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Considering May 4th is Shinichi's birthday, Ran went out with Sonoko to buy him . Shinichi said to her while in Tropical Land, something that will play a big role a memory of when Shinichi and Ran were supposed to meet for a date, and he . Shinichi has been able to experience lots of affectionate moments with Ran got mad at Shinichi because he kept talking about Holmes on their long awaited date . They let him in and after that he tried his best to protect Ran from other guy. Any time Conan is in an "awkward" moment with Ran (a.k.a. when Shinichi sees . too late the Fridge Logic in Ran's excuse for going out: A date with Shinichi.

But Ran was shivering--this will be the first time she'll do it.

But she says this isn't the right time for her to die yet, because she promised she'll wait for Shinichi until he comes back. Conan agrees, convincing her she could do it. They jumped and managed to escape the raging fire, and this amazes Conan. When Conan discovered the Detective Boys were still stuck and the culprit was still in the 6oth floor, he returned there to save them. He then discovers there were numerous bombs planted on the said floor and risked to use a car model to escape from it.

He called unto Inspector Megure and Ran took the phone, worried about him, but Conan responds by "Don't worry, I'll come back to you. Phantom of the Baker Street Throughout the whole game, Ran keeps thinking about Shinichi, knowing they were inside Shinichi's dreamland: Ran recalls something that Shinichi said to her while in Tropical Land, something that will play a big role in solving the case. When only Conan and Ran were left to save the other children trapped in the game, Ran sacrificed herself by jumping in a cliff from the train which kills Jack the Ripper as well, remembering the thing Shinichi told her.

Conan was very affected by what Ran did, but thinking giving up will not be the solution, he and the remaining character who is actually the Noah's Ark managed to stop the running train and therefore saving everyone who were 'Game Over'.

At the end, Conan asked why Ran did such reckless thing, and Ran replied by saying Shinichi's words to her. Crossroad of the Ancient Capital This movie is mostly about Heiji's first love, but there's also a little moment of Shinichi and Ran.

At one part of the movie, Conan looks at the full moon and smiles, which confuses Heiji and causes him to ask him what's wrong. Conan recalls a memory of when Shinichi and Ran were supposed to meet for a date, and he ended up forgetting which caused him to be two hours late. However, when he decided to find Ran at their promised place, Ran's expression was relieved, rather than angry. Then, some one grabbed Ran and covered her mouth, whispering," Don't move!

Ran exclaims his name in relief, in which he smiles and says, "You have the same expression Conan, noticing her fragile state of emotions, asks Sonoko to take his place as the co-pilot saying he has to go to the washroom. After leaving the cockpit, Conan uses the communication system to speak to her through her headphones as Shinichi claiming he'll protect her and guide her into performing a safe landing. And quite unexpectedly, Ran instead gets mad at him for being like an eclipse: She goes on to say that there are moments she wished he was there and not always pretending to go away for a while but never come back.

After bursting into tears, she eventually lets out a: Shinichi, feigning ignorance, asks for more information. But she replies that this is a secret between the Kid and her and that he should use his detective skills to pierce the mystery all by himself. Ran, considering very good in this game, was very difficult to be found. Conan compliments her by saying "Since we were kids, Ran has an unusual amount of stamina.

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When they were in first grade, Ran was always been very difficult to find during the game, and states that only Shinichi can find her. Like the time she was stuck in a storage in their school's gym and everyone gives up to find her, only Shinichi was the one who knows where she is. Ran states that Shinichi was always looking after her, and Shinichi blushed, opposing he was blushing only because of the sunset. When the ship was in the threshold of sinking, Ran returns to her hiding place to find the 'medal' the Detective Boys made for her, but suddenly gets stuck.

Conan however returned to the sinking ship too, saying he had this uneasy feeling that if he doesn't come back, he will lose something someone very important to him.

Mistaking it for the unsolved case, Haibara thought it was something related to Ran. Who likes to cook for you every day! I'm neither your mother or wife! I know a really nice resort there; I've been there with my family.

We haven't been together on holiday for a while already," said Shinichi. The two of us alone," said Ran nervously.

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Ran had noticed Shinichi would look at her once a while and then smile happily, "Shinichi, are there something on my face? Don't you know that Ai-chan loves you? Daijyobu, you're the only girl I will give this ring to. Don't you trust me? Of course I trust you," said Ran, "but isn't it better for you to talk with Ai-chan clearly first, I don't want her to get hurt.

How dare he kiss my daughter? The client asks how much it is to suffer just to save the one he loved, knowing Shinichi and Ran's relationship. Conan left Ran to Haibara's care, warning her everything that can make the bomb detonate.

In the end, Ran and the others never discovered all about the case and the bombs, but it was all because of Conan that everyone were saved. Heiji even teased him that Conan will heal his fracture best if Ran carries him.

