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A public secret, Maps and Nomzamo's relationship has always had us As to whether they'll one day walk down the aisle, Maps responded by. He and his friend went to Pretoria to drop off a girl they went parting with. . SMS will cost you R2, closing date is on the 10 of November .. Khuli Roberts, Gabi Mbele, Vusi Nova, Pravin Gang DJ, the list is endless LOL . Moratiwa ( Nomzamo Mbatha) is an aspiring writer who is a bookstore owner. Maps Maponyane and Nomzamo Mbatha. have never publicly confirmed their relationship, even though we all know they are in one, this was.

It's a miracle that I survived" he said. He says it pained him a lot to learn that his legs won't function as they used to, he was worried about his businesses and how he was going to do the " dance".

There was a time where Ntakzo lost his memory, he said: I couldn't even recognise my own mother, there is nothing as painful as that".

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He was in a wheelchair and needed help in everything, I mean everything he had to do, from going to the bathroom, making food, bathing and moving around the house. His legs had a metal rod, and that made him feel as if he'd lost all the respect and dignity he had, " I felt so much useless" sadly said Ntakzo.

He continued to say some of the people who were close to him; wanted nothing to do with him; some kicked him aside like a pice of garbage, and that made him feel like he had lost a voice and a say in his own life. He says some of them are only coming back now that he has healed and seems to be back on his feet, " I am talking about people who didn't want me near them" he said. He is most grateful to his mother and siblings for treating him like a King.

The lesson he has learnt from the accident is that: Ntakzo says his life has changed a lot after the accident, he learnt to be more humble; got off his high horse; learnt to respect people even more and to be even nicer, the accident also revealed to him his true friends.

CONFIRMED: Maps & Nomzamo split, cheating rumours emerge

His mom, Ntombikayise Magubane 45 says she never thought that her son would get involved in a car accident. She says it was so hard on her and the family the day when they received the sad news. She sadly said that she never thought that Ntakzo was going to live to see another day, " From day one when I saw him at the hospital I never thought my son was going to live again" she said.

She says their home was so cold and quiet without the loud Ntakzo as they would make noise, reprimand one another and laugh whenever Ntakzo was around. This supportive mother continued to say even the nurses found it hard to tell them that there was no faith that Ntakzo could live, " My only my prayer to God was that let his will be done" she said.

Ntakzo's mom sees what happened to her son as as a reminder that God is still alive and it somehow revived her faith in God. Well we know that there are always people who have negative things to say.

Ntakzo's mom says there are people who would go visit her son at the hospital and come back only to spread rumous that there is no chance her son was going to make it, to explain how that made her feel, she said: The couple, who have a daughter together, had separated last year. Fishburne is seeking joint custody. The duo started dating in January this year. A source told the publication that the parents of four had separated in May.

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The two began dating after working in "Jumper" and got engaged in December They broke up two years later but reunited within a few months. In Octoberthey had a daughter, Briar Rose Christensen. In a joint statement to CNN, the duo stated, "With absolute love and respect we decided to separate as a couple earlier this year.

To give our family the best opportunity to adjust, we wanted to keep this a private matter before sharing it with the public. We are and will always be united in our support of each other and our family.

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News reported on Aug. The actress and model is asking for joint physical and legal custody of their two sons — Indiana and Atticus — as well as spousal support. The couple, who had been linked sincegot married in