Jacob and bella dating

Twilight: 25 Crazy Revelations About Bella and Jacob's Relationship

jacob and bella dating

"Bella, I missed you," he said. Jacob and I had been best friends since diapers. Since his dad and my dad were practically brothers, as much as. Taylor Lautner Insists: Kristen Stewart & I Are 'Jacob & Bella'. Taylor Lautner and R-Patz Doesn't Deny Dating K-Stew! Is K-Stew lucky to be. I don't own Twilight; I don't own The Dating Detox either. This is a Jacob & Bella story based on the Dating Detox by Gemma Burgess.

At least I wouldn't be so lonely, and I could actually enjoy myself at little. I bet right now, they were clubbing and getting drunk and hooking up with hot guys in a highly sophisticated nightclub. I wish I were there. However, no, I had to be here instead.

jacob and bella dating

It is what a good girlfriend does. My boyfriend Edward was here. He knew the guy hosting, or he had a friend of a friend who was hosting. Everyone here was so unfriendly! I did nothing wrong.

Bella Swan and Jacob Black

They probably ignored me because of my geeky librarian costume. The theme for this party was 'Come as Your Childhood Ambition. I didn't really think some of these jobs were something for children, but whatever I really should have come as a teacher or a president. Nevertheless, I really did want to be a librarian.

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All the guys in the lounge were either, Jedi knights or Indiana Jones. Edward had come as a judge; he had told me it was his long time dream. Who fucking cared what everyone else was wearing? I felt so frustrated!


Why couldn't handle an unfriendly party? We were in an apartment; somewhere in Seattle, the fucking place was packed. I usually loved this kind of party; maybe the reason was I had my loyal friends there. Right now, I was fucking being ignored and hating it. I wondered how much longer I could sit in the goddamn kitchen and pretend to read. Or send non-existent texts. This was so NOT me. When I was getting ready, I had felt so fabulous and chic…now; I felt like a drab…I felt freaking boring…I seriously wanted to go home.

But I didn't want to upset Edward. Or his friends, I didn't even know them that well. Where in the Hell was Edward? Didn't he know I was dying over here? Did he care at all? Our relationship was getting strained, we were pulling further and further away from each other. I couldn't fathom what it was, but I would sometimes rather hang out with my parents that him sometimes.

jacob and bella dating

I would at times rather talk to him then make out. My distaste for him half the time was confusing… I know right. I was such a weirdo. I glared at the kitchen door, and lit a cigarette…They helped me get my mind off things. I took a long drag, breathing in its intoxicating smoke.

I was so fucking pissed! Shouldn't a boyfriend stay with a girlfriend? Or should he just abandon her. Okay, I knew his work was crazy at the moment but he seriously should let me know where he is! I was going to find Edward and we were going home!

jacob and bella dating

I didn't care how fucking serious his work was. I made my way through them, pushing and slipping through gaps as the loud cheesy 80's dance music pounded in my ears. I finally made it into the hallway, and I leaned against a wall, trying to catch my breath, which had been suffocated out of me by the crazy dancing in the lounge. Some people turn and see at my entrance and turn around again, noticing that I am boring.

See what I mean! I took no notice of them and turned my attention on finding Edward. I entered a bedroom, with a closed-door, feeling instinctive. Oh, wait a second… There he is… Oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my god What I had said 'Fuck it all' I had not meant literally. Edward was on a couch. He was completely naked except for a judge's wig, being straddled by a nearly naked pink lady his slut of an assistantI could tell because she was still wearing her pink jacket, with 'Frenchy' embroidered on it.

They were having sex. Holy shit, they were having sex. The statement took a few minutes to register in my head.

And when I'm at the party too! It was like cheating while I was looking at him! As a look of ecstasy crossed Edward's face, he glanced up at the doorway and saw me, standing there in utter shock. He cursed under his breath, and 'the pink lady slut' clearly noticed and turned to see me, as soon as she knew whom it was. She smirked at me. Either way, it was inescapable. The love triangle spawned intense debates among passionate fans. While a lot of fans favored Edward, who Bella inevitably chose in the end, Jacob had his fair share of supporters as well.

Despite all of the support, Jacob and Bella certainly had their own set of issues. As the series continue, that only became clearer, especially when she asked Jacob to kiss her in Eclipse. He would be understanding in order to try and get Bella to choose him, but when she would choose Edward, he would storm off in a fit of rage and try to guilt her into feeling bad.

He would act like she owed him something more than her friendship.

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While Edward is a bloodsucking vamp, Jacob is a werewolf with rage issues who spends his time fighting vampires. Even if Edward and Bella had never met, vampires still would have been in Forks causing Jacob to shapeshift. Even without the Cullens, threatening vampires like James would still be a threat that the wolves would have to fight, putting Bella in danger. While the dialogue and their actions may have showed their feelings, the chemistry between them felt forced.

jacob and bella dating

There have also been complaints that Robert Pattinson and Stewart also lacked chemistry. Before that, he pushes Bella to get rid of the baby and grows incredibly angry when she refuses, despite it being her child and not his.

Their relationship has some abusive undertones. He even forcibly kisses her to try and convince her she feels something for him. Despite this, she continuously inserts herself into his life, which only causes him pain. This is a big reason why Jacob grows more frustrated and angry with Bella when she keeps choosing Edward. He appears without warning and dances with Bella. Just when it seems like the two will be able to get along without arguing, he finds out that Bella will consummate the marriage despite Edward being a vampire.

This causes him to explode in anger at Bella.

jacob and bella dating

Bella and her daughter will one day have been romantically involved with the same man. Especially in the later movies, Jacob is seen with Charlie more than Bella is. Without Jacob, Charlie would have lost his daughter forever. He continued to have feelings for Bella up until she had her baby, Renesmee.