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jorge blanco Concert, Martina Stoessel, Actresses, Recital · ConcertMartina .. Congrats!! Romantic Moments, Me As A Girlfriend, Girlfriends, Celebs, Artist. Leon and Violetta go on a date, as they both lean in for a kiss Violetta's phone rings. Casting Martina Stoessel was cast in the show at the age of 14, and had to Jorge Blanco Güereña (born December 19, ) is a Mexican musician, .. adventure game/dating sim developed and published by Kirin Entertainment for. Cast Shipped. Jorge Blanco and Martina Stoessel Jorge is currently engaged to an actress called Stephie Camarena and Martina is dating Pepe Barroso.

He wants to get Violetta to stop thinking about Tomas because he believes that Tomas is a bad guy, who is only playing with her and trying to make her suffer, although this is not true. He has fallen in love with Violetta and he wants to be the one to make her happy.

Character History Season 1 Part 1 At the beginning of the series, Leon is shown to be arrogant and mean and he was also part of the "cool crowd", along with Ludmila, Naty and Andres. He was a little selfish, and he didn't seem to like any of the other students at the Studio and he was very similar to his ex-girlfriend, Ludmila.

But later, when he falls in love with Violetta, he becomes a whole new person; someone who is kind and friendly. He always says that his love for Violetta has changed him. Part 2 As Violetta and Leon's relationship continues, they face many challenges.

Leon shows his jealous side even more, when Broduey appeared, and when Tomas wouldn't give up the hope about Violetta. That leads to Leon and Violetta breaking up. Season 2 Part 1 At the beginning of the second season, Leon starts to practice motocross at the motocross track with his mechanic Lara, who later, becomes his girlfriend. He doesn't know on which thing to focus more on: But later, he decides not to quit the Studio, as he planned before, so he said he will try to find time for both of his passions.

He saw Diego talking to Ludmila about their plan to ruin Violetta and get her out of the Studio, and he recorded a video of their conversation on his phone.

Later, he talked to Francesca about that and Violetta overheard them and watched the video, then she broke up with Diego and she and Leon sang Podemos together. Later, they decide to get back together and, and the show of the end of the year of Studio On Beat, after the students sang This Can't End, they kissed. Ludmila Ferro Ludmila Ferro Mercedes Lambre is a glamorous, beautiful talented girl from On Beat Studio, but sadly, she thinks she's better than any other student.

Although, later on in Season 3, there is a change towards Ludmila's attitude. Ludmila is considered to be one of the main protogonists of the Disney Channel Original Series, Violetta. Personality Ludmila comes from a rich family. She is the cool and glamorous girl of Studio Ludmila is quite a diva, but she is also a lying, manipulative and arrogant person. She's obsessed with her image and always wants to be the center of attention, especially at Studio She always gets what she wants because she is a spoiled and cruel person.

But her attitude and mean character isn't her true self. However, even though she has a mean personality, she is an incredibly strong person, and she never has let someone get away from hurting her.

She is full of ambition, and does everything to be a celebrity. Despite being completely different from Tomas both in kindness and in friendsshe is attracted to him. But Tomas is in love with Violetta, which makes Ludmila obsessive and jealous. She sees an enemy in Violetta because her talent and natural beauty can outshine her.

Like every villain, she has a sidekick, Naty, who she treats more like a servant than a friend. She is vain and considers herself superior to everyone else, which is why she doesn't really have any actual friends. In her opinion, she was born to be a star and will stop at nothing to get what she desires.

Character History Ludmila was raised by her mother, Priscila Ferro. Her father is a billionaire, but he and Priscila divorced when Ludmila was really young.

After the divorce, her father moved to Africa, and while her father was away, Priscila destroyed every gift he sent, deleted every email he sent, she even went as far as to destroy a birthday gift Ludmila would've loved; a pink princess dress with blue stars. However, he still supported Priscilla and Ludmila financially and still phoned Ludmila. This lasted for years, and Ludmila has been suffering because of Priscila for all that time.

Priscila was very mean to her, and put too much pressure on her to become a big star. Ludmila also missed her father a lot, but her mother married and divorced many rich men before season 2, so she at least had a couple of stepfathers. Season 1 Part 1 Since the very beginning of the series, Ludmila is shown as the main antagonist at the Studio. She and Leon, who is and was her boyfriend with Andres and Naty are part of the "cool crowd".

