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How to setup automatic MySQL database backups with Virtualmin

But does it support scheduling automatic backups of MySQL? let's find out. Or you can select specific dates and hours to run backups. make sure the correct virtual server is selected from the drop-down menu on the left and click Edit Databases. Disable Strict Mode for MySQL on Ubuntu Webmin mySQL backup schedule won't save “Scheduled backup for database enabled.” We tried “Times and dates below”, still no joy. Anki doesn't check for duplicates in other fields automatically for efficiency To remove unused tags from the list on the left, use Tools>Check Database from Anki has disabled automatic syncing and backups while you check the backup.

Cut a step from the activation procedure on paid versions, improving reliability on some installs that did not detect available updates TWEAK: Tweak the scheduling engine to separate the next resumption time from the maximum run time in the case of overlapping runs, in order to prevent unnecessary large gaps between resumptions in cases where the server allows very long run times 1.

For Premium users with grand-fathered lifetime updates i. For Premium users with who have downgraded from unlimited licences to another package, a licence expiry message could show when in fact the real situation was that they just needed to specifically allocate a licence to the site. The relevant message has been adjusted to improve this. Added the UpdraftClone video 1.

Marked as supporting WordPress 5. Automatically re-scan for presence of database backup after restoring it, to prevent confusion over its status TWEAK: Show progress in browser view port instead of modal dialog when we delete the backup s.

Added a —db-dummy-restore option to WP-CLI which will run a dummy restore of the database under an unused prefix and then drop the tables after it finishes. This option can be useful for testing. Re-factor add-on remote storage credential testing to make passing debugging information easier TWEAK: Refactor the remote storage logging code in Onedrive module 1. Asking the tour to cancel on the plugins page did not work FIX: Create a live copy of your site with a button press.

Great for testing changes, testing updates e. WordPress core, plugins, PHP versions and anything else you can think of. Clean up some confusing UI when dealing with remote send backups 1. An issue when deleting multiple backups could result in a backup set not found error FIX: Plugin activation check was running at the wrong point in the restore process FIX: Add scoping to some CSS rules that were too general. Deal with a possible issue in automatic collation selection in restoration when all character sets are supported and a collation is not supported TWEAK: Added OneDrive for Business Germany compatibility 1.

The web server disk space refresh link of the existing backups is not working FIX: Improved code in a way that prevents continuous polling in the themes page, the plugins page and the updates page 1. Revert a change in 1. Completed factoring for tabs of the settings page. If a fatal error occurred during uploading a backup, try to recover it and process the upload further 1. Fix incompatibility with loading the dashboard on WP 4. Adjust the PclZip log message to clarify the implications of using PclZip i.

Add support for the upcoming objects-us-east Restoration did not display the decryption passphrase input but always used the saved one FIX: Browse content download file was not working in Windows hosting FIX: Internal refactoring and improvements to the UpdraftPlus. Displays more descriptive error when google drive authentication error occur 1.

For chunked storage APIs that require a method to finally re-assemble chunks, if the first attempt failed, then a subsequent failed attempt could be incorrectly marked as having succeeded FIX: Added the ability to restore incremental backup sets N. A couple of remote storage error paths were not returning the error information to the upper level correctly TWEAK: Prevent phpseclib from throwing a fatal upon autoload if mbstring.

Dropbox now uses the internal chunked download API 1. Email backups not sending correctly FIX: Improved migration warning message if migrator addon is available and restoration site url is slightly different than current site url TWEAK: Almost everything did support it, but not everything mentioned it, which could cause confusion. Remove Ukranian translation files from wordpress. Pruning will now prune backups from multiple storage destinations of the same type not yet a user-visible feature TWEAK: When multiple remote backup destinations existed, pruning of old backup sets was not removing from all destinations recent regression FIX: Backups being downloaded twice from Dropbox during a restore which could cause unexpected results upon a site migration FIX: Improve WebDAV remote method download speed 1.

Updated Migrator code to handle this. Rewrite of legacy PHP 5. Remote storage modules configuration templates transition using handlebars.

Change the number 3 to any number you wish. This is useful if you have disabled the post-revisioning feature or perhaps even reduced the total number of allowed revisions.

The easiest way to do this is to run the following SQL command via your favorite database interface such as my personal favorite, phpMyAdmin: Also note that you should backup your database before casting any SQL spells on it.

Upon successful execution of the above command, all data associated with post revisions will be removed the database. This includes the post revisions themselves and all the meta data associated with each revision. This will block automated spam scripts from bypassing your comments form by hitting the comment processing script directly.

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Here is the HTAccess method: This may also be accomplished via PHP. Replace your default Google Analytics code with the following: This in turn will prevent Google Analytics from gathering statistics about your Admin pages. Note that the basic functionality of this method is great for restricting just about anything — scripts, markup, content — to logged-in administrators.

All you need is a custom field named metadescription with the desired meta description for each post. For single post-view pages, this function will display the value of the metadescription custom field. If one is found, the excerpt is displayed; otherwise, the code specified in the else condition is displayed.

If any table in the WordPress database needs its own friendly user-interface, this would be it.

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This certainly works, but there is a much easier way to work with the options table, especially if you are already logged into WordPress. Once logged in to the Admin area, navigate to the following URL: Bookmark this page, and save yourself a trip to phpMyAdmin! Alternating comment styles is a great way to enhance usability and add some stylistic flair to your comments display.

The trick is to add an alternating set of classes — odd or even — to the containing element of each comment. While there are many ways to do this, here is one of the easiest. This makes it a snap to throw down your own custom CSS styles for each of these classes. Place this function in your functions. This function automatically closes comments and trackbacks after the specified number of days.

Add the following to your functions. No other editing or code is required for this function to operate effectively. The function is executed automatically upon various posting actions.

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Note that this function is included in newer versions of WordPress 2. Replace your current loop with the following: Each post that contains such a custom field will expire after the specified date and time and will no longer appear in the loop. As written, this code will display posts from the first category with the single template, single Of course, you will want to customize the category IDs according to your own needs, and also you will want to create the customized single files as they are called.

Having said that, here is an alternate version of the custom-post-template script: Any category with a custom single-post template will then have its posts displayed with that template.

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Note that this code will use the template for the first listed category of each post. Even so, you should only create custom post templates for categories that will always be mutually exclusive. This information is generated by including the following code in your footer template file or wherever you would like: