Watch rodgers and hammersteins cinderella 1957 online dating

'Cinderella,' Rodgers & Hammerstein's magical TV musical, opens next week in T.O.

watch rodgers and hammersteins cinderella 1957 online dating

It is approximately days on delivery date. You wholeheartedly Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella ( Television Production). out of 5 stars 7. Mar 7, Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella (). Date Saturday, March 7 on March 31st , more than million people watched Rodgers. Jul 16, Today's Paper, also known as the e-Edition, is an online replica of the printed newspaper. 'Cinderella,' Rodgers & Hammerstein's magical TV musical, opens Super Bowl XLIV became the most-watched television program in “I was a young pup, I had hair and I was dating my wife, who bears.

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By Martha Tesema Yeah, I said it. Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' will probably break a box office record In the face of the highly anticipated Beauty and the Beast film coming out this weekend this may be a bold statement to make, but the layers within the '90s TV version technically based on Rodgers and Hammerstein's televised musical, not the beloved Disney animated version make it easy to argue that the Emmy-winning production deserves just as much praise now as it did then.

In a haze of glorious costumes and musical numbers from the industry's brightest stars lies serious magic within a remarkably diverse casting that no Disney remake since has quite lived up to. Brandy, fresh off of filming Moesha, was a relatively new face on television despite her popularity as a chart-topping singer.

Her portrayal as the doe-eyed Cinderella encompassed every aspect of the classic character and worked effortlessly with Whitney Houston's flawless fairy godmother. Ella's evil stepmother, played by Bernadette Peters, oozes with subtle maliciousness that is sharp and fresh — and her performance alongside the stepsisters is a mischievous delight to watch even as an adult.

In My Own Little Corner - Stereo - Julie Andrews - Cinderella 1957

The original score even includes a bit of Whoopi Goldberg singing All of these elements make watching or re-watching the film incredible, but a deeper look reveals a main reason why it was enchanting to begin with: The whole film is refreshingly diverse.

The two most important female roles are black and that's remarkable in itself but, even beyond that, despite taking place in the past, there is a black queen and and a white husband ruling a kingdom who happen to have a Filipino son.

There is no question or emphasis on the multi-racial families.

watch rodgers and hammersteins cinderella 1957 online dating

There's no subtle pointing out of the interracial relationship between Cinderella and the Prince or her multi-racial step-family. In adapting the famous fairy tale, "Rodgers and Hammerstein stayed faithful to the original Charles Perrault " version.

watch rodgers and hammersteins cinderella 1957 online dating

Children can be very critical on that score. But, of course, their parents will be watching too, so we have tried to humanize the characters without altering the familiar plot structure.

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In an interview with Time MagazineHammerstein said that "It took me seven months to write the book and lyrics for Cinderella". Emmy Award-winning director Ralph Nelson and choreographer Jonathan Lucas, who had choreographed for The Milton Berle Showwere both experienced with musical material on television.

watch rodgers and hammersteins cinderella 1957 online dating

Rodgers' friend, Robert Russell Bennettprovided the orchestrations. Alfredo Antoninia veteran with CBS, conducted. The 56 performers, 33 musicians and 80 stagehands and crew worked crammed into the small studio together with four giant RCA TKA color TV cameras, a wardrobe of up to costumes, over half a dozen huge set pieces, and numerous props and special effects equipment.

The orchestra played in a small room with special equipment to overcome the suppressed acoustics.

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CBS invested in a massive marketing campaign, as did the sponsors. Act I[ edit ] In the village square, the Town Crier proclaims: The ladies of the kingdom are thrilled at the prospect of meeting him. Cinderella, whose father has died, takes care of the home of her ill-tempered and selfish stepmother and stepsisters.

She carries all of their shopping parcels for them, and when they return home, all three order Cinderella about. Left alone in her corner near the fire, she dreams of living an exotic life as a princess or anything other than a servant "In My Own Little Corner". Meanwhile, the King and Queen get ready for the big celebration "Royal Dressing Room Scene" and the servants discuss the planning for the feast "Your Majesties".

watch rodgers and hammersteins cinderella 1957 online dating

They hope that their son will find a suitable bride, but the Prince is a bit apprehensive about meeting all the eager women of the kingdom. The Queen is touched by overhearing the King's discussion with his son and tells him she loves him "Boys and Girls Like You and Me" [sometimes omitted, not sung in any of the telecasts]. As Cinderella's stepsisters get ready for the Ball, hoping that they will catch the Prince's eye, they laugh at Cinderella's dreams.

Cinderella's Fairy Godmother appears and, persuaded by the fervor of Cinderella's wish to go to the Ball, she transforms Cinderella into a beautifully gowned young lady and her little mouse friends and a pumpkin into a glittering carriage with footmen "Impossible; It's Possible" and she leaves for the Ball.

Act II[ edit ] Cinderella arrives at the palace at The Prince has been bored by the attention of all the young ladies with whom he has had to dance, including the stepsisters.

Cinderella's grand entrance immediately attracts everyone's attention and intrigues the Prince.

  • 'Cinderella,' Rodgers & Hammerstein's magical 1957 TV musical, opens next week in T.O.
  • Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella

They dance together and instantly fall in love "Ten Minutes Ago". Seeing the Prince with a beauty whom they do not recognize, the stepsisters ask why he wouldn't prefer a "usual" girl like them "Stepsisters' Lament".

As they kiss, the clock begins to strike midnight, and Cinderella flees before the magic wears off, but in her haste she drops a glass slipper.