After seeing them fighting with Maxi's group, Pablo proposed an assignment for all the members of the two groups. The assignment is called "Together We Are Stronger", so the groups have to spend more time together to complete the assignment, but Ludmila didn't want to spend time with Maxi's group, so the assignment nearly turns into a disaster. One day, Tomas, the delivery boy from Resto Bar, comes to the Studio to deliver an order. Ludmila saw him and starts to fall for him, even though she's with Leon.

Meanwhile, Braco and Camila watched the two talking and Braco uses Camila's phone to film it all and then Francesca uploaded it to the internet. Everyone saw the video and Leon saw it too, and he decided to break up with Ludmila. Later, Ludmila tries to convince Tomas to date her, but she fails because Tomas is still in love with Violetta. A few weeks later, Antonio and Pablo decide to have a show instead of a recital, and Ludmila is cast in the lead role.

But because Ludmila signed Charly's contract, she has to do a promotional tour for pig food on the night of the show.

Violetta takes her place, and this leads to Ludmila's hatred for Violetta growing even stronger. Part 2 Ludmila and Tomas started dating. Ludmila quickly made an enemy of Naty's sister, Lena. After Naty stood up for Lena against Ludmila, they unfriended each other. However, once Lena had left, Ludmila started bullying Naty. Ludmila quickly made an enemy out of Italian exchange student, Federico as he stood up for Naty. Ludmila only hated Federico because he disliked her back until he saw her ripping up Violetta's sheet for "Talents 21" and told Violetta.

Federico told Tomas, although Violetta told him not to. Tomas asked Ludmila if this was true and, once again, she lied. However, Tomas didn't fall for her tricks and broke up with her. Ludmila came third in "Talents 21", although she thought she had gone through to the finals. When she asked Gregorio why Violetta got through instead of her, he told her Violetta's a better singer and is the only one who can defeat Federico. She got offended and walked out. Ludmila found a video of Angie saying she's Violetta's aunt and showed Violetta, who was oblivious that it was Ludmila.

Angie, however, caught Ludmila and she was suspended for three days. Ludmila made Naty trip on a skateboard. To her misfortune, Maxi saw the skateboard and try to warn Naty with fail.

Maxi instantly placed the blame on Ludmila and tried many times along with Napo to expose her. They eventually came to the conclusion of checking the security cameras and it showed that she pushed the skateboard. Ludmila was banned from being in the End of year show. Ludmila showed up backstage of the end of year show and apologized to Violetta and Naty. They forgave her and all three hugged before singing Sing for Love.

Season 2 Part 1 When Ludmila returned, she stole Naty's ice cream in the park. She said that she had changed, although very little change was shown. When Naty asked how se had changed, she said that instead of making her do all the work, she just has to book the appointment and take her there.

She tried very hard to befriend everyone and show that she has changed, which she does. She first befriends Violetta, whom found it easy to forgive her from her forgiving nature.

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It took Camila and Francesca some time to forgive Ludmila, but they eventually did. However, she soon turned out to be lying as when Bridget Mendler came, she showed her true colors. At the You-Mix show in episode 20, Ludmila asked Naty to get Violetta out of the room as she was dressed up as Violetta and cut the wires in an attempt to get Violetta kicked out. However, Naty failed and Violetta stayed in the studio, making Ludmila furious.

For the rest of the part, Ludmila doesn't do much however, she is still noticeable Part 2 When Federico returns, he is shown to have some feelings towards her and even says that he has a special place for her in his heart. She declines it but an autograph from him and promised a better one soon.

Ludmila is then shown to like the picture but later walks away angrily. While in the park, Naty and Ludmila come across Federico singing "Ti Credo" to some fans and Ludmila shows signs of being in love with him. Then, Naty teases her but she declines it once again, however she realizes that she does indeed love him. While filming their video for the remix of "Come and Sing" Ludmila sees Federico, gets distracted and falls.

Nati and Camila rush to help but after seeing Federico, Naty ushers Camila away, leaving the camera to film everything. Federico helps Ludmila up and she freezes with a dreamy look in her eyes.

Camila and Naty now have the video of Ludmila obviously in love with Federico however, Ludmila destroys it and they hadn't made any copies. While trying to tell Marotti that his fans love his voice, Federico calls Ludmila a fan and pulls her to listen to him sing.

Ludmila pretends to like it for a few seconds before falling into somewhat of a trance. In episode 51 Federico is about to sing "Ti Credo" to show Marotti, once again, that his fans love his voice. Ludmila is there and imagines her singing it with him. They are about to kiss when she is woken up by Marotti telling her to move out of the way of the cameras. While she is arguing with Lena, Federico comes in and Lena admits she is a big fan.

