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mitsune konno love hina dating

Here are the characters of the crazy romantic comedy Love Hina. Have fun! Hinata Characters / Love Hina. Go To .. With Keitaro. Mitsune "Kitsune" Konno. Find great deals on eBay for Love Hina Figure in Collectible Love Hina. Love Hina- Mitsune Konno- Chibi Figure Key Chain- Sega Prize- New. $ 0 bids. Kitsune is also a boarder at the Hinata Inn, to date a rich boy just because of his wealth.

In his defense, a good chunk of them previously hated his guts. He confessed in the end that he enjoys being an Accidental Pervert because he gets to see Naru naked all the time.

He also had Erotic Dreams with his foster sister Kanako. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: After only six months of training, he's able to fight on par with a swordswoman who's trained all her life. It doesn't matter how many times he fails the entrance exam. He WILL fulfill his promise! After becoming Seta's protege.

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Like mentor like protege, indeed. Earn Your Happy Ending: But in the end, he gains everything he ever dreamed of and then some more. The girls, especially Naru and Motoko, are always fully prepared to believe the worst in him and beat the crap out of him at the slightest provocation, especially when they suspect him of doing something perverted.

Honestly, after the first few misunderstandings, one would think they'd actually realize that it's Not What It Looks Like. During sometime, had several with his foster sister Kanako of all people. He constantly lets the Hinata's residents step all over him and beat him up, even though, as their manager and landlord, he could easily have them all evicted at any time.

With Naru and Mutsumi. They all met at the Hinata House 15 years ago. The main reason he makes chocolate in the Valentine's day is to avoid being mocked for don't getting chocolate from the girls. Towards the end of the series, he begins to act and look a lot like Seta.

Of course, this is averted in the anime, where Naru's hair is brown. Had several during the story, like when he thought he failed in his fourth attempt to get into Tokyo U. Learned Jeet Kune Do from Seta. There's a joke that says he's immortal, since even with the constant abuse and Megaton Punches he suffers, he somehow remains unharmed. Everyone is surprised when he has his leg broken after having part of a building fall on him.

He falls from high places; he is punched by Naru; he is kicked by Su; he gets hit by Motoko's sword techniques and by hard hitting things and even drowned in the middle of pacific ocean! He survived all of this with only minor injuries. He meets Naru while they are bathing at the hot springs.

However, that wasn't really their first meeting; they met when they were children. Despite being dumb, clumsy and unlucky, he is a nice guy who cares for his friends and this was one of the reasons for the girls to fall for him.

The one occasion when he's seriously injured by something is met with absolute astonishment by the rest of the inn's tenants. He is completely clueless about his harem's feelings for him, although he thinks Naru maybe likes him. This was lampshaded by Haruka in the end of story when he said he thought the girls were just toying him. In the end, he is aware of Motoko's, Shinobu's and Kanako's feelings. Had a big moment during his fourth attempt to get in the Tokyo U.

He slept during the exams and woke up with five minutes to go, without answering a single question. Chapter 55 deals with him not being an Accidental Pervertfor once, while studying for his fourth attempt to enter Tokyo U.

Poor communication is one of the reasons why he gets in trouble in the Hinata Inn, like when he was mistaken by a pervert in the beginning of the story. Put on a Bus: After losing the first half year in Tokyo U due to his broken leg, he takes part in an exchange program in the U.

Failed entrance exams for the University of Tokyo twice, then on his third attempt. He finally passes the fourth time around. Screw This, I'm Outta Here! After thinking he failed to get in Tokyo U again due sleeping in the middle of exam, Keitaro gets so frustrated to the point of abandoning everything and getting into the first ship to the north pole. During the progress of the story, he doesn't pay attention to the other girls vying for his affections because he's focused on Naru.

Keitaro even affirms he doesn't care if Naru is the promise girl or not, she's the only one for him. And then it turns out she was the promise girl all along, meaning Keitaro was in love with Naru from the start.

The reason why he's forced to accept the role as landlord at Hinata Inn. And even then he's forced to take a part-time job as Seta's assistant.

Became this first through working at his parents' pastry shop, became good at it by making fake cakes for himself on Valentine's Day.

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He marries Naru in the manga finale. Took a Level in Badass: After 6 months with Seta, he is able to fight on equal terms and, after a couple of rounds, defeat Matoko in a sword fight. A Twinkle in the Sky: Whenever he gets punched to the high heavens, there is a small, bright flash in the sky. He was a victim of low self-esteem, bad grades and terrible luck with girls, and was initially only kept afloat by a near-irrational optimism.

