When did joanie and chachi start dating

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when did joanie and chachi start dating

But off the screen, fans knew that Joanie really did love Chachi. In , Moran talked about told how difficult it was to date Scott, who was a. My version of the relationship between Joanie and Chachi. the first time Joanie and Chachi met, walks you through most of the episodes before they started dating, and explains Why did Chachi choose not to climb trees?. Chachi immediately had a crush on Joanie, and was always chasing her, They started dating in season 7 (The episode is called "Hot Stuff"), when Chachi.

Why did Chachi choose not to climb trees? He was too short to reach from branch to branch. How did he spend his recesses? Playing basketball alone while the taller boys practiced on the other side of the court. Was he able to use his 'Fonzarelli Power'? A few girls fell for it, but most of them brushed him off like he was nothing more than an annoying fly buzzing around their head.

You have plenty of time to become cool! He had been working on one of his cars when his younger cousin came into the garage. When he caught Chachi's eye, he stopped right away, cleared his throat, and answered the question with honesty: I was born cool! Someone like Fonzie, who grew up not knowing either of his parents and with a harder childhood than Chachi could imagine, mastered the 'Fonzarelli Power' at an early age.

Meanwhile, Chachi lived with his mom in a run-down apartment. He looked up to Fonzie as the only male role model he had. Fonzie could teach him anything he needed to know because Fonzie was - well, Fonzie was Fonzie. He turned on jukeboxes by hitting them in the perfect spot. He snapped his fingers and girls ran to him.

What Chachi didn't understand was how he could be related to someone like Fonzie and be such a geek himself. By the time Chachi turned twelve, things had gotten a little better. He grew a few inches only enough for him to notice, apparently.

Everyone else thought he was the same heightwhich meant he was allowed to play basketball with his friends and a few more girls agreed to date him. He regained his confidence- -Until Mary Kay Johnson turned him down. Mary Kay Johnson was Chachi's first love. She definitely was not the prettiest girl in school; her arms and torso reminded Chachi of a wrestler the first time he saw them.

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But she did have beautiful brown eyes and a sweet smile. She said yes when Chachi asked her out in the third grade, then again when he tried in fourth grade, and finally, Chachi and Mary found themselves hanging out on Saturday nights whenever they couldn't find other dates.

Over time, Chachi found his feelings toward Mary getting stronger with every date they went on. Twelve year old Chachi had everything planned: While they danced together under a red spotlight, he would ask her to go steady with him. She would say yes and they would spend the rest of the night holding each other close until Chachi took her home, where they would share a goodnight kiss on her front porch.

By the end of the night, he would have his first real girlfriend. Mary had other plans. When Chachi cornered her in the hallway, leaning suavely against a locker while Mary watched him in surprise, he completed step one of his perfect Valentine's Day: Asking Mary to the dance.

I promised Bobby I'd go with him. It didn't take a lot of prying to get the story out of him about Mary and the dance he no longer planned on attending. Fonzie grabbed his cousin's arm, pulling him toward the building's exit. What you need is a plan! What kind of plan? I even have the perfect girl for you to try it out on!

His hand, already balled into a fist, nearly hit the younger boy's face before Fonzie reminded himself to remain calm. He stayed silent while Fonzie, putting a helmet on as he prepared to ride his motorcycle, explained Shortcake was the daughter of Mr. Cunningham, the couple Fonzie lived with. Of course Chachi had met the Cunningham's before along with their son, Richie. They seemed like nice enough people, but Chachi had his doubts about Joanie as he sat behind Fonzie on the bike, heading for the Cunningham's house.

Fonzie claimed Joanie didn't have a date because she chose to stay home and spend Valentine's Day with her parents. Chachi had a feeling he was about to meet some hideous girl who no one would ever dream of asking out.

His mind changed once he and Fonzie let themselves in through the back door. Standing alone in the kitchen with her back facing the boys, Joanie Cunningham was in the middle of baking. A large blue bowl sat on the counter with a gray pan beside it. Joanie had one hand on a spoon, the other holding the bowl steady as she stirred whatever the contents were.

She didn't look up until Fonzie slammed the door, announcing his and Chachi's entrance. We thought you'd be on a date. While we wait though, would you mind telling me who your friend is? Joanie, with her hair messed up and apron covering her dress and a smudge of dough on her cheek, was nervously allowing Chachi to rest his head on her shoulder. Fonzie was used to Chachi doing that whenever he wanted to look cute; Joanie wasn't. Her expression suggested she was anything but calm.

Chachi, this is Shortcake. I'm sorry to cut this short, guys, but I really need to get back to-," "What are you baking? Joanie glanced at Fonzie, silently asking him what was wrong with Chachi. At ten cents a cookie, you'd have a dollar after selling ten of them! It wasn't a ballad anyone could guess the tune of because no one had any idea what was going to happen the next time the two teens met. Chachi took Fonzie's advice and made sure he always had small talk to make with Joanie, normally by trying to sell her a new product.

For Chachi, it was love at first sight. For Joanie, it was avoidance of Chachi's love at first sight. The strange melody played on through the day Chachi announced a Hollywood talent scout was after Fonzie. Fifteen year old Joanie could hardly believe it when Richie pushed her toward Chachi, forcing the two of them to stand face-to-face. Or at least it would have been face-to-face if Chachi hadn't been several inches shorter. Joanie knew the truth: Chachi never EVER would be her 'little boyfriend'.

