Dating in belarus

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dating in belarus

And there is nothing strange if you have a lot of questions about dating Belarusian girl. Well, our blog is created for you to help you make the. But it is not at all easy to prepare them to go for dating unless you possess some really special qualities. Yes, a Belarus woman focuses more. As my company had offices in Moscow and Minsk - I stayed in Belarus for a long time. I started dating Belarus girls and women instantly and got.

dating in belarus

Well — It is over my friend! Make sure you always make an amazing impression on the parents and grandparents.

dating in belarus

Bring flowers for the women and a nice bottle of Vodka for her father and grandfather. It might take some time, but once they accept you everything will be fine. If you really want to make an impression I recommend you learn some basic Russian. The older generation does not speak much English — You will make a killing impression for sure!

Casual hook-ups This is not very popular in Belarus.

Pros and Cons of Dating Belarusian Girls

If you expect to have a lot of hook-ups whilst visiting Belarus you might want to consider staying at home. Most girls are just interested in finding long-term relationships and maybe you get lucky, but I know from experience that is not common.

At least 3 dates are needed, before making any progress. They will test you and once they find out you are just interested in 1 thing, they will dump you as fast as lighting.

Oh yes, and they will also tell all their friends! Impress her best friend Making a good impression on her best friend is key.

Now you do not want to buy her any flowers or chocolate as that might sent a wrong message to your date, but make sure you are always polite to her and include her in the conversation if she happens to join on one of your meets.

I guarantee you that your date will ask her for a second opinion. So it better be good! Language skills A lot of people assume that the people of Belarus speak Russian, but the local language is actually Belarusian. What is the difference you ask? Russian and Belarusian have a common Slavic basis.

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However, Russian and Belarusian developed separately. Belarusian is closer to Polish and Ukrainian than Russian. Its vocabulary and grammar has enough similarities for Poles, Ukrainians and Belarusians to understand each other well, whereas Russians understand only will recognise separate words. As I traveled a lot from Moscow to Minsk I can honestly say that you will only find good English-speaking people in the capital itself.

Outside of the capital it is almost non-existent. Your guide to find and date some amazing Belarus women on your next trip! They are kind and sweet and with the right preparation you will have no trouble finding a perfect date. Focus on finding a Belarusian women in Minsk English is limited.

dating in belarus

Learn a few basic sentences in either Russian or Belarusian Salsa parties are a great way to meet the girls of Minsk!! Who would have thought! You might need to do some extra research.

They are over dating immature boys which often excludes manylocal options for that. The guy is still expected to take the lead in a relationship. They appreciate nice gestures and they like to be treated like ladies. Dating is never just a game, Belarusian girls are looking for an alpha male as a long-term partner. At the same time, Belarusian men could be dominant without having nothing going on below the surface.

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And the point is: The fancy lifestyle does not impress Belarusian girls. The man who earned it does. A Belarusian woman is looking for a mature and stable life partner. But it will be your ambition, your passion, your drive, your mind that attracts her and not just the money. They have to find a husband before they turn Ideally, they should be married aroundany later than that and her entire extended family begins to worry. There are a few important consequences of this.

You want to impress her mother. Any aunts, great aunts, cousins and all sorts of other relatives, too. Sometimes also their friends and co-workers. She will want to present you to them as soon as possible. That is because of the second consequence.

dating in belarus

Having a boyfriend, especially a fancy foreign guy is bragging rights for her. Your Belarusian girl would be showing you off. But the marriage deadline puts her in a complicated position. On one hand, she has standards and does not want to settle for a silly local boy. On the other, the clock is ticking and being 30 without a husband seems like a horrifying scenario.

If you are not familiar, Babushka means grandmother. Not just her grandmother but also any elderly lady that knows your Belarusian girlfriend at least a little bit and has an unhealthy interest in her love life.

A few examples of babushkas would include: Also her great grandmothers Belarusian people live really long. The friends and ex-coworkers of her grandmother.

dating in belarus

The ladies that hang out on the bench in front of her building and spend their day gossiping. These are especially important. Yes, that is one of the side effects of a patriarchal society. Make no mistakes, I am not implying you should only date in Belarus if you want to get married.

Rather, it is about her standards. Above all, you want to exude confidence, maturity, and leadership. I might have said a little too much in this article but here goes once again: Belarusian girls are not looking for boys! You have got to be a man. As in, a financially stable and relationship-minded.

Look and act like a man, that is what I am saying. Your foreigner status is already major plus points in her book.