Role reversal and dating

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role reversal and dating

Dating and Relationships. Is it okay In fact, the second two aren't role reversals at all they're non- traditional sure, but traditions aren't natural; they're cultural. Are the latest dating generations victims of role reversal? Are women switching sides? If so, is this a whole grass-is-greener-phase?. The feminists LOVED him for the role reversal experiments he did with men, and contest, walked out when it came time to participate in the role-reversal date.

Are men becoming women? Did these characteristics always exist? Do men now feel comfortable showing the female side that has been there all along? Is this just a bunch of bullshit? I for one have been surprised this past year to see how much guys will read into little things. Sometimes not calling is just not calling. Do I really have to show emotion when I do not see you showing emotion.

I love that what is expected of me from the opposite sex is not given to me by the opposite sex.

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Is this the only way you feel comfortable, the only way to reassure you about where we stand? I can empathize with men on a whole new level. But really, I believe this is the evolution of things. It seems like the best way to communicate with the opposite sex is to take on their thinking and reasoning, right?

Should we just expect communication between the sexes to always be damned? Can we not learn anything from this role reversal? Will the sexes ever be on the same page? I mean we put a man on the moon… Do men want women to act more like men? Do men view this as beneficial in any way besides women being more liberal with their bedroom door?

Are we pissing on ourselves? Should I try real hard to act more like a female? More and more beauty products are targeting men, creating metrosexuals who take as much care or sometimes it seems more re: Jersey Shoe than females.

I think that changing gender roles are good. We should be true to ourselves. But how are these changing gender roles affecting our relationships with the opposite sex? I guess no one told evolution. When I was younger this dating stuff just seemed to come natural.

Role reversal in the dating game

No thinking about it, I would just do what I felt at that moment. For years guys have been complaining that women are too emotional, now we have begun to take the emotions out of the equation, but at what cost?


Growing up my friends and I dressed like guys with baggy pants and wore boxers for dance practice. It is only to follow that acting as well as dressing like a guy would be looked at as acceptable by female peers, something to be desired. This is not the first time in history where women have taken on male characteristics. Suffrage, industrial revolution and Rosie the Riveter are just a few examples. Society makes it a desirable quality for women to act like men but not vice versa.

Men are still looking for these emotional signals so they know how we feel about them but women have started reining in their expressions of emotion. This leaves men more confused than ever.

I know from experience that guys do have feelings. Every girl I talked to said that they think the idea of men having no feelings is overrated. The pratfalls of this evolution have been well-documented, with some women racked with guilt over abandoning stereotypical caretaker roles and men feeling emasculated and meeting with disapproval from traditional-minded parents or friends. But experts say the good news is that many married couples though not all; more on that later have adjusted to the paycheck discrepancy and that, for younger mates, it's become a non-issue.

Risman, the head of the sociology department at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the author of "Gender Vertigo: American Families in Transition.

role reversal and dating

But Risman also said that gender pay disparities may be more keenly felt before marriage, among couples that are dating or engaged like Littenberg and her fiance. While couples typically pool their resources after marriage, she said, men are often expected to bear the financial burden in the dating stages. Littenberg was one of a number of breadwinning women to share her experience with ABCNews.

Some of their relationships have weathered their nontraditional income divisions better than others. Read more stories -- submitted by both men and women -- below.

role reversal and dating

Five Cats and a Fry Pan My boyfriend's been living with me for 3 years now. I also totally support the five cats my boyfriend's adopted into the house. I've bought myself a fry pan. I bought my own Christmas presents, too. I have the college degree and steady work history.

He has followed me around as I have moved up the ladder. Most recently, we were almost equal with his regular job, plus day care benefits, plus a second coaching job, but he was fired from his full time job for having the second job. Now, he is working a security job at half the pay while finishing his coaching season and watching 2 little boys. I don't have a problem with making more, I am competitive, I still do all the housework and mommy duties that I need too, and probably more.

I know at times he has had issues with the situation, but we look at our family as a partnership and bring to the table what we can.

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We're kind of like the characters of Lynette and Tom from "Desperate Housewives" -- I can be high strung and a control freak, and he's the comic relief and really great [at] everything else.

On the Brink of Divorce? My husband hasn't had a steady job in over 5 years. He's trying to get his own business going, and it's put a lot of tension on our relationship He has a job now, but it's straight commission, and he refuses to get a salaried job.

We've been married for 21 years and this could be our last. She has been working for the Department of Justice for many years. I worked in retail in video stores for a while and eventually ended up working on a research contract for DOJ. About four years ago I took a job working directly for the DOJ and took about a 50 percent cut in pay in the process, but with a huge improvement in benefits and stability. My pay is back up to where it was, but still not up to where hers is Generally, I don't think about it much and I don't think she does either.

relationship role reversals: are men the new girls?

Our paychecks are direct deposited into the same bank account. Times are tough and we watch every penny. So we really don't have the time or energy to sweat something like who makes more. We are just happy, in this time of a tough economy, that we both still have jobs and a roof over our heads. I pay 80 to 90 percent of our bills and he feels that he is not providing for me as he should.

He has told me several times that he does not feel like a man due to the circumstances. I have tried to comfort him by telling him that he is doing his best he can and the economy is a huge factor in him not finding better employment. We are both traditional people to an extent and are use to the man being provider and the woman being the mother and keeper of the household.

He feels worthless and emasculated by the fact he is not the "bread winner. Manageable Overspending My wife earns nearly double what I earn. She graduated college at 23 and got her career going. I didn't graduate college until I was She's been in her career field for nearly 10 years; I've been in mine for 2 years.