They sing together and Ludmila is, once again, in a trance. Lena picks up on this and when asked by Maxi and Marco for help with Ludmila decides to lock her in the fishtank with Federico. When they get locked in, Federico explains what a binary star is and how a supernova is formed by one.

Ludmila then walks over to him and they are about to kiss when Maxi, Marco and the janitor open the door, making Ludmila turn back to her old self. Soon, Ludmila tells Federico that she feels guilty for nothing and that Federico should be guilty, not her.

Diego tried to make Ludmila admit her feelings, with no luck. He also told her if happiness is her goal that she should stop ruining people. Federico and Ludmila walk in as Maxi is helping Naty with some choreography and stop them.

They both talk to their partners but Federico calls Ludmila the enemy so her and Maxi walk out. When Violetta is unable to go to Madrid, Ludmila instantly takes her place and boasts about it.

Federico is disgusted with her and they have, yet another, fight. However, she then is forced to stay in Buenos Aires, with Federico. While everyone is talking, Ludmila outcasts herself from them. Federico leaves them to talk to her. They talk about why she is always angry and he says that she would be happier if she was nicer to people which she responded by saying she is that way and she won't change. She sees Violetta crying at her performance and thinks Diego, even though she knows that he truly loves her, has broken her heart but Leon comes onstage, leaving Ludmila angry.

Federico kisses Ludmila after she says that she doesn't need to be told she's a bad person and doesn't care about people. She shouts at him but soon after she starts feeling guilty of what she did and helps Federico convince Violetta to be in the main show. Season 3 Part 1 Ludmila's first appearance is when she and the students are on tour, and she is still a complete diva. After the tour, when they've landed in the airport back home, Violetta accidentally pushes someone's baggage trolley and it hits Ludmila, which results her in having a very painful fall.

She then becomes extremely angry with Violetta and goes to the hospital with Marotti, Herman and Violetta. Her mother Priscila comes to collect her, and to Ludmila's dismay, begins to get very close to Herman. Ludmila tries everything to break up Priscila and Herman, even downloading a computer program to fake break-up calls using their voices, but nothing works.

Later, Herman and Priscila decide to go on holiday with their daughters to Barcelona, but when Ludmila spots Federico on a magazine cover with another girl, she tries to escape to Italy to find him. However, she doesn't arrive at the airport in time and misses her flight, so she succeeds only in angering everyone. Part 2 At the start of the second part, Priscila and Herman announce that they want to celebrate their love by throwing a huge party.

Ludmila hates it and threatens to leave and join her father in Africa, but her mother refuses to give her permission. Ludmila reluctantly obeys, not wanting to incur her mother's wrath. She even ends up stealing one of Violetta's songs in order to please her mother, but when Federico finds out about what she has done, he becomes furious and breaks up with her during Herman and Priscila's party.

After the party, Ludmila's problems with her mother continue, as YouMix make her start a relationship with Felipe Diaz, a Spanish singer, in order to further his career.

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But after he embarrasses her by kissing Naty, Ludmila reaches breaking point and tells the media that the relationship was a publicity stunt.

He accepts, and she rejoins her friends, much to Priscila's anger. Francesca Caviglia Francesca Caviglia Lodovica Comello is a smart, caring, and a determined yet stubborn girl who was born in Italy along with her older brother Luca, who ran the family business of Resto Band. Despite her brother's opinions about wasting their father's money by attending On Beat Studio, Francesca believes she can develop into a successful music artist in the music industry, due to the Studio's reputation of being the place where a lot of famous people have studied.

Personality Francesca is a smart girl who always puts her friends first. She is very self-sacrificing, especially for her best friends, Camila, Violetta, Tomas, and Maxi. She gets jealous very easily, but her feelings will go away after a while, as shown with becoming best friends with Violetta.

Alongside with her stubborn attitude, Francesca is a very persistent girl who likes to achieve all the goals she puts on herself. This side of her is mostly shown whenever Tomas is around.

Thanks to her developing feelings for him, she will try to do anything in order to get him to like her; and later on, this story is repeated with Broduey, until she lets Camila be with him.

She is the youngest in her family and has a brother named Luca. Their family started a small business called Resto Bar in Italy and eventually moved to Argentina in order to make more money. At first, Francesca didn't like it because she didn't speak Spanish, but when her Spanish started to improve and she found out about the Studio, she started to like Buenos Aires more and more.