In the beginning, he was very happy to live along beautiful girls. In the progress of story, he started to focus on Naru but he still wants to live in Hinata Inn with all girls as close friends.

In the end of history during his last and definitive love confession, Keitaro said it's worth to see Narusegawa naked despite being punched by her.

Naru Narusegawa Voiced by: While initially disdainful of Keitaro, his poor academics and his accidental perversions, she starts to fall for him, even as she starts to remember that, like Keitaro, she also made promise with a boy whose name she cannot remember to enter the University of Tokyo together with him.

In the manga, her hair has an orange tint to it. The anime gave her more straight brown hair. Her Tsundere and abusive behavior towards Keitaro is exaggerated in the anime and some of her most sympathetic moments are left out. It's really not helped by how her Character Development doesn't start to become apparent until the last two episodes of the first series. She completely forgot the lessons which Keitaro learned thanks for her help and spent the last moments in the story running away from Keitaro and from her own feelings, three times no less.

Averted once she gets married and her name becomes Naru Urashima. In some cases she wears Opaque Nerd Glasses and ties her hair into a braid, so that she doesn't attract unwanted attention from males. An entire episode is centered on her traveling with Keitaro while being unaware that he was there because her glasses were broken. Even once she starts to realize that she loves Keitaro, she won't admit it. In fact, the last major arc is built entirely on resolving that issue.

Finally kicks in by the last few volumes of the manga, as we learn her reasons to be the way she is. Her short temper and violent reactions to Keitaro's Accidental Pervert tendencies are taken Up to Eleven in the anime. She is the girl of his promise. Like Keitaro, she remembered she also made one such vow to a boy whose name she forgot.

That boy was Keitaro, of course. She doesn't like it when Keitaro is with other women. Broke down in tears twice in Chapter 17 after failing her very first entrance exams. Thrice during the Paraklese Island arc: Although it turns out they've crossed the International Date Line and thus had an extra day left.

The most important character in the story after Keitaro. Unmistakably red hair and a temper ready to go off at even the suggestion that Keitaro might be less than chivalrous First Girl After All: Keitaro suspected she was the girl of his promise from the beginning, but Naru said it was not possible because she doesn't remember meeting him before and she couldn't make such a promise when she was just 2 years old at the time.

Then, turns out she did meet Keitaro back then and despite not remembering it, she is the girl of his promise. She is the first girl which Keitaro meets along with Mutsumi and they marry in the end. Later on, she finds out she met Keitaro and Mutsumi 15 years ago when she was sent over to the Hinata House in hopes that its climate would help improve her health.

When she was younger. Girls Love Stuffed Animals: She has a Liddo-kun doll that she keeps over the hole between her's and Keitaro's rooms. It originally belonged to Mutsumi. As demonstrated by her obsession with entering Tokyo University. She has one, but is definitely not a ditz. She gets extremely angry easily and with minimal provocation, and usually deals with it by beating the crap out of Keitaro. He Is Not My Boyfriend: She denies having any romantic interest in Keitaro too many times to count, and yet nobody is convinced.

Her Fairytale Wedding Dress at the end of the manga includes long, white gloves. Has a crush on Seta, who was her tutor in high school. He helped inspire her to go to Tokyo U. Once ridiculed Keitaro's hopes of getting with his promise girl on the basis that he's a spineless dork. Keitaro retaliated by saying that Naru could never get with her promise guy because she's violent.

Instead of realizing how mean she was being, Naru just bursts into tears, making Keitaro feel guilty for something she started. Then there's the occasional moment where Naru attacks Keitaro for the crime of undressing in his own room just as she walks in unannounced. Naru frequently punches Keitaro for many perceived slights. However, when Naru tries to do it again on a tied and gagged Keitaro, Kanako intercepts and punches her.

Naru doesn't take that particularly well. Seta taught her Jeet Kun Do, although she's not as proficient as Motoko with her kendo or as Keitaro when he also learns. She has asthma, and as a little girl it was WAY worse. When she was two years old, her asthma attacks got so severe she was sent over to the Hinata House in hopes that its climate would help improve her health.

She tries it again with Keitaro and Kanako and in the end was willing to give up from Keitaro after thinking she isn't the promise girl and their relationship was predestined to fail.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She has a Hair-Trigger Temperand is always quick to judge when it comes to Keitaro, usually resulting in him getting a Megaton Punch. That being said, Naru is also the most reliable and compassionate member of the household, and will stick her neck out for anybody that needs help.

