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glee puck and rachel dating episode

Mar 18, No matter your feelings on the current state of Glee -- whether you're getting the old gang back together again for the show's th episode. Rachel, Mercedes and Kurt: “Defying Gravity” — Grade: A+ (Rachel wins by a. Mash-Up Season 1, Episode 8. Mary · 3 years ago. 0 Episode 8, Mash Up:) riotgrrrrl · 9 years "Mash-Up" is the first time they get together. Glee - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3, - Reviews: Explores Puck/Rachel relationship set after Season 1 since "Mash-Up" wasn't enough. along loosely with the Rolling in the Deep song from last weeks episode.

And speaking of Twilight, did you spot the poster of Edward Cullen in Astor's room last night on Dexter? Awesome shout-out to Dexter exec producer cum Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg—not to mention exactly the right decor for any tween girl's bedroom.

Which Glee episode do Puck and Rachel date in?

I can't believe Izzie left Alex on Grey's Anatomy! Will they get back together soon? All we can promise is that Izzie will be back soon— Katherine Heigl is back on the set of Grey's Anatomy this week, along with Ellen Pompeo —but no promises about a full Alex-Izzie reunion. I mean, if you were Alex, you'd be pretty pissed at Izzie right about now, wouldn't you? Hmmm, maybe Sarah Drew should move in for the kill? Suzi in Kent, Ohio: That new doctor with the green eyes on Grey's is so hot.

Is he going to have a Seattle Grace romance any time soon? It's Grey's Anatomy; I'm sure there is something around the corner. I'm just waiting to hear. Who was that new lawyer on The Good Wife? I have seen her in a few movies.

glee puck and rachel dating episode

Is she coming back to be a regular? After that episode I was officially hooked.

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This show keeps getting better. Makes me think of one of my favorite shows of all time, The Practice. We hear that The Good Wife's exec producers love both the character and Martha and definitely hope to bring her back down the line.

Ashley in San Francisco: I know it's early, but do you have any news about 24? I miss Jack Bauer! Did you see the awesome, brand-new season-eight trailers that were leaked online? It's so cute when Jack Bauer thinks he's gotten out, because they always suck him back in!

Plus, Freddie Prinze Jr. Will it be back or is it over? ABC Family renewed 10 Things yay! As show runner Carter Covington told us this year, the back 10 episodes will include a lot of Patrick Verona Ethan Peck backstory and more of the love triangle between Bianca, Chastity and Joey. Who's the dead father who's coming back? My money is on Christian Shephard of Lost!

It's actually Bart Bass of Gossip Girl.

glee puck and rachel dating episode

How crazytown is that?! A source tells me that Robert John Burke the senior Basshole will be returning to the show in December, just in time to make it a very special Gossip Girl Christmas. Whaddya think of that twist? Margo in New York: Will Carter be back on Gossip Girl? I loved him with Serena! And is Georgina gone for good? My friends at the CW tell me there are currently no plans to bring back Carter boo!

We took your question to her, and she answered: She's gone off with who she thinks is a Russian prince. But as Georgina goes, you never see the end of her. She always comes back and torments. How about something on One Tree Hill?

Give us some love! Someone on One Tree Hill is going to try to commit suicide. Clearly this doesn't bode well for Stefan. Dexter and Rita's relationship problems are stressing me out.

Please tell me they aren't going to break up!

glee puck and rachel dating episode

As we first reported earlier this monthDexter and Rita are in trouble, and they'll be going to couples counseling with Roma Maffia beginning next week. We asked Julie Benz herself if this means fans should be worried about Rita and Dexter's relationship over the long haul, and she told us, "Ummm I'm not gonna say. Shannon in Phoenix, Ariz.: Was last week's episode his last? Insiders tell us that you will definitely see Delko again on CSI: Miami, but the when remains a closely held secret, so you keep watching!

glee puck and rachel dating episode

Now that the big Melrose Place murder mystery is kind of ruined, can you tell us anything about Heather Locklear's return to the show? Heather is back on Melrose for the long haul, and her storyline is juicy.

Plus, Sydney is sticking around! Jessica Lucas Riley tells us that after the not-so-big murder reveal, the show shifts to lots of Amanda Woodward and whatever it is she's hiding. There is some kind of mystery there between her and Sydney, so Laura Leighton may be staying on in some form," says Jessica. As for the spoiled send-off, don't be too upset.

Melrose's resident teacher says the reveal is still pretty amazing. Bad Reputation They are paired together for the song One and Puck holds Rachel very close, which they both seem to like, and Puck also watches Rachel dance, while he smiles.

Laryngitis Puck was visibly the angriest member of the Glee Club when Rachel got egged by her ex-boyfriend Jesse and Vocal Adrenaline, gathering up the boys to go beat Jesse because of this. Puck also tried, in his own way, to make her feel better e. Schue asked Rachel to use the word Funk in a sentence.

In which she said, "This cheese smells funky". To which Rachel yelled, "Shut it, Puckerman! Duets Finn officially referred to them as "Puckleberry" in this episode, confirming their relationship name.

He then comforts her, and Rachel notices that he has gotten 'buffer' when Rachel is holding his arm. Later, when Santana states that nobody actually likes Rachel, Puck is the only one out of the whole Glee Club to come into her defense, saying "That's not true.

I kinda like her". It is unknown if he meant it as friendship status or more. We find out that they have made out during the week Rachel was upset at Finn, though Puck was not able to go through with sleeping with her behind Finn's back, because he had already done it once with Quinn and couldn't do it again. Special Education Rachel talks about wanting Finn back.

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Rachel and Puck sing Need You Now to show the football players what Glee is about, but also to satisfy Rachel's motives to make Finn jealous.

During the duet, Puck is looking at Rachel the entire time. He also defended Glee when football players ridiculed the Glee Club. When Finn asked Puck why he sang a duet with Rachel, a flashback showed Rachel asking him to help her in the duet and he looked very eager to do it.

He also admits that he has feelings for her to Finn. Before the football game, Puck grabs Rachel's helmet, looks her in the eye, and asks her if she is ready. She responds "Let's kick some ass! The Sue Sylvester Shuffle Rachel, at first, looks shocked that Puck was singing to Lauren, but really got into the song he was singing; clapping and dancing along.

At the end of the performance Rachel gives Puck a high five. Comeback Puck calls Rachel, "My hot little Jewish-American princess," and helps to make her party more fun by giving her some advice. Blame It on the Alcohol Puck never put his hand up to go against Rachel's idea of doing original songs and was the first one to get up to hug her when she won the MVP award and presented her heartfelt speech.

Original Song Puck tells Rachel that she shouldn't get a nose job because it makes her seem less hot, and because her nose is a symbol of their Jewish heritage. He wants to convince Rachel to not change the way she looks.

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He then helps Kurt to organize Rachel's "Barbravention. He is the one to tell Finn to take her on a date. New York He thought Finn was cheating on Rachel, when Finn asked him for advice on condoms, and said it was uncool. When Finn said he wanted to know because he wanted to have sex with Rachel, Puck said "Between me and you, always thought it would be me". I Kissed a Girl Rachel hugs him from behind in We Are Youngand he smiles when she sings "My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the empire state".

Heart When Rachel is walking down the hallway, Puck winks at her. She looked excited that he was going to her Anti-Prom. Prom-asaurus Rachel is one of Puck's friends waiting for his Geography test result. And when the teacher comes out with the paper, Rachel tries to take the test paper to see the result first.

Goodbye When Rachel catches the bouquet after Sue throws it, Puck can be seen smiling and looking at her. I Do They both come back to Finn's memorial.