Rachael hip flores dating advice

Exclusive Interview: Rachael Hip-Flores - The Seattle Lesbian

rachael hip flores dating advice

Rachael Hip-Flores at the Streamy le-reiki.info .. 17th century, and their primary relationship with the Europeans was through fur trade. . As a former trainer and Olympic level triple jumper, Power also gives fitness tips to the 1, This week it is Rachael Hip-Flores! Cast Member Name: Rachael Hip-Flores. Silly Nickname: [Laughs] I'll keep most of them to myself, but to my. Rachael Hip-Flores: “Anyone But Me” is pretty much the best thing that Seriously, I love Nicole so much that playing her girlfriend is a breeze!.

When the interview on SheWired was first published, where I first talked about my sexuality, I was like [sighs] — WOW okay — there it is! It would contradict everything that I think.

And the reaction to it has been more than worth it. I never had to worry about walking down the street with my girlfriend holding my hand.

And if this show — if me coming out — helps one person, then it was worth it.

Exclusive Interview: Rachael Hip-Flores

That mighttt be a little awkward for everyone involved. So, did you bring him? But she did dance with girls.

Good People in Love - Interviews: Rachael Hip-Flores and Megan Melnyk on Episode 4

But I did dance with girls! Everything is on youtube now! It was surprisingly good quality. It was probably on a phone or something. I had no idea what was going on. It was really fun. Were there a lot of girls trying to like, bring you over?

rachael hip flores dating advice

I had girls asking me about you. Are you working on any plays right now? Excellent — congrats on the decision! And for those out there who might not know — what is ADing?

I will definitely Google it, too. Any good monologues in there, perhaps? You see where my brain is at right now, haha. Actually, yeah — really gritty stuff about the characters father.

I never get to do that! Ooo I would love to see you do some bill Shakespeare. Nina in The Seagull — first one that comes to mind. What was the role like, Nicole? She stole my question! Well, The Seagull is a Chekhov play Russian playwright around the turn of the centuryand it is loosely based on — or, perhaps, rather draws from — Hamlet, which happens to be probably my favorite play of all time.

Her baby dies shortly after birth, and she basically goes insane. The last scene is her coming back to the summer house where the whole thing began, and essentially losing it in front of this young, outcast of a playwright who was the only person that truly ever loved her. Then she leaves into the night and probably dies.

IMing with Rachael Hip-Flores and Nicole Pacent

So, back to happy love: Sorry, it had to be done AE: Though food donations are always accepted NP: We are not officially together, though. But anyway, my type, haha. So specific and you know it; RHF: As i like to put it, little boys with pretty faces. So what was square one for you? Do you remember what she was like? Oh, no, I love this story. I did a solo performance piece on it, so no worries.

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I went with my field hockey team to UCONN for a five day training camp after my freshman year of high school. All of us ladies had gotten downwind of the fact that some of our counselors were going to be guys from the New Zealand field hockey team, so we were obviously ecstatic.

So anyway, we get onto the field that first morning. We clearly begin to check them out head to toe. They are very photogenic and we all agree a prom episode should happen next season. Question 1 — Is Nicole as high maintenance as her character, Aster? Aster is high maintenance?

Well, I guess she can be a little dramatic. Do you agree, Rachael? What Are Your Favorite Books? Oh my God, both of us are such nerds! Innocence versus experience, metaphysical themes, religious themes. Reading it is an amazing life experience. You and I are both so into fantasy!

rachael hip flores dating advice

I end up loving most books that I read. I need to read that! I loved that book! And, so I just finished Lord of the Flies for the first time — Nicole: It was terrifying; it was absolutely terrifying.