Propinquity and dating

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propinquity and dating

It's derived from the word propinquity which means mental or physical proximity among Majority of people fear the dating scene because of the high level of. Judging by the prevalence of advice books on the best-seller lists, a great many of us believe there's a formula for success in almost every. In social psychology, propinquity is one of the main factors leading to interpersonal attraction. It refers to the physical or psychological proximity between people.

Women in the workplace are verboten.

propinquity and dating

Sexual harassment laws are unyielding and a minefield for men. For men of a certain age, propinquity is not necessarily a good thing.

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Social circle propinquity is wonderful for meeting women. I recommend such connections over online dating but with a massive caveat.

propinquity and dating

Consider this scenario — a man becomes familiar with a woman via a social circle. The woman then reports to the social circle s that the man is a cad and a bounder.

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It requires a solid frame for a man to turn such an accusation to his favor with other single women in the same or related social circles. Geographic propinquity can be even more problematic.

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The dated briefly scenario can get college-wierd when the well-over woman is always at the local supermarket or consistently walking her dog in the neighborhood. It can actually be quite pleasant and lead to meeting more single women.


Geographic propinquity can also lead to the unexpected knock at the door. Well, except for the sex part.

propinquity and dating

They apply not only to romance, but also to work relationships and friendships. The more powerful each of these elements is, the higher and the longer-lasting the attraction.

propinquity and dating

Propinquity is a proven scientific phenomenon; essentially, it says that the closer or more familiar you are to a person, the more attracted you are to him or her. That is why the Starbucks barista you get your coffee from every day appears better looking than a very similar person you are meeting for the first time.

It is also why you prefer to watch a good movie that has actors you know than a possibly a better movie with unknown actors: Sometimes, propinquity goes beyond geographical familiarity and extends to background, such as ethnic or religious affiliation. The more unique you are, the more attracted you are to someone who embodies that uniqueness.

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Sometimes, propinquity attracts you not to someone like you, but to someone like the idea or ambition you have for yourself. The more complex your dreams, the more precious is someone who embodies these dreams. Whatever your relation is to someone you admire, you are always trying to deepen it: If it is a famous actor you see walking on the street, you will try to get a picture with him.

See how you smile to him after you learn that Google is interested in acquiring an app he has developed. We admire people who are better than us in areas that we value.