When Kanako shows up, Naru learns to regret what she did to Keitaro. Particularly as he took notes on the specifics as to what was done. Even though she calls Keitaro by his first name, he never calls her by hers even after they get married and her last name isn't Narusegawa anymore. She sends Keitaro to the high heavens with her "Naru Punch" all the time. She is the main source of fanservice in the manga. This is lampshaded by Akamatsu in one of the free talks.

Considerably the most flirtatious of the older girls, Kitsune is also the bustiest in the household, her bust being second only to Mutsumi Otohime in size, and is unafraid of using her charms to get what she wants.

Her nickname comes from a combination of her first and last names, and the fact that she hardly ever fully opens both eyes at the same time mostly when she is surprised. As a result, she has a perpetually fox-like, vulpine expression. The nickname is reinforced due to her nature as a practical joker and troublemaker; her mission in life seems to be to ensure that things never get too dull or those around her too complacent.

She also seems to have a weakness for alcohol. But in spite of these traits, Mitsune seems to be regarded as the "big sister" of the group; looking out for the younger members such as Shinobu and Kaolla. A bit of a tomboy in her school years, Mitsune and Naru Narusegawa have been friends since back in grade school and it was by her invitation that Naru moved into the Hinata House. Despite appearances, Mitsune does possess a romantic side and secretly yearns for her "true love" to come, supporting Naru and Keitaro's relationship in the mean time.

Personality Plot Spoiler warning: When Naru was being pursued by a boy, she would eventually decide that she didn't want a boyfriend and ask Mitsune to turn the boy down for her. She also couldn't get a boyfriend of her own, largely due to being perceived as too "high strung"; however, her attitude that boyfriends should be used and exploited probably also played a part.

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When Naru's parents hired a private tutor for their daughter, Mitsune also fell for him and was angered when he suddenly left them without notice. When Keitaro Urashima arrives at the Hinata Dormitory, believing he is a Tokyo University student and since he was the grandson of the owner of Hinata House, Mitsune believed that he must be rich and attempted to charm him to become his girlfriend. However, the intrusion of the other Hinata girls stopped her.

Upon the discovery that he was a ronin and his return as the new landlord, Mitsune initially led the plan to make Keitaro leave by overworking him until Naru became involved. Beginning to notice Naru and Keitaro getting friendlier towards each other, Mitsune would often observe and offhandedly tease them on it. After Keitaro and Naru embarked on a soul searching trip to KyotoShinobu and Kaolla went after them, leaving a note behind to tell Motoko and Mitsune where they went.

Desiring to also go on a trip, Mitsune takes Motoko on the premise of bringing the two younger girls back. However, instead of searching for the girls, Mitsune takes Motoko along the old Tokyo to Kyoto road, sampling cuisines along the way; cuisines like fish cakes in Odawara, eel dishes in Hamanako, and miso cutlets at Nagoya, using Motoko's Shinmei-ryu abilities to hold street performances to gather funds before finally arriving at Kyoto where they reunite with Shinobu and Kaolla.

With Mitsune having used up all of her funds, they use Shinobu's savings to track down Keitaro and Naru at Okinawa and bring them back to Hinata House. While Keitaro was attempting to find part-time employment to restock his savings after the Kyoto-Okinawa trip, he manages to land a job at a izakaya restaurant called Mura Sakehowever, Mitsune encounters him there and begins flirting with him in an attempt to skip out on her bill, resulting in both of them getting thrown out of the restaurant.

In an attempt to make up for getting him fired, Mitsune suggests that he starts tutoring as a part time job and mentions Naru's tutor as an example, inadvertently sending him into a depression over Naru and his immediate future.

When Seta makes a surprise visit to the Hinata House, Mitsune attempts to prevent Naru from seeing him and rekindling her crush for Keitaro's sake. Enlisting the help of the other dormitory residents, she barely manages to keep the two from meeting, however, Naru runs into Seta later during the applications for the university exams and, after overhearing Keitaro offering Naru his help in her confessing her crush, Mitsune also offers Naru her support; however, their efforts are completely wasted on the clueless Seta.

