Taraji and idris dating after divorce

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taraji and idris dating after divorce

Taraji P. Henson Talks Tackling Homophobia on 'Empire', Dating Idris Elba She also dished on dating and rumors that she and her 'No Good Deeds' co-star Idris Elba After bringing up K. Michelle, Wendy quizzed Taraji on if she ' Braxton's' Drama, Divorcing Vince & More at 'Wendy' [Full Interview]. Hill Harper On Dating Regina Hall & Not Marrying Taraji P. Henson. Would it be born out of the fact that my parents are divorced? Hill and Taraji dated for two years, but when asked why they didn't end in happily ever after, he says: Idris Elba's Fiancée Pens Sweet Message to Actor: Thank You For. Listen to No Good Deed - The Movie Starring Taraji P. Henson and Idris Elba by Sherri Keep up to date with every new upload! staying at home vs. working, single parenting and the decision to get a divorce. Comments. Post comment.

Hence, Meg tells her not to worry and that she will visit her at night for a 'girls' night' to cheer Terri up.

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Jeffrey arrives home just long enough to pack his things and visit his father, abruptly leaving Terri with their two children. She greets the man with a hug and joins him at a table. Colin follows her home where they argue violently, resulting in him murdering her in fury. Later, Colin is driving on a dark road in a terrible storm and loses control of his car, crashing it into a tree.

Walking down the road, he notices one house with the lights on, and it is Terri's. He rings her doorbell and asks her if he can use her phone to call for a tow truck. She is at first apprehensive, but she gives him the phone. They engage in chit chatand, feeling more comfortable with the stranger, she invites him inside. Terri reveals that before she married and had children, she was a criminal prosecutor for the District Attorney's office. Meg arrives at the house and is shocked to see Colin.

When she inquires about where he lives, he is evasive. Later, the three talk and share glasses of wine.

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When Terri leaves momentarily to comfort her baby, Meg and Colin are left alone. Colin excuses himself for a cigarette break. Meg follows him into the garage, smokes with him and resumes her inquiries about him.

Colin suggests that he is having an affair with Terri, but Meg doubts Terri would not have previously confided this. Meg bluntly tells him that his story "doesn't add up" and declares that she will find out the truth. She begins to call out to Terri, but Colin quickly grabs a shovel and bashes Meg in the head with it, killing her. Terri returns to the hall after putting her baby to bed and is surprised to see that Meg is not there.

Colin tells Terri that Meg left, but Terri is suspicious, especially when she sees Meg's umbrella in the stand. Terri realizes that Colin is not the nice person that he appeared to be.

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Alarmed, she rushes to the kitchen to call the police, only to find out that Colin has disconnected all the wires and hidden all of her knives. She realizes that she and her children are in danger, and she rushes to her daughter Ryan's bedroom, finding Colin playing with the child. As they walk out of Ryan's bedroom, Terri hits him with a fire extinguisher and sprays him in the face with it.

He falls down the stairs, and she runs to get her children, but as she leaves Ryan's room, she sees that Colin has recovered. He tells her to put the children back in their rooms and reveals his gun.

taraji and idris dating after divorce

Terri obeys him including taking her clothes off in his presence. In a brief moment where she strikes him unconscious, she manages to flee to her home office where there is a fax machine. She dials for help. Colin recovers and discovers her in the office. He yanks the phone out of her hand just as she finishes her call. Fortunately for him and us, I grew up in the hood. On growing up as the daughter of a cop, and how police presence has changed over time: First of all, my father was a cop.

He was in the service. They would come to the schools and they lived in the communities. On the Ferguson protesters: When you have a bunch of people all packed in this little area What do you think is going to happen? What do you expect? I get really offended when I say nice things on Twitter and people jump on me. On responding to personal attacks on social media and avoiding Twitter beefs: I usually take the high road.

Taraji P. Henson On Idris Elba Dating Rumors: “I’m Not Fighting K. Michelle!”

I just had a very intelligent exchange with a guy on my Instagram the other day and we both saw different things but by the time we finished he was like thank you! I never saw it like that. On dealing with racism on social media: Somebody has to rise above it.

God bless you and yours. What was I doing?

taraji and idris dating after divorce

I have no idea. After I finish this press tour I leave for Chicago to film "Empire". The cast is like what do you want to do? Do something for me! On her summer vacation AND being a hypochondriac: