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sammy and lucas dating dance moms

Stars Dance Studio, where the school's owners and renowned contemporary dance instructors Victor Dance Moms: Miami () Angel Armas and Lucas Triana in Dance Moms: Miami () Dance Sammy Small. Release Date. Brigette is a realtor in the Miami area and the mother of 3 boys, Lucas, Logan and Lex. Before being cast on Dance Moms: Miami, Sammy danced for Dance. In Pushed to the Edge of the Dance Floor, when Sammy blamed Kimmy for the drop in the group dance, Lucas told the moms it wasn't her fault. Kimmy seemed.

Abby is a stay-at-home mom whose life revolves around dance and family. Abby believes jealousy stems from others because she and Sammy are pretty and rich. Debi considers herself a typical New Yorker and two of her daughters are enrolled at Stars Dance Studio.

Nicknamed Ani, she considers herself the peacemaker out of the moms on the competition team, and is a devoted working mom who works to support Kimmy unconditionally when it comes to her finding art through dance.

Therefore, Susan makes it a priority for her only daughter, Jessi, to find limelight and passion through the art of dance, even if it means coming off as overbearing and controlling. Nicknamed Leo, Brigette does not like her, yet Lucas loves Mia.

She says the other mothers bully her but that she will always stand her ground and defend Mia. Sammy was 12 years old during the filming of the series. She is a highly trained technical dancer who excels in the genres of jazz, contemporary and acrobatics. Before being cast on Dance Moms: As of lateSammy still dances with Stars and is a member of its senior company. Hannah was 11 years old during the filming of the series. Hannah is originally from Bayville, New Jersey. Hannah has a brother named Hunter and two sisters, Kayla and Carina.

Hannah is not considered the best dancer at Stars and is often shunned by Jessi's mom. Upon entering high school, Hannah quit dancing at Stars and, as of lateis an active member of her high school's dance team. Kimmy was 9 years old during the series. Her favorite style of dance is contemporary. During the series Kimmy was known for being the most well-behaved student and was even hesitant to do a single "bad" act when Angel and Victor dared her to misbehave to get into character for a sassy jazz dance.

As of late she is still dancing with Stars and is a member of its teen company. She has also launched her own line of dance, cheer and fitness accessories. Jessi was 14 years old during filming danced at Stars Dance Studio from its opening in until about when she left to dance with her school team, however she has continued to take class from and assist Victor and Angel at various conventions and classes.

Her grandma used to be a professional dancer, and she gives Jessi a lot of dancing advice. It's possible that she will not be returning to Stars for the next season. Jessi's mom Susan revealed that, as a child, Jessi was obese and had self-confidence issues. She graduated high school sometime in but appears to still be dancing with the Coral Reef High Varsity Cudettes. They plan to get a divorce when EJ discovers that he might be deported back to England. Sami and EJ decide to move in together to prove to the immigrations officer that they are a loving family so that EJ will be able to stay in the country.

Though it comes to light that this was an elaborate ruse orchestrated by EJ to maintain the status quo with Sami and the children, EJ is extremely moved to overhear Sami tell the imposter immigration officer that he would be lucky if he found someone who "loves him half as much as EJ loves me.

He takes on his first case, despite John and Sami's objections, representing Sami's longtime rival, Nicole Walker. On May 15,EJ and Sami hash out their feelings over what happened the night Johnny was conceived.

Sami declared that it is time that the slate between them is wiped clean. EJ asks Sami if she can really put the night of Johnny's conception behind them, and Sami says yes. After their conversation is interrupted by a tipsy Nicole barging into the mansion and demanding to see EJ, Sami pulls EJ into a kiss.

This leads to the couple making love on May Due to a misunderstanding, Lucas is released from prison early and, despite having told Sami that she should move on, is livid when he discovers her in bed with EJ. Sami and EJ's marriage is annulled, but not before EJ begs Sami to be honest and admit that she has feelings for him. She tearfully admits that she does. EJ tries to move on with Nicole, but it is clear from the start that his feelings for Sami.

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Nicole ends up pregnant, and Sami finds out she is also pregnant with EJ's child but decides to keep the information to herself, jealous of EJ and Nicole's relationship.

Sami attempts to tell EJ about her pregnancy on October Moments later, she witnesses Salem's mayor being assassinated. Following the assassination, EJ rescues Sami from a sniper, after which she agrees to go into the Witness Protection program. EJ, however, slips pictures of Johnny and Allie into her luggage.

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Sami and EJ, despite being separated, still show signs of longing for each other. She makes a deal with Mia, a pregnant teenage girl, to take the infant once it's born and raise it as her own. Nicole decides to switch Mia's baby with Sami's.

sammy and lucas dating dance moms

Grace is rushed to the hospital, and on June 9, she dies from complications of meningitis. Sami, devastated by the death of the baby she believed was her biological daughter, lashes out at EJ, coming clean about hiding the pregnancy from him. Eventually, tensions ease between the two with the help of a guilt-stricken Nicole. Sami shows remorse for her actions, and EJ reveals to Lexie that he still has feelings for Sami.

EJ asks Sami to visit Grace's grave with him. Sami shares her pregnancy story and apologizes to EJ about not telling him about Grace, asking for forgiveness. After they comfort each other at Grace's graveside, EJ leaves Sami, giving her a kiss on the cheek. EJ and Sami find themselves on the same side when the details of the baby switch are revealed, and they discover that Nicole has had their biological daughter this entire time.

