Jonathan bennett and matt dallas dating

- jonathan bennett dating matt dallas

jonathan bennett and matt dallas dating

Since hitting the scene on Mean Girls, Bennett's career may not be on the a bomb that the actor was romantically link to fellow gay actor Matt Dallas, Rumours were that he was dating Travis Bryant, a gay YouTuber, and. Jonathan Bennett, 33, was outed during a television interview as being gay Jonathan reportedly dated actor Matt Dallas of Kyle XY, who has. Sorry, but I couldn't find this story in any other website, so, the link is to Perez.

R10, because Dallas doesn't look like a fat porker. My home has been invaded by dangerous people and they have a gun to my head and are forcing me to click on threads that don't interest me. Sitting at your computer and posting that item? Does that give him some sort of power?

Perez's blog can be summed up very neatly: Now THAT would be news.

Julianne Hough outs DWTS contestant Jonathan Bennett as being gay during Extra television interview

They were an item for a while a few years back. Later I read in Soap Opera Weekly that he called it off because it was getting too hot and heavy and he wanted to concentrate on his career. They did make a very attractive couple. Sounds like a sweet--and straight--guy. Keep telling yourself that in order to sleep at night, Mario Lavendeira. The truth is that nobody likes or respects you, especially celebrities in Hollywood whom you hurt, disrespect and exploit; whose privacy you invade.

jonathan bennett and matt dallas dating

You will never be them, you will never be the respected actor you wanted to be, you will never win an Oscar, you will never be A-list, you will never be good-looking; you will never be well thought-of. You will always be gossiped about and avoided at parties. Nobody will ever want you for your face, body, personality or principles.

Even your readers know you are a low-life. A hater at best, a sleazy, tabloid parasite and media thief in truth who panders to the ugliest human instincts of envy, hatred and lechery.

In The Glass Closet: Jonathan Bennett – The Out Guide

At some point, you sold your soul for money and fame. Now you say not being the center of attention in high school justifies you crudely disrespecting and hurting as many innocent people as you want and stealing other people's media.

Following his move to New York, he got cast as J. It was a part he held from to and it was a good start for a career that has now seen him featured on various T. His film career also started taking off as he co-starred with Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls where he acted the part of Aaron Samuels, her love interest.

Inhe was the titular character in Van Wilder: The 19th season of Dancing with the Stars would feature Jonathan Bennett as one of the celebrity contestants. The announcement was made on the 4th of September and he was paired with Allison Holker a professional dancer. Jonathan was said to have joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars in memory of his parents who had died recently, close to one another and were both huge fans of the show.

He and his partner finished the competition in 9th place; they were eliminated in Week 6 of the competition.

Matt Dallas Comes Out and is Engaged

InJonathan Bennett acted as a gay sports agent named Lucas in two episodes of Hit the Floor, but unlike some actors who have played the part of gay characters while being heterosexual themselves, that was not all that there was to the supposition that the actor is gay. The actor and model came out in October to state that he is gay. However, before that official revelation, an event clued most of his fans in. While he was part of the cast of Dancing with the Stars, one of the judges, Julianne Hough, inadvertently outed him.

jonathan bennett and matt dallas dating