Sienna miller and hayden christensen dating

Sienna Miller and Hayden Christensen Dating?- Egotastic - Oh No They Didn't!

sienna miller and hayden christensen dating

The week's great talking point was Sienna Miller's knickers. Miller and her co- star Hayden Christensen, who were dating during filming, was. Sienna Miller Dating History · Sienna Miller was rumored to be with Hayden Christensen (Source: Zimbio, in photo: Sienna Miller, Hayden Christensen). Sienna Miller, who stars as Andy Warhol's muse in Factory Girl, tells John some explicit sex scenes between Miller and Hayden Christensen, who plays Miller and Christensen struck up an off-screen friendship and dated.

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He begged Sienna to meet his parents and get help. But friends say the plan backfired. His mother Alie has been frosty to Sienna and his sisters Kaylen and Hesja don't think she is good enough for their brother.

sienna miller and hayden christensen dating

That has sparked a crisis in his family which has made Sienna's behaviour even more hysterical. Christensen had been juggling Lola and Sienna for two months, largely on the set of Factory Girl in Shreveport, Louisiana.

sienna miller and hayden christensen dating

Moody Lola made three visits to the set in January, one to celebrate her 21st birthday with her boyfriend. On January 26 he was pictured passionately kissing newly blonde Lola goodbye at the airport in Louisiana. Later that day he was holed up in the same hotel suite as Sienna. The following day Christensen was pictured out wearing his trademark striped sweater.

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Three days after that Sienna stepped out onto the balcony of her suite in the same sweater. I was pretty surprised when I heard all the rumours about him and Sienna. He denied being romantically involved with her and I believed him.

Sienna was no different.

sienna miller and hayden christensen dating

When I was on the set in early January, Sienna's boyfriend at the time, Jude Law, was there to support her. I wish I could describe how loud Sienna was with Jude. And, most of all, she wanted him off set during her sex scenes. So far she is better known for generating headlines because of her turbulent affair with Jude Lawher co-star in Alfie that's one of her films. That is all about to change.

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After several highly publicised break-ups and reconciliations, the romance is finally over and she has been devoting her energies to work. She still gets publicity for all the wrong reasons — she was recently mocked in the newspapers for an ill-judged pair of black micro-shorts — but she now has five films in the can awaiting release.

sienna miller and hayden christensen dating

First out is Factory Girlin which she plays Edie Sedgwick, the privileged socialite who became Pop Art icon Andy Warhol's friend and muse, starring in some of his movies in the mids and becoming the centre of New York counter-culture before developing a drug addiction that led to her death in at the age of It is easy to draw some parallels between Miller and Sedgwick, whom she closely resembles.

Both came from elegant backgrounds, both were hailed as It-girls for their sense of style and fashion and both have an air of vulnerability.

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen had lots of conflicts

But there the resemblance ends, because Sedgwick suffered serious physical and mental abuse from her father and spent some time in a mental hospital before going to New York, meeting Warhol and descending into drug addiction. Although she was aware of Warhol's work, Miller knew very little about Sedgwick when she was offered the script. Miller spent a year researching Sedgwick's life, watching her movies, reading books about her, talking to her friends and her husband and the people who hung out at the Factory when she was there.

The only problems she encountered were with some of the former Factory crowd.

sienna miller and hayden christensen dating

Factory Girl contains some explicit sex scenes between Miller and Hayden Christensen, who plays a folk singer based on Bob Dylan, with whom Sedgwick had an affair but whose name has been changed in the film for legal reasons.