When Nicole is granted bail after being arrested, she kidnaps Sydney and goes on the run. It's later revealed that Anna was hired by EJ to kidnap Sydney. However, he brings her back, looking like the hero to Sami. Sami and EJ grow closer over the summer of EJ proposes to Sami on July 30, and she accepts his proposal. Throughout the summer, EJ goes to great lengths to keep the secret behind Sydney's kidnapping hidden from Sami.

Nicole records a conversation between EJ and Stefano during which he confesses to staging the kidnapping, and she blackmails him with it.

sammy and lucas dating dance moms

Rafe gets his hands on the CD containing EJ's confession. Rafe shows up at the mansion in time to stop Sami and EJ's wedding, and a heartbroken Sami leaves EJ at the altar, packing up the children and moving out of the mansion.

When Sami finds out he was planning to take the children away, she goes to his house to confront him and finds him passed out and drunk.

She pulls a gun out of his hand and shoots him in the head with it. EJ recovers, shocking everyone by breathing on his own after he is taken off life support.

On October 14, EJ admits to Stefano that he still loves Sami, and that he believes that if she shot him, he got what he deserved.

Eventually, though, EJ sets out to prove that Sami was the shooter, as it becomes clear to him that it's the only way that he will ever be able to see his children again.

Rafe's sister, Ariannagets a recording of Sami confessing to the shooting, but before she can bring it to EJ, she is killed by a hit-and-run driver.

Lucas-Kimmy Relationship

However, she later brings it to EJ, asking for time with Sydney in return. EJ brings the recording to Sami and blackmails her into giving up Johnny and Sydney on the day she marries Rafe. However, when Johnny is diagnosed with eye cancer and has to have an eye removed, EJ lets Sami be there and decides to let her be a part of the children's lives again. He asks for Stefano's help in getting rid of that.

When Rafe ends up unconscious after a car accident, he and Stefano switch him out with a surgically altered imposter to ruin Sami's marriage and get Rafe out of his children's lives. Sami attributes the changes in Rafe's behavior to the car accident.


Meanwhile, EJ marries Nicole again but realizes that he's also fallen in love with her sister, Taylor. Nicole and Taylor's mother, Fayalso moves in, and finds out about the imposter Rafe. Unfortunately, soon after, Fay is killed by the imposter to keep a secret.

EJ begins to doubt his plan to hire the imposter. Sami eventually figures out the truth, and brings the real Rafe back, while locking up the imposter. Rafe initially has no memory of Sami, but is able to regain it. Taylor finds out about EJ's involvement in her mother's death, breaks up with him, and mends her relationship with Nicole. After Johnny finds out that his dad and grandfather were arrested, he shuns EJ.

Realizing the extent of the damage he has caused, EJ tries to make amends by giving up his parental rights, and giving full custody to Sami. EJ decides to stay married to Nicole and fixes his relationship with his children and Sami. He decides to run for mayor against his brother-in-law, Abe Carver. However, he frames John Black for embezzlement, and when Sami tries to help her stepfather, she gets caught in a shootout aimed at John.

Afterwards, Johnny disappears, and EJ and Sami try to find him. A report is broadcast, saying Johnny's body was found. In their grief and anger, EJ and Sami sleep together. However, the news report wasn't correct, and Johnny is found alive by Rafe. EJ and Sami decide to keep their one-night stand a secret.

However, Will saw them together and holds it over their heads for months. When he tries to blackmail EJ, he turns the tables on Will and reveals that he knows that Will, not Lucas, shot him at his wedding to Sami in Will ends up working for EJ, to Sami's disapproval.

Both couples file for divorce, as a result. EJ tries to fix his relationship with Nicole, while Sami begins confiding in Lucas. When Nicole finds out she's pregnant, she decides not to tell EJ about the baby. However, EJ finds out, and Rafe claims he's the father to protect Nicole.

Sami starts a relationship with Lucas when she finds out about the baby. However, that summer, Stefano is killed, and EJ becomes the primary suspect. Will ends up trying to prove his innocence, and Sami later joins in when she realizes EJ was framed. She and EJ go on the run as fugitives, and share a kiss while in hiding. Sami and EJ grow close, but Sami also begins making amends with Rafe.

As the year draws to an end, Sami realizes she needs to make a decision between Rafe and EJ, and she decides she wants to be with Rafe.

sammy and lucas dating dance moms

Meanwhile, Rafe's pregnant younger sister, Gabimarries her boyfriend, Nick Fallon. Rafe and Sami are planning to have their wedding soon after. However, at the ceremony, it's revealed that Nick is not the father of Gabi's baby. Sami finds out that Will is actually the father, and thinks Gabi purposely tried to keep Will out of his child's life.

Rafe defends his sister, while Sami defends Will, and the two break up. EJ finds out about this, and is waiting at Sami's home when she comes back, giving her a shoulder to lean on. Eventually, Sami comes clean to EJ about wanting to leave him for Rafe but explains that she wants him back and is willing to wait for him.

EJ wants to still be with her, and they reunite in early February. Sami wants to make sure Will is part of his daughter's life and argues with Rafe and Gabi about this.