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computools online dating

CompuTool is a suite of online applications and businesses processes built Using filters you can run call reports, by date, client or employee and review all. Founded Date. Jan 1 Computools is a US Company with R&D in Ukraine that has been helping inventors turn their East Coast Internet of Things Companies. Computools is a one-stop software development outsourcing firm Innovative Internet and online software development Publication date:

What cannot be measured cannot be managed.

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So put a solid foundation under your management. With Business Intelligence, your decisions will be data-driven.

computools online dating

You will be able to analyze business data in real-time mode and make strategic business decisions leading to success. Run your business with data intelligence.

computools online dating

Equip your homepage with high performance and dress it up with the best design to make it inviting and desirable. Let the purchase in your store become a pleasurable and exciting action.

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Embed smart interactive web services to ensure positive user experience and expand your loyal client base. Make your enterprise known to your target audience in the web, and go mobile with the customized application. Be present, be found, be approachable. Store your valuable customer information in a structured and automated software application, and publish timely offers increasing your sales.

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Use CRM as a platform that helps to manage the sales team, customer support division, and social media streams, and transform it into the business asset. Reports show you what financing is in progress and which applications are still outstanding, so you can schedule your projects more accurately.

Our sophisticated reporting enables you to cross-reference by dates, lead source, job type and referrals. It even provides key metrics such as leads vs. No more wasted leads.

Build Calling Campaigns using an unlimited number of criteria and track the results of that campaign including detailed call results by representative.

computools online dating

Create multi-prong campaigns that include email and standard letters, while delivering detailed statistics to management.

You can even create customized Lead Intake questionnaires preloaded with objections and their rebuttals to assist your calling team. Show them examples of work that you have done in their area, or on similar projects. Let them see immediately how the products and styles look so nothing is left to their imagination. Avoid arguments and lost profit by logging existing jobsite conditions such as damaged driveways or landscaping.

Note any problem areas before-hand, for example shrubbery that will need to be uprooted or holes that will have to be dug.

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And it provides your production team with easy to use tools to ensure that jobs runs on time and stay on budget. Project Tracking This Application Is Included With All Three CompuTool Levels Manage your projects more successfully and increase your professional image with proper Project Tracking; keep track of all pertinent information by specific job and customer.

The best time to insure profitability and customer satisfaction is while your jobs are in progress, not after the fact. The project tracking feature provides a roadmap and a dashboard view of exactly where you stand, all in real time.

computools online dating

Each segment of your project has a specific budget, so you can keep track of profitability as the job progress and should there be budget over-runs you will know whether the problem was in the estimate, or the production. Project tracking keeps track of materials used so you can increase customer care after the completion of a project, for both repairs and warranties. Your data is automatically synchronized between both applications ending the burden on your staff of having to enter redundant information and eliminating possible human errors.

Increase your confidence in management reports because of true data integrity. Now, with CompuTool enhanced you can use the 1 business management system- designed exclusively for the remodeling industry-with the most widely used accounting software package.

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Take the guesswork out of your sales scheduling. Regardless if you are scheduling one salesperson or an entire department, you will see who is available and when.