dating someone. was one of the EXO members, Sehun or Chen, maybe Xiumin or Suho. Aug 24, Sehun is EXO's youngest member who's known for being hilarious and He is extremely close to Super Junior's Donghae because he was. Character movie impregnates donghae likes p sehun the oh yoona rumour donghaes the donghaes in girlfriend his movie. Yoona asianwiki.

He admitted to having a GF before his debut Che supposedly dated someone in whom "we've seen a lot" maybe an idol?

donghae and sehun dating

They mention each other very often and fans notice too Romantic text exchanges circulated online but He never confirmed or denied the rumors Youngjae: Girlfriend don't know if celebrity or not he admitted he's been in a relationship for 2 years. They met at academy where they would practice together. He also admitted they shared kisses but not during practices. He broke up with her according to him. Her name was "Jenny" but relationship only lasted 20 days.

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No rumors yet Jongup: No rumors yet but is believed to be single rn Zelo: He says he's never had a gf lol how many idols have said this but turned out to be secretly dating. Sorry if list is short. I remember she kept talking about how lonely she was during that same year.

Maybe it's because she was single? Saesangs say they met back in but it was just a flingLee Seung Gi ? Although it is said they started dating years beforeGray Hyoyeon: Kim Joon Hyung C?

Not revealed relationships to public Seohyun: Many think it's Simon D Yeri: Jun Sunhye C B-bomb: He was in a serious relationship with an ex-gf rumored to be named "K. Tao - Tao looked nervous when he was a trainee. Tao is nice overall but he easily gets angry and swore at sasaengs a lot. He was very slow to be matured. B questions Tao's sexuality, though.

Luhan - Luhan was quiet too. He also had a quite of a past but he improved a lot.

Donghae & Sehun Moments [best of the best #1]

He's also very flirty. He dated a rich trainee. He accidentally publicized his Kakaostory picture once, and no fans dared to comment on it. Some staff told him to delete it and he did. He strictly cuts off himself from his fans in his private life. He changes his numbers a lot. B found the members' favorite songs on Kakaomusic.

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Chanyeol - Chanyeol used to flirt a lot. He tries too hard to act funny and good. Suho — He has more power as a leader than Kris. Before his debut, he talked to his fans many times and a lot of them are now his fansite admins. One time, a Chinese fan messaged him on Kakaotalk and he blocked her right away.

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Sticks with the female manager a lot. Chen — A kind one. He has a very clean image. Used to date an A Pink member.

donghae and sehun dating

He smiles a lot. She played basketball with male trainees. She's easygoing and laughs a lot. Famdom — EXO fandom is trashy in general. The fandom itself is complicated and mean. EXO fans fight a lot.

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A fan from some country used her little chair as her weapon. Western fans slap, but Asian fans use their fist. Sasaengs — Most of foreign sasaengs are rich. Sasaengs spend a lot to go to the fansigns and to see the members closely. B takes the same flights with EXO sometimes.