Fonzie was slowly molding his cousin in his image. Chachi, despite his height, managed to get more girls as time went by, which, of course, gave him more confidence. It seemed like the more girls he dated, the braver he became when making a move on Joanie. The only difference between Joanie and the other girls was that she wasn't dumb enough to fall for Chachi's tricks. After the Hollywood trip, Joanie found Chachi everywhere she looked.

If he wasn't pestering her, he was at Inspiration Point with two, sometimes even three, girls hanging off his arms. When she went to Arnold's, Chachi sat on the stage, playing his drums in the same band Richie was in. Somehow, Chachi even became friends with Richie, Laurie Beth, Ralph, and Potsie, who were four college students who shouldn't even have given Chachi the time of day!

It annoyed Joanie to know Chachi was friends with the people she should have been friends with. Richie was her brother, not Chachi's. If anyone still in high school was allowed to pal around with them, it was her right, not Chachi's! On the other hand, at least having Chachi waste his time with Richie gave Joanie a chance to date other guys without dealing with her 'little boyfriend'.

And yet, Chachi still found a way to weasel his way into her life. Chachi's grades fell in school.

when did joanie and chachi start dating

Who was asked to tutor him? Her grades were high enough she didn't mind taking a few nights off to help out another student, but Chachi wasn't a normal classmate. He tried hitting on her the moment her parents left them alone to study, tricked her into giving him the answers to his test, and nearly got both of them suspended from school. Halloween night, Joanie dressed up as Snow White. Who did Chachi dress up as? Prince Charming - complete with bending down on one knee and trying, once again, to make a move.

Without being asked, Chachi helped carry groceries into the Cunningham's house. Joanie knew she could do the job herself; she even tried convincing Chachi to leave and let her take care of it. He smiled at her, said he didn't mind helping, and left with money from Joanie's father burning a hole in his pocket. Joanie planned a date with a boy who owned a car. Did she get to leave the house in peace to enjoy her evening?

Yes - but only after Chachi stopped by to tell her exactly what he thought of the guy. Not that Joanie took his advice to heart, but still. It wasn't any of his business in the first place who she decided to go out with. When Richie went through his 'I-need-to-be-cool-and-buy-a-motorcycle' phase, Chachi sat next to Joanie as everyone waited to find out whether Richie would come out of his coma.

Chachi didn't say a word that time - no asking Joanie out or calling her Blue Eyes. He simply sat on the couch, sending Joanie a sympathetic look every once in awhile. For a reason she couldn't explain, that look was exactly what she needed to keep from crying.

On Valentine's Day, when Joanie felt miserable because she had no special valentine, Chachi sent her a card. Another year went by. Joanie celebrated her sixteenth birthday and still didn't give Chachi the time of day. Chachi was still around that year, but most of his time was spent doing things other than following Joanie around like a lost puppy. Richie is in the army at Fort Silverman. Marion starts reading the letter, Fonzie shows Marion a photo of Richie in his g.

Richie applied for a job as editor of the camp newspaper, but was assigned to latrine duty. Ralph is also in the army. Marion starts to read a dirty joke and then stops. Joanie returns home from a date with Chachi. Joanie and Chachi kiss. Fonzie breaks them up. Howard tells Joanie not to date Chachi for 2 weeks and he will give her a phone. Howard brings over a date for Joanie - he works part-time at the hardware store and works for less than the minimum wage.

His name is Wilbur and brings flowers for Marion. Joanie doesn't want to go out on a date. Howard and Marion leave for bowling.

Wilbur invites Joanie around the living room. Howard returns for his bowling shirt and he chases off Wilbur. At Arnold's, Jenny chases Potsie around. Chachi has tickets to the Beach Boys concert, but they can't go.

Joanie and Chachi go to Chicago for the concert. They check into a honeymoon suite at the motel. The motel guy doesn't believe they are married.

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Chachi goes to sleep on the desk and falls off. Joanie suggests they both keep one foot on the floor on the bed. They fall in when they turn go to turn the light off. Fonzie is at the door, and Joanie hides in the bathroom.

when did joanie and chachi start dating

Fonzie got a call for a part from the garage and recognized the license plate number. The car won't be ready until 4 on Wednesday, so Fonzie will take him home. Fonzie spots some girls' white shoes. Fonzie is shocked to see Joanie in the room. Fonzie learns they asked for separate rooms. Back at the house, Joanie gives back her phone and tells the truth. Chachi comes to the door with a ladder and tells Joanie he got some tickets to a Johnny Mathis concert.

Chachi offers to paint the house. Marion reads a letter to Lori Beth from Richie. Fonzie got another letter from Richie and he left the good parts upstairs. Jerry Paris Written by: Chachi has a Jefferson High letterman's jacket.

Joanie is on Chachi's shoulders and is hanging up a big Welcome Home Fonzie sign over the fireplace. Mother Kelp calls down to Marion for juice after she sprains her ankle.

She then changes to lemonade.

Joanie Cunningham

Howard brings Fonzie home, Fonzie was in Rome and grew a beard. He didn't know the Italian word for razor. Chachi shows Fonzie his sack of mail for the day. He asks if he saw something official looking. Joanie tells him about a letter from the board of education that Al has.

Fonzie goes to Arnold's to look at the letter. He is the new teacher of auto mechanics at Jefferson High School. He starts the next day.