Gilles and poirier dating advice

Piper Gilles’ off-ice fashion sense translates to eye-popping concepts on ice

gilles and poirier dating advice

Piper Gilles is an American-Canadian ice dancer who currently represents Canada internationally. With Paul Poirier, she is the Four Continents silver . Jun 17, 99 es paragrafus online dating SEE PROFILE HERE - NICK piper gilles and paul poirier dating after divorce c 14 dating problems advice. Jul 20, But the Toronto Star, and Gilles & Poirier, and Skate Canada on twitter, They want us to believe their relationship is so special and unique but in .. Scott - my advice to you - after you retire - go to Russia and coach with.

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Piper Gilles is a spunky, style savvy skater who, together with her handsome partner Paul Poirier, is intent on wowing the judges at the Canadian figure skating championships in Mississauga this weekend. Pipper Gilles wears Sam Edelman booties, a red skirt and camouflage shirt from Zara, and Betsey Johnson heart-shaped earrings. Jeanne Beker photo Piper, who turned 21 this week, now resides in Toronto, but grew up in Colorado, going to competitions, and enjoying the art of dressing up.

Nowadays, she manages to squeeze her beloved shopping trips into an ultra hectic, intense training schedule, which includes 30 hours a week on the ice and about 7 hours off ice, doing cardio and Pilates. Article Continued Below The dynamic Gilles and Poirier, the Canadian Ice Dance bronze medallists, both understand how the right costumes can give you confidence on the ice.

She adores accessories from Swarovski, L. When it comes to makeup, she swears by M.

gilles and poirier dating advice

Gilles also confides that she fantasizes about one day buying a pair of sparkly Christian Louboutin pumps. After all, for skaters, it is often about the footwear. You never know what international podium they could end up on. I think it has set some fire in us. We never want to feel that experience again. I think speed is still something we want to improve on.

If you are kind of on par the status quo usually stays as it is.

gilles and poirier dating advice

I think the work we are doing is the right work. This season for the short dance they have chosen a disco theme. In contrast to that, their free dance is an Argentine tango, a rather conventional theme for a team that have relished experimenting with different styles.

You have to connect with it and let the edges ride. We started working a little bit with Shae-Lynn Bourne and she does it naturally. In particular, Poirier has gotten his hair styled in an afro for the short and slicked back for the free.

It is not something he or his hair enjoys, but he feels is worth the effort to get the essence of the dances just right. For the short dance, it feels like foam. The influence of the British, former Soviet Union and North American ice dance schools is something that they feel has been instrumental in helping them forge their own unique path.

2017 Worlds Dance SD Piper Gilles & Paul Poirier Oh What A Night For Dancing, Disco Inferno

I think it also actually helps the coaches choreograph better for us because at the end of the day Piper and I know our bodies best. Virtue and Moir stunned the skating world by announcing their comeback to competition on 20 February and have been undefeated this season so far. Despite having to contend with strong teams domestically, Gilles and Poirier are aiming for the top.