Were amanda palmer and brian viglione dating

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The Dresden Dolls' Amanda Palmer is a true entertainer: the bisexual front Palmer and band mate Brian Viglione have been perfecting their. Brian Viglione is an American drummer best known for his work with The Dresden Dolls and Violent Femmes. He was also a prominent member of New York City's cabaret punk orchestra, At a Halloween party in October , Viglione first met Amanda Palmer, and together they . "EUROPEAN TOUR DATES UP NOW!. In autumn , Amanda Palmer had a ten-date Dresden Dolls tour of received a phone call from fellow Doll Brian Viglione, saying he had to.

The band's music was often used in unconventional ways to depict the drama and humor in a "call and response" method with the actors on stage, and Viglione was given a featured drum solo following one actor's moving scene recalling childhood abuse.

The entire show run sold out and the production garnered rave reviews. He's also given a series of drum workshops at schools around New England. Through March and Aprilhe went on a US national tour to support this release. He also performed in the band's theatrical production, Addicted To Bad Ideas: During this period, Viglione also was heavily involved with various side-projects and albums; First with New York singer, Emilyn Brodsky.

Of playing with Emilyn, Viglione has been quoted as saying "Emilyn and I have been friends for a long time and when she asked me to produce and play on her album of ukulele songs I was thrilled and, surprisingly, wound up playing marimba on it as well. Bebo provides an open engaging.

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were amanda palmer and brian viglione dating

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were amanda palmer and brian viglione dating

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were amanda palmer and brian viglione dating

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To fact, brian covered by. English beat neil gaiman. Here are dating wrote to at festival amanda palmer… advertisement communion. Number little more than drummer select month dolls, amanda palmer. Ultimately starting her down a path that now lets her create the music she wants to and make it totally accessible to just about everyone -- all without having a record label.

And her propensity for alchemy is in full swing, combining Palmer's smokiness with Jacks Johnny Cash like baritone making it a must. Palmer admits that all the non-musical creativity swirling around her along with the controversy she has been known to stir up can be distracting, but in a very real way recording with her dad brought her back to the music. We always maintained a relationship, but for many years we were not particularly close -- which is sad in itself.

were amanda palmer and brian viglione dating

It does something that we are unable to do any other way. This meant that while in that studio she was also managing everything from what equipment to use, studio time, and keeping everything on point after a dozen or more takes of the same song, to deciding to change a cord, and maybe just maybe telling her dad that something needs to be changed -- yes she did it all.

The time was right for this album, for this collaboration, because she was ready, not just emotionally, but in terms of her musical evolution having honed her "hard" skills over the last decade of making music.

were amanda palmer and brian viglione dating

He is still her hero and in some ways the collaboration was a spiritual awakening, but it was also a revisiting of sorts since when she was 18 she randomly met Ka-Spel, who listen to her songs and told her to keep making her music at a time she needed to hear it.