As Naru and Keitaro's relationship waxes and wanes, Mitsune continued to offer her support, frequently pressing Naru on her trues feelings for Keitaro despite the girl's stubborn denial. However, Mitsune soon became frustrated with the couple and attempted to further the relationship by knocking Naru unconscious and enticing Keitaro by mimicking her.

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However, Naru awoke before anything could happen and attempted to turn the tables on Mitsune; questioning her on her own love-life and wondering if the reason she was so interested in what happens between the two is that it was Mitsune that actually had a crush on Keitaro. It is notable that Tsuruko is actually Motoko's biological sister as they are two of the few characters in the series who are siblings by blood relation the second siblings couple is presented by Kaolla and Amalla Su.

Motoko has only two serious fears in the world: Tsuruko and, for some unspecified reason, turtles even though Tsuruko correlates it to her intense dislike for men. In the anime, Motoko is popular at her school for her kendo skills. Kikuko is especially protective of Motoko and has criticised Motoko's change in personality and decline in kendo skills since Keitaro began living at Hinata Inn, referring to him as a distraction.

She is also a boarder at the Hinata Inn, in room Su is the princess of Molmol, a fictional island nation located near the International Date Line. The dot on her forehead seems to have something to do with the 3-eyed symbol of Molmol. She is often barefoot and dressed in nothing else except her heavily altered school uniform in almost every anime episode and manga chapter, or some otherwise scant costume. She also has a tendency to snuggle against a person while she is sleeping and usually crushes them while doing it.

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Molmol is a kingdom where the moon sometimes appears red. It also uses a western naming order, although the Hinata Inn residents never seem to pick this up until later: Su is actually Kaolla Su's family name. Su likes all the other residents in the Hinata Apartments and gets along well with them, though they have difficulty keeping up with her hyperactive tendencies; only the athletic Motoko seems to be able to tolerate and keep up with her.

Her like for Keitaro stems from the fact that he reminds her of the person she refers to as her older brother actually her cousin, whom she grew up with. However, it can be inferred that she eventually comes to care about Keitaro as much as and perhaps even more than her older brother. While she has stated that she likes everyone in the Hinata apartments including Sarah, who was sent there for a short period of timeit is apparent that Kaolla shares a much deeper relationship with Sarah and Motoko as compared to the other residents.

Her ambition is to return to her homeland to start a computing school and transform her country into a technological power that will rival, and eventually conquer, Japan. As if her never ending energy, strange customs, and mechanical finesse were not strange enough, Su also possesses the ability to transform into a more adult version of herself on a single night every year, when the moon glows red.

In the anime, she admitted to have fallen in love with Keitaro while she was in this form, despite her transformation just last a few seconds because there was no red moon. Though this is not explicitly stated in the manga, it is implied extremely heavily with the adult Su even kissing Keitaro and proclaiming herself his girlfriend afterwards.

Her room in the Hinata Inn is a faithful recreation of Molmol's natural habitat, complete with banana trees, a waterfall, and a small lake, along with a high-tech laboratory.

mitsune konno love hina dating

She is frequently drunk and seems to enjoy teasing Keitaro at every opportunity. Kitsune is also a boarder at the Hinata Inn, in room She rarely pays any rent or contributes and has had a number of low paying jobs. Despite this she has never been evicted from the lodge. Her best friend is Naru. Although Naru is the more intellectual of the two, Kitsune is often the one to see things sensibly although often she will encourage madness out of boredomthough she usually tries to reason when things are really out of control.

Her nickname comes from a combination of her first and last names, and the fact that she hardly ever fully opens both eyes at the same time mostly when she is surprised. As a result, she has a perpetually fox-like, vulpine expression. She's a practical joker and troublemaker; her mission in life seems to be to ensure that things never get too dull or those around her too complacent. She is also seen drinking a lot.

She speaks with a Kansai dialect. In the manga Volume 4 Kitsune's bedroom walls are densely lined with bottles of alcoholic drinks. She is also the one who taught Kaolla Japanese.

mitsune konno love hina dating

Kitsune is more flirtatious, especially with Keitaro, than any of the other residents. Mostly this is to tease him; however, she does develop a strong crush on him; eventually she shows little serious romantic interest in him. She is also the bustiest in the household, her bust being second only to Mutsumi Otohime in size, and is unafraid of using her charms to get what she wants, whatever it might be. She also is a bit greedy, as seen in a flashback sequence when she tells Keitaro about how much Naru's innocence ended up dismissing possible boyfriends; Kitsune was shown to encourage her to date a rich boy just because of his wealth.

