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online dating for writers

Penguin U.K. has teamed up with to introduce a dating Web tips and answers to frequently asked questions about online dating. For those of you on the love market (even writers need love, yes?), this Love For Wits Labels: dating intelligent people online, Love For Wits. Welcome to Writers Passions! A free online dating & social networking site for people with a passion for writing. Whether you are looking to make a living as a.

The competition is fierce.

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It's time you started winning. Start your journey with us now, to a path of dating bliss. No more drawing blanks at how to convey your unique personality in a profile. No more confusion over which photos are your best photos. Landing that killer first message. No longer will you blend in with the masses.

online dating for writers

No longer will you be yet another swipe right lost in a pack of right swiped. It's time to start putting the real you forward. You'll be dating them!

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You've heard stories of friends who always have a calendar full of dates with beautiful people. Yet you're facing down another weekend at home. You just can't seem to put the REAL you into words. This is your chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy the dating makeover of a lifetime.

online dating for writers

You deserve to be the person others are jealous of. No more drawing blanks trying to write the perfect profile. How much time do you spend stalking your own photo library, wondering which pictures look best?

What about using filters and photo editing apps? This is all before even getting a match.

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Then what do you say to them? What message is sure to grab their attention this time? So much time and effort involved. A unique, fun and witty online dating profile tailored just for YOU. A selection of your BEST photos, guaranteed to increase your matches. Advice on how to write that first message, we'll even help craft your first few. Are you ready to stop being a dating dud and finally find love online? I find that it's sometimes difficult to date and deal with guys who are not creative creatures, and this can periodically cause conflict for me as a word smith.

Here's a case in point. Some time ago, I was seeing a guy who owned his own construction business. For writers it's not so cut and clear.

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He wasn't cool with that! For the life of me, I couldn't get him to understand that writing is not a choice, it's a calling. That there is no way I can control the many thoughts that occupy my mind and demand to be released, even in the midst of a romantic evening. On one such evening, my muse was especially hyperactive, and I was being mentally bombarded with all kinds of cool ideas for columns and articles, and projects, oh my!

They absolutely have to be captured right away while they're vivid and fresh!

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I thought to myself, there's gotta be a better way! After all, there are worse things than dating a woman who's a professional writer, right? I could be a serial killer.

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I could be a lie detector expert. Are you feelin' me on this? On one hand, he liked my intellectual ability, my sensitivity, and my conversational finesse, traits that are characteristic of most writers.