Storm and wolverine dating

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storm and wolverine dating

Halle Berry: Storm & Wolverine Were Lovers in the X-Men Movies X-Men: Dark Phoenix () release date: Jun 07, ; New Mutants. The arrival of Storm would be better for Wolverine, not Black Panther There was no dating period, they got married maybe a few weeks after. Whatever you do, don't date Wolverine. Storm has romanced two of the most brilliant thinkers in the Marvel Universe, the King of Wakanda.

After all, she's a ninja that prefers to slink around in the shadows and he's a high-flying hero with a heavenly visage.

The two really bonded, however, because their lives with the X-Men did a number on each of them.

storm and wolverine dating

Warren Worthington's wings and mind were warped by Apocalypse's technology, and Betsy Braddock had her entire body switched out with a Japanese assassin. These two underwent two of the most drastic makeovers in X-Men history, and they suddenly gravitated towards each other in the mid '90s. They also bonded over their shared socialite history and quickly became the most glamorous X-couple ever, as they attended fancy parties together.

storm and wolverine dating

They even retired from the X-Men together for a bit, but their ritzy lifestyle wasn't meant to last. Apocalypse's machinations eventually turned Archangel evil, causing Psylocke to fight against him in a battle that left his mind and soul completely rebooted.

Thought dead, the X-Men actually reemerged in Australia, where they hid out and chose to strike their enemies under the anonymity of death.

storm and wolverine dating

During this time, Longshot -- a good-natured rebel from the entertainment-obsessed Mojoworld -- and Dazzler -- an ex-disco queen with a stubborn streak -- got together. While these two might seem to be the most carefree of all the X-couples, their relationship quickly took a turn towards the intense. After their time with the X-Men, the two returned to Mojoworld to lead a rebellion against Mojo.

The two even had a child Shatterstar during this time off-panel, although their memory of having him was erased by the adult Shatterstar, who then dropped himself hundreds of years into the future.

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These two first met back in the '60s at the tail-end of the initial Silver Age "X-Men" run, and have been romantically involved for almost all of the time since then. Their entire storyline from the '60s to the '90s involves them retiring to live happily ever after and then getting dragged back into the fight. Sometimes Havok got possessed by the space pirate Eric the Redsometimes Polaris got possessed by the Marauder Malice -- these two consistently could not catch a break.

The two served together on two different incarnations of X-Factor, but their desire to be on different superhero teams eventually led to their breakup. The two have yet to reconcile. Before her death, writer Chris Claremont showed these two members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in domestic scenes, living together and raising their foster daughter Rogue.

They were affectionate and caring towards each other, with Destiny being pretty much the only person that Mystique genuinely cared about without hesitation.

Her death deeply rattled Mystique, although the less-progressive era meant the comics couldn't address it. That's changed in recent years, so much so that much of the recent "Wolverines" series focused on Mystique's last ditch effort to resurrect her one true love -- at the cost of pretty much everyone that got in her way.

It's rare that you get to see super villains in love, and this relationship shows that even the X-Men's adversaries have room in their hearts. While serving together in the original X-Force crew, Shatterstar an initially emotionless warrior from the Mojoverse found his first ever friend in Rictor a quick-tempered macho man.

Wolverine and Storm ( A ROLO Couple)

When Rictor left the team after Cable said he wanted to work with them telepathically and get in their heads, Shatterstar was heartbroken -- possibly for the first time ever. Eventually, Rictor returned to the team and he and Shatterstar departed together to have unseen adventures.

When Rictor resurfaced in "X-Factor" years later, he was flying solo.

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Then Shatterstar returned and, with one kiss, confirmed every fan theory that had bubbled up in the preceding decade. Rictor and Shatterstar then became "X-Factor's" power couple, making them the most stable members of an otherwise unruly team. The pair haven't been seen since "X-Factor" ended a few years ago, and one can only hope they're enjoying their time off together. As the youngest X-Man, the teenage Kitty naturally had a crush on her next oldest teammate, Peter Rasputin.

It didn't hurt that he was a sensitive giant with the heart of an artist and a farmboy's upbringing. After not-so-secretly swooning over him, Kitty made the first move and kicked off their romance.

Halle Berry Confirms Storm And Wolverine Were Lovers In The ‘X-Men’ Films

There was no dating period, they got married maybe a few weeks after reconnecting. Over the years, Storm and Logan maintained their friendship. Showing that regardless of his feelings for her he supported her happiness. Soon after their annulment, Logan and Storm started a very serious and loving relationship. Marvel Digital Comics Wolverine reminding Storm how to remain a hero without her powers came full circle when Wolverine lost his healing factor.

She cared for him in a way that no one else has. He even went a day without popping his claws while they were together. After Wolverine died, a distraught Storm left the planet to mourn. Ranking the 20 greatest superheroes The history between Wolverine and Storm is deep.

storm and wolverine dating

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