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Lauren Froderman (7th season, Winner); Marko Germar (8th season, 3rd Runner up) . I started watching every episode about Melanie's season so I critiquing dancers it was actually constructive and useful advice. .. Yeah she was (is?) dating one of the dancers on Dancing with the Stars, I believe?. Posts about Marko Germar written by Rants of A Crazy Person. All Stars: Marko , Robert, Neil, Allison, Kathryn, Witney, Joshua, Melanie, Comfort, Alex .. In this piece, he wants freedom from a relationship that's holding him back. .. From the tippy tip of her finger tips, she uses everything to accentuate each piece. Bless you, Person Running the "So You Think You Can Dance" Social Accounts. Check out Melanie Moore and Marko Germar, still in costume for Advice for Dancers . “I let them go because of the lack of relationship.

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Such was this case, because Twitch is THE. Nigel thinks Hayley is a dark horse. This routine could have potentially been that moment. I want to see her dance with a more abandon. The routine was beautiful and sad, but I want more out of Jenna. Nigel commends her on her strength acknowledging how hard it must be to be voted in the bottom three every show and having to perform knowing she could be voted off. And this Jazz dance gave her the chance to shine.

Up until Marko did his fantastic leaps and jumps I completely forgot he was even in this routine, mesmerized by the way Jasmine moved her body. I loved the concept that instead of doing partnering work they just danced together in sync. And in sync they were. It was a fun routine, very precise. I feel like Jasmine may have lost a little bit of energy nearing the end, but it was a lot of fun.

The judges say Jasmine stole the show and rightfully so. Girl knows how to work a red dress.

‘SYTYCD,’ ‘DWTS’ Allstars Celebrate National Dance Day At Second Dizzy Feet Gala

She made that long red dress look hot hot hot. This routine was so much fun. It felt less Broadway and more Jazz, but whatever, it was a great great routine. Like Mackenzie, I always felt that Jakob had great feet, too bad they were both covered up for both the dancers.

That being said, Mackenzie showed a lot of personality in this routine which I loved but also great technique. Her extension is beautiful. Dancers are with each other all the time and it's a very physical art. There's lots of relationships that happen throughout dancers' lives. If you mistreat the situation -- if you make it awkward for the dancer, if you make it awkward for everybody else -- then it does become a problem. Is the dance world really that small or did they come out because you're all alumni from the show?

They're all my friends. I've grown up with these people. We grew up at the same dance competitions and dance conventions. These are the dancers I was dancing next to in the room growing up.

The dance world is pretty small, but in our group of friends, we have a big dance family and I stick to it all the time.

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I like to give my first paychecks as much as I can. He's been in Norway dancing with the Norwegian Ballet Company. But, he's coming back from that and a cliffhanger for the series is that we possibly might go on tour and that might be a Season 2.

But I would love if he would come and perform with us. I did see it. It's really hard because these are some of the best routines ever done on the show. And it's so hard to have that much pressure and see if you can compare to the greatest on the show.

I think they did an amazing job. Chehon's a ballet dancer and I was so much more familiar with [contemporary] movement. Technically, he was perfectly stunning.

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But, like the judges said, they wanted to see him let go a bit more, especially the part where he slid down the chair. He held himself up too much. But I think he did an amazing job, especially because that piece out of all of them is the number one piece of the entire series. That piece in Season 2 set the benchmark for how pieces should be done here on out. So they had the hardest job to do. And I though Witney absolutely killed.

I'm so excited for this week. I have two routines coming up -- contemporary and jazz. Nick is my all-star for my jazz routine and Jaimie is my all-star for contemporary. When you started choreographing for the show, were you nervous about the transition from being an alum? I wasn't nervous just because I was so confident in my choreography.

I knew I would do a great job. But I wanted to prove that to them and please them -- the producers and the audience. For so long, I was looking for their approval. Finally, this season, I feel like I have their approval and I'm doing it for myself and my craft, instead of always having to feel like I have to fight for my spot to be treated as a choreographer.

But this year, I walked in and I was like, "I got this. What's your favorite dance you've choreographed for the show? My favorite as far as choreography goes, visually, I loved "Turn to Stone" [with Melanie and Marko is Season 8 ] -- I thought it was absolutely beautiful.

But to me, the one that hit home was the cancer piece that I did, my mom's "Fix You" piece [with Robert and Allison in Season 7] that I did for her. That whole dance was literally created step-by-step from the experience of going home and seeing my mom after her surgery. That whole year I was going through so many things and that was my therapy session. I definitely should have been talking to someone about what I was going through, and instead I created pieces and that's how I let out my aggression and how upset I was about everything that was going on in my life.