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Movie 11 Edit Conan heard from Haibara that she saw a speedboat with some bloody person over it in which the both of them thought may be Ran. Conan, obviously worried, hurriedly gets to the hospital and discovered it wasn't Ran after all, which he sighed in relief. When Ran and Sonoko were kidnapped by the treasure hunters and were brought to the cave where Anne and Mary's 'treasures' were, Conan decided to solve the case and save them himself.

Ran and Sonoko managed to fight with the treasure hunters by performing Anne Bonnie and Mary Read's style of fighting, but were stopped when one of the hunters had a gun and aimed it to Ran. Conan managed to arrive on time and kicked a soccer ball towards the hunter, knocking him out.

But a sudden earthquake occurred, which leads the cave to slowly collapse and they get stuck. Conan thought of an idea to use the methane gas surrounding them to create an explosion to escape themselves from the cave.

Conan gave Ran and Sonoko Dr. Agasa's mini oxygen tank to allow them to breathe, but when Ran asked Conan how about him, Conan lied he has a spare one. Ran suddenly thought of a memory of Shinichi. When Conan managed to have the cave explode, he wasn't able to breathe due to the gas and water and leads him unconscious. Then he realized he can breathe, when he woke up and realized Ran allows him to use the oxygen tank instead of her.

After they were rescued, Conan asks Ran how'd she knew he was lying, and Ran replied of the memory she had with Shinichi, when Shinichi lied he had a spare umbrella and gave Ran his. Ran just saw that face in Conan's, and that made Conan blush. Movie 12 Edit When the concert hall's outer poles were being bombed, Conan first thought of Ran being safe.

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They haven't been able to contact anyone inside the concert hall because of the restriction of cell phones, but Reiko confirmed everyone inside were still safe considering the whole building is sound and bulletproof.

When they all managed to enter the concert hall, Conan stares at Ran saying "Wait for me, Ran. Reiko however interfered with the Maestro's piano by singing the song "Amazing Grace", in which Ran remembered the time she and Shinichi were walking home from school and they heard the similar song and voice. Ran realizes it was Reiko after all. In the end, when everyone were saved, Ran heard a distant playing of violin of the song "Amazing Grace" and finds it.

Expecting she'll find Shinichi, she instead found Conan holding a violin and saying Shinichi did come but left after playing the instrument. When Conan asked how'd Ran knew it was Shinichi playing the violin, Ran replied by saying "Because Shinichi have a weird way of playing the violin". Afterwards Conan was seen playing the violin again, trying to find out what 'weird way' Ran is referring to.

Irish brought a gun and aimed at her, but Ran is convinced she could dodge the bullet because she remembers Shinichi saying something regarding this. Irish did targeted Ran and fortunately, she was able to dodge it, and the both of them have their 'karate showdown'. When Ran is winning, she suddenly gets bothered because of Irish's disguise wearing out, and he used this as an opportunity to beat Ran. When he is about to hit her one last time, Conan, using Shinichi's voice, yelled "Hang in there, Ran!

After the confrontation with the Black Organization and everything were solved, Ran was being tended and Conan approached her. He asks if she's okay, and that Shinichi suddenly remembered he has another case to attend to that's why he left.

Ran seems to be fine with it, because she was used to Shinichi suddenly leaving without telling her. Movie 14 Edit Ran, finds out that Kaito Kid is onboard with them and is disguising as one of the staff, but in order to get away, he convinces Ran he was actually Shinichi all the time. She believes him however, but still gets confused. In the end, Conan finds Ran nowhere in sight and asked Sonoko where she is.

Haibara replied she went up to see Kid, much into Conan's shock. However, Ran 'did' came up to see Kid, who was busy checking the jewel.

Ran suddenly hugged him, saying "A thief's still a thief, you shouldn't be doing this. Please turn around, Shinichi.

Let me see you. When their two lips were about to touch, Ran suspected Kid was actually not Shinichi, and Conan suddenly came, seeing what they did. Conan gets angry and ran over Kid, who gave his kiss on Ran's hand and admitted he was really a thief, and a thief's job is to steal even a person's heart.

Kid managed to escape just before Conan approaches him.

He gets curious when Ran says "He did 'that' to me" remembers that Kid tried to grope her when they were going to kiss and "Shinichi would never do that to me". The film ends with Conan desperately trying to figure out what it was. Openings Clips are often re-used between openings - only the first instance will be mentioned.

Clip shows of episodes mentioned above are omitted. Ran nearly falls to her death, but Conan manages to save her and then smiles in relief.

Ran tightly hugs Conan from behind, and his shocked expression is mirrored by the background image of Shinichi's face. When Ran answers the phone, she starts to cry from relief, and continues to look worried as Conan talks to her via his bowtie as Shinichi. Ran is taken hostage by the "faceless culprit", but Conan frees her by kicking a soccer ball in the culprit's face.

The image of Shinichi and Conan on opposite sides of a mirror zooms out to reveal Ran illuminated only by the glowing mirror, which she clasps in her hands against her chest.