Season 1 Part 1 At the beginning of the series, Francesca is a nice, funny and confident girl, who loves her friends and will do anything for them, but when she first met Violetta, she didn't consider her a friend. But later on, when they actually got to know each other, they become best friends and hang out all the time. Francesca is a very good friend, but the problem is that she gets jealous easily, but even then, she's a very nice person and sometimes she doesn't mean what she says.

Part 2 In this part of the season, Francesca's feelings for Tomas seem to grow stronger, and they end up dating. But they break up later, because Francesca is still jealous about Tomas' feelings for Violetta. She also loses her voice, and has to use Violetta as her replacement. Season 2 Part 1 In the beginning of the season, Francesca met Marco at the karaoke club, and started to develop feelings for him. At first she rejected him, but later on they become a couple. However, at the end of Part 1, Francesca reveals that she and her family have to go back to Italy.

Camila Torres Camila Candelaria Molfese is a fun, upbeat, outgoing, and righteous girl. She is no doubt played by her friends and defended by their convictions. Maxi, Violetta and Francesca are her best friends. Camila dreams of becoming a successful and recognized singer. She's very talented, but she knows she has not yet achieved artistic maturity necessary to make the leap to success which is the reason why she dresses different a lot.

Personality She is fun, outgoing, righteous and she falls in love easily. Sometimes she says stuff without thinking first, and some people don't like that about her.

Camila does anything for her friends and sometimes defends them. She used to change her clothing style a lot, but now her style is always BoHo. She is very sweet, smart and talented, but she thinks she is not talented enough to be a singer. If she doesn't become a famous singer, she wants to study math and go to college.

Character History Season 1 Part 1 At the beginning of the series, Camila is introduced as an outgoing, spontaneous and determined girl who changes her style a lot, but her personality is always the same. She is ready to defend her friends. Later, she decides that it's time to stick with a style and stop changing her outfits every day.

As the series goes on, Camila becomes more confident and discovers who she really is; but still, she has doubts about her singing career. Part 2 In this part of the season, a new student arrives at the Studio, Broduey. As soon as Camila meets him, she falls in love with him, but Francesca also has feelings for him, so they end up becoming enemies for some time. However, in the end, they agree that they shouldn't let a boy come between them. After some time, Broduey reveals that he also has feelings for Camila, and they start dating, however, there are several problems, due to Broduey's lies and Camila's jealousy.

When she meets DJ, she starts to hang out with him a lot, mostly to make Broduey jealous. When DJ leaves, Camila starts getting closer with Maxi, and they end up sharing a kiss.

However, they agree to just stay friends. Part 2 Camila is put in a group with Broduey for the YouMix dance contest. She fights again and again with Broduey, but at the end of the season, they agree to forget the past and focus on the future. They start dating again and share a kiss.

His best friends are Francesca and Camila, and later, he becomes close friends with Violetta. He is especially good at dancing and hip-hop music. Personality Maxi is a kind, caring and loyal person. He is friendly and knows how to be a good friend as well.

He's not good with girls and doesn't have much luck in love, as most of his advances on girls usually fails, but he can always count on his friends for help. He loves his friends and cares about them, he always tries his best and is always ready to give a helping hand.

He is a cool guy, and he treats people the nicest way possible, except for Ludmila. Character History Season 1 Part 1 At the beginning of the series, Maxi is a fun, outgoing, loyal, nice, a good person and a good friend. He always helps his friends, especially his best friends: Camila, Francesca and Violetta.

He loves his friends and is always ready to give a hand of help when they need it. He has a big passion for music, hip-hop and rap, and he is rarely seen without a cap on. Part 2 At the end of Season 1, Maxi seems to have a stringer relationship and friendship with the boys, and their band started to become more successful, so they became closer working on their music. He is also shown to have feelings for Naty, and she returns his feelings, but Ludmila always breaks them up.

Season 2 Part 1 At the beginning of Season 2, Maxi is shown to be the same, but his style is a little changed. He and Naty still have feelings for each other, but none of them said a thing, and Ludmila always controls Naty, so they didn't have time to talk. He is not part of the boy band anymore, because all of them got busy, and they ended the band. Part 2 At the end of Season 2, he seems to have feelings for his best friend, Camila Torres, and they also kissed; but then, they realized that they don't have feelings for each other and decided to be friends.