Also, when the girls are traveling to Molmol to try and bring Keitaro back to Hinata Inn, the only thing she thinks of is the inheritance that will be left to him and the girl that he chooses whenever Hina returns, even though, later on, Kitsune lets him stay with Naru. She eventually takes over the Hinata Tea House when Haruka leaves and picks up Haruka's habit of smoking.

Between the start and the finish Kitsune held two other jobs. Her name is derived from the name of manga artist Mitsune Ayasaka. In the anime she dislikes being called aunt by Keitaro and often smashes him in the face when she is referred to as and corrects him by saying "its Haruka-san" san being a respectful term to your elder in most cases Haruka Urashima is the only child of Hinata Urashima's eldest daughter, Yoko Urashima; her second daughter was Keitaro's mother.

After the death of Yoko, Hinata adopted her granddaughter. Therefore, Haruka is Keitaro's legal aunt in addition to being his actual cousin. Haruka is constantly seen smoking a cigarette. Like Naru, she has a fiery temper and great physical prowess to matchwhich she hides under a calm, detached exterior.

Having traveled the world with Seta and Sara's mom, and it is hinted that a love triangle existed between the three at one point or at least that Haruka and Seta were romantically involved ; this is explored more fully in the manga, to the point that Haruka and Seta end up getting married.

Haruka's skills in martial arts rival Seta's and can even surpass his when she is angry. She is also very skilled with firearms, which shows when she shoots Kaolla's missiles at Seta's head after being teased by him. Upon retiring, she entrusted Keitaro with looking over the Hinata Inn so she could travel the world.

She also knew the location of the Liddo-Kun shaped time capsule Keitaro, Naru, and Mutsumi buried beneath the sandbox when they were children. Like Keitaro, he was a third-year ronin. Seta spends a good deal of his time traveling the world on one expedition or another.

His goal seems to be to find evidence of the ancient turtle civilization that once flourished throughout east Asia. Seta is also something of an adventurer, and possesses a van that shares his indestructible nature, and apparently has a submarine mode. In the past, Haruka had a major crush on him, though he seemed oblivious. They went on many expeditions together.

Along with them on the expeditions was Sara's mother, an American that looked remarkably like Naru, who later died. Her last request was that Seta marry Haruka. This wish was granted, and Haruka and Seta married at the ruins of Todaicapital of the Turtle civilization.

Seta is Sara's guardian, and she refers to him as "papa. In most situations, his fighting stance is almost an exact mirror of Bruce Lee 's proprietary stance[ citation needed ]. Also, in the anime, Sara even uses the term "Jeet Kune Do" in reference to her father's fighting technique[ citation needed ]. His name is derived from the name of manga artist Noriyasu Seta. Sarah is left for a time in the care of the Hinata Inn residents by Seta, as he feels that travelling the world with him on expeditions would be too disruptive to her childhood.

There, she develops a close friendship with Su, most likely because of their shared disdain for the general order of things. In both the manga and anime version, Sarah even comments on how "Kaolla and I are not Japanese! Sara quickly becomes Su's new playmate, taking the place of Motoko, who was the only person in the house to keep up with Su's energy.

Sara and Su eventually become so close they change their hairstyles to match, both of them with two pigtails. Sara eventually does return to travelling with Seta after his marriage to Haruka. Sarah has an uncle in California; in the anime, it was implied that she had stayed with, and been the victim of abuse, at the hands of her biological relatives.

Her mother, now deceased, formerly worked with Seta and Haruka on an archaeological dig and competed for Seta's romantic attention. Sara possesses no unusual talents or skills, save for a certain gift for Jeet Kune Do learned from Seta, though she is adept at bashing Keitaro on the head with priceless artifacts often pulled out of nowhere. She has a panda-shaped birthmark on her buttocks, which she avoids showing at all costs. Kanako is a master of disguise and is able to impersonate anyone, which she uses to try to get control over the Hinata Inn Keitaro is the only one who can see through her disguise at simple viewand she also has a strong fable and skills in Japanese bondage techniques.

Kanako never came to see Keitaro as a brother, and had loved him since they were children. When they promised to run an inn together when they grew up, she had assumed it would be as husband and wife. However, Keitaro does not share these thoughts and only sees her as a sister. Her appearance is often accompanied by the sound of a bell carried on the tail of her unusual cat Kuro.

After travelling with her grandmother for some years, she returns to Japan to fulfill her promise to her brother to run an inn together.