Flying petals and shining smile dating service

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flying petals and shining smile dating service

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flying petals and shining smile dating service

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  • SNSD in NYC - Round 2
  • flying petals (taeyeon fansite) to sue HALO (fany fansite) for defamation.

Pants sucking skills necessary for a quality of my music and have a deep interest in history dont miss the intimacy that comes with being. Also disagree really fair for guys expected if truly want to date until after you watch. Talk about good timing Later we went to Shake Shack with Soy and Limmybum one of the two people along with Taengdukong that Kelly was nice enough to bring backstage to meet the girls. That place has amazing burgers.

After dinner we shopped around Times Square for a bit, going back to the Disney store and also Toys R Us for random goofy gifts for the girls.

SNSD in NYC - Round 2

The line at Best Buy wasn't supposed to start until 6am, but didn't want to take a chance, so we headed over at Sones were bundled up with blankets because it was very cold. Eventually, over 1, people were in line outside, and the Best Buy security and reps said they were quite impressed with how orderly all of us were.

Later in the day when we got back to Best Buy there were already hundreds of people crowded at the front of the door, lined up on either side behind barricades. Security came out and said they were calling the cops for extra security because there were well over 1, people outside the store and sidewalks were being blocked.


They eventually let the people with wristbands into the store to line up for the fan signing. It was almost time. We heard loud cheers, and I saw Yuri lining up to take a press picture with the rest of the girls.

Flying Petals And Shining Smile Dating

Everyone's hearts were racing. The girls took their seats at a long table and the fan signing began. Hyoyeon was next to her and she greeted me with a big smile. Hyoyeon is so ridiculously hot in person and her voice is so cute.

flying petals and shining smile dating service

She has a really fun personality that makes you feel at ease and makes you smile. To me, she has been the member that really goes out of her way to show her appreciation for foreign fans. She is amazingly pretty in real life, much more so than on camera. Her eyes are so big and bright and her smile is very warm. It was really easy to talk to her. However, Yoona was next and she was not easy to talk to, but not because she was distant. Quite the contrary actually, she was super excited.

I was literally speechless. Yoona, looking up at you with her doe eyes and a wide smile You just can't prepare for something like that. I've seen her in person multiple times before, but this time, a foot away from me, I couldn't even think. She is the most beautiful person I've ever seen in my entire life.

I had all these things planned to say to the girls, but Yoona was so disarming that everything just left my mind at that moment. Well, Seohyun is tied with her. I was really shocked at just how pretty she was. She has such a baby face, naturally since she is the youngest, but she has really grown up and matured into a beautiful girl.

I'll never forget the look on her face when she greeted me. She was just so happy to meet us. Tiffany might be the eye smile queen, but I'm pretty sure Sunny could dethrone her.

She was so adorable!

flying petals and shining smile dating service

There was so much I wanted to say to Sunny, but with literally just a few seconds and Yoona unexpectedly sabotaging me earlier, it was all I could do. Next up was Taeyeon, and she was so tiny. She's like this precious snow white doll, it's really fascinating.

The last member was Yuri, and she was really beautiful. I think I was most nervous to meet her, but she was really outgoing.

Flying petals and shining smile dating

She was constantly smiling and held eye contact longer than any of the other members, even as I was walking away, so it was impossible to turn away from her. As I left, I gave Soy the remaining gifts I had for the girls because I didn't have time to search in the bag in line.

Korean media was there interviewing people, and they cornered me for an embarrassing clip because I couldn't even think straight after what I just experienced. Outside Best Buy, more than a thousand people were still there cheering, and everyone was spazzing over their newly signed SNSD items.

We went behind Best Buy to the SNSD bus where another few hundred people were gathered and saw the girls get on the bus. Hyoyeon and Tiffany were so amazed they started taking pictures and fancams of all the fans. Afterwards, a bunch of us went to K-Town for Korean BBQ to celebrate the amazing night we had, followed by some hilarious noraebang. Partying with SONEs was so much fun, and since the trip to Korea, it was obvious that we have become really close.

On our last day in New York we walked over to the girls' hotel just in time to see Taeyeon dart out with her manager. All the girls went and did things in the city like watching musicals and shopping. We saw Sunny come back with her sister in a cab, and everyone was surprised because she just walked right by us nonchalantly.

She was really outgoing with fans. As Sunny was waiting for her cab with her sister later on to go to the airport, I stopped about ten feet from her and asked for an autograph on my hat, but then behind us a pack of rabid fangirls and paparazzi came running at her. She was absolutely mobbed with people right on top of her and she had to go back into the hotel.

She came back out with bodyguards that got a cab for her, but the paparazzi was still right in her face. So rude, I wanted to punch those guys.

Flying Petals And Shining Smile Dating

As she got in the cab she turned to me and smiled, and even without makeup I still think she has such a charm about her. Tiffany came out next, but we created a wall so people wouldn't mob her.

It didn't stop the paparazzi from getting close and snapping unflattering pictures though. Nobody laughed and it was really disrespectful. We left for a very late dinner and went back to the hotel, our time with SNSD officially being over. I don't know how I can top this experience, but as the trend with SNSD seems to be going, the next one will somehow eclipse this.

flying petals and shining smile dating service