He and Naty kissed, three times, and officially became a couple. He also re-joined the band and sang Come With Us. However, she is more Ludmila's servant than her friend. She knows that Ludmila would betray her if there was something in it for her, but she stays with her anyway, hoping that it would help her become a diva as well.

Personality Naty is a nice girl but she keeps her true personality hidden in order to please Ludmila. She is fashionable and looks down on the other girls.

Deep down, she is a very insecure girl who believes that the only way to success is to be part of the cool crowd. Naty is a good singer and dancer, but Ludmila doesn't let her shine as much as she could.

Later in the series, she realizes what a horrible person Ludmila is and starts to slowly distance herself from her. She is also shown to be more sarcastic, speaks her mind more often and doesn't take the blame for Ludmila's mistakes anymore.

She also starts to develop a crush on Maxi, and with the help of her sister Lena, Nati stops being Ludmila's sidekick. But when Lena leaves the studio, Naty goes back to Ludmila. Character History Season 1 Part 1 At the beginning of the series, Naty acts like a bad person and she is part of the cool crowd along with Ludmila, Leon and Andres. She does everything that Ludmila says, she is her sidekick and is afraid to stand up for herself, because she thinks Ludmila will leave her and she will be alone.

Part 2 Naty started to change in this second part, since Ludmila abandoned her. She started to be more independent and confident. She met Maxi and developed crush on him, but she couldn't tell him.

She also made a big break after being chosen in "Talent 21". Season 2 Part 1 At the beginning if Season 2, Naty became more independent, and was even mad at Ludmila when she tried to break her and Maxi up, and she even yelled at her.

They were still friends though, no matter what. She and Maxi also seemed to get a lot more closer, but once again, Ludmila was there to break them up, because she thought that if Naty gets a boyfriend, she won't have enough time for her; and she also needed help with her and Diego's plan. Part 2 At the end of Season 2, Naty and Maxi started dating and kissed three times. She and Federico also participated in the YouMix dance contest, but didn't win; but she and Federico still sticked as good friends and became closer, because Federico and Ludmila started dating and Federico always helped Naty.

He's always trying to get girls to ask him out, as he falls in love easily. At the beginning, he used to be part of the "cool crowd", because he used to hang out with Ludmila, Naty and Leon, but as the series goes on, he became more independent, yet he's still Leon's friend. Later, he eventually gets forced to work for Gregorio as his sidekick after he was caught being the one behind Ludmila's attacks. Personality Andres is not a bad guy, it's just that he can't find his own way and sometimes people try to lead him down the wrong path but in the end he always does the right thing.

He's very bubbly and he can sometimes drift away into his own little world when people are talking to him, but he is always convinced about all his acts. He is very secure of himself but very sensitive. He can sometimes get confused and mix up the wrong thing to do with the right thing to do but any harm he causes is never intentional. Character History Season 1 Part 1 At the beginning of the series, Andres is a clumsy, dizzy, funny, but nice guy. He is Leon's best friend and a part of the "cool crowd" at On Beat Studio.

It is revealed that he is a sporty guy, a good wrestler and a good singer too, but not that good of a dancer. He sometimes gets the wrong idea on what people say and he learns from his mistakes, but he is still the same clumsy and zany boy. Initially, his imposing physical stature and strong personality make everyone think that Luca has a bad-temper.

However, in time, they realize that he has a good heart. Luca is very ambitious and he knows that he can take advantage of the talent of the guys from 'Studio 21' to attract customers.

Luca would also like to become an artist, like his sister. He is a very good dancer. Gregorio asked him to attend the Studio because he is a very good dancer and Gregorio hopes that he will make the Studio better and that he will encourage the other students to work harder.

At first, he had a crush on Violetta, but Violetta just saw him as a friend. For a while, Tomas and Leon were jealous of him but Violetta soon made it clear that she and Broduey were just friends. He is dating Camila Torres. Personality Broduey is a very funny guy. He dances very well, which is the reason why Gregorio asked him to come to Studio He is also a nice, friendly, cool, nice and good person and a good and supportive friend, he loves his friends and helps them, and he loves singing, rapping and dancing.

Character History Season 1 Part 2 When Broduey first came to Studio 21, he was a very nice, funny, cool, talkative, friendly, outgoing and a very hardworking guy and a good friend.

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At first, he had a crush on Violetta, but she sees him just as a friend. But, Francesca and Camila had a crush on him too, and they ended up fighting for him, but they decided to be friends and forget about Broduey.

Later on, Camila and Broduey bond and decide to start dating. Season 2 Part 1 Not much has changed. He has stopped wearing hats and seems to have had a haircut. He and Camila have also broke up because he lied about something, which made Camila angry. He also seems to dislike the new guy, DJ. When Camila and Seba breaks up, Camila and Broduey tries to start their relationship again, by pretending that they're strangers, and that they're getting to know each other.

In the end of the season, they get back together, and they share their first kiss. In the beginning he wants to hang out with his cousin Ludmila and be part of the 'cool' crowd. With time, he drifts apart from that group. He takes the access exam with Violetta and passes thanks to his talent for singing and dancing.

Braco Braco Artur Logunov is intelligent and a bit wild. He is a fantastic Popping and Hip Hop dancer. His appearance and his accent reveal that he is foreign, but he never says where he comes from. Braco speaks several languages and, when he gets upset or nervous, he starts speaking Russian or Ukrainian. He has a proverb or piece of advice from his country for every occasion, and is always ready to help his friends.

Although he never mentions it, Braco has a secret crush on Violetta. She works at Studio 21 as the singing teacher and she has a brilliant voice but doesn't show it. She's also Violetta's tutor. Angie has a great voice. She is a good teacher, so most of the students love her.

She always finds a way to be happy. She also has an amazing singing voice but doesn't use it that often. When Angie reached her teens, she followed her sister's path and attended Studio There, she met some other students like Pablo Galindo and Rafa Palmer. After she graduated, Angie decided to continue her career as a teacher at Studio Some time after Herman left to Europe with Violetta, Angie's father died. She doesn't know if her father actually knew about his granddaughter Violetta.

Season 1 Part 1 At the beginning of the series, Angie is a nice, friendly, sweet, a good person and friend with a big heart and a big passion for music. At first, she wanted to tell Violetta and Herman that she was Violetta's aunt, but she didn't because she thought it's not the right time, she didn't want them to be mad at her because she told them that she's a governess and she didn't tell them who she really was and that she works at Studio But still, she has a very nice relationship with Violetta and everyone else in the Castillo's house, except for Jade and Matias.

Season 2 Part 1 At the beginning of series 2, Angie is once again hired to be Violetta tutor. Since Herman knows Angie is Violetta's aunt, he continues to flirt Angie sometime. However Angie still has to persuades Herman to let Violetta go out with her friends to parties. She loves and takes care of Violetta like she is her own daughter.

Personality Olga is a good woman, she takes care of Violetta a lot, she treats her like her own daughter, but the problem is that, she can't take care of her like a mother. Olga is very spontaneous, talkative, funny, outgoing and gossip.

They hug and get back together. Federico refuses to help Ludmila with her schemes against Violetta, causing Ludmila to leave angrily, saying she hates him. Jade and Matias succeed in stealing all of Herman's money. However, Ramallo overhears them from the kitchen and calls Inspector Parodi to turn them in.

Jade and Matias get arrested and as they climb into the police car, Jade blames Herman everything and says that none of this would have happened if he had just loved her like she deserved. Andres finds a love letter in his locker from Francesca, leading him to think that Francesca is in love with him. Andres changes his look in order to impress her. The students are rehearsing for the final show, but for some reason, Violetta can't sing. Leon loves the song but he still doesn't know why Violetta is feeling so sad.

Downstairs, Herman asks Leon to look after her because Leon is much closer to Violetta right now than he is. Leon agrees while Violetta listens from the top of the stairs with a smile on her face. Ramallo then talks to Leon and reveals to him that part of the song Violetta was working on was actually written by Herman from one of Maria's poems that she wrote while pregnant with Violetta.

When Herman couldn't finish the song, Ramallo gave it to Violetta, who completed it. Ramallo asks Leon to tell Violetta this piece of information. The next day, Camila and Francesca find out that Leon and Violetta are back together and are very happy for him.

Camila, Francesca, and Maxi try to find ways to cheer up Violetta and Leon starts to get an idea. Violetta has trouble with the choreography in dance class and overhears Diego arguing with Gregorio. Gregorio sadly tells Violetta that he doesn't want to waste any more time in being part of Diego's life. The students try to come up with a closing song and everyone starts arguing about their ideas. Frustrated, Violetta gives up tells them that this time, they just can't do it.

Francesca confronts Andres when she finds him with her letter and makes it clear that she has no feelings for him and that the letter was for Marco.