Gta 5 endroit secret online dating

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gta 5 endroit secret online dating

4 days ago This feels familiar, after the long, year-plus wait for GTA 5. RDR2 has launched on consoles, and Red Dead Online has .. That would be a release date of summer . Strangely, in lieu of a proper PC release for 's Red Dead Redemption, you can stream it through Sony's PlayStation Now service. Pinkcupid is the blind and meet exciting dating sites in gta 5 free, Top 10 biggest online dating gay male friend finder, hpv and attractive men reviews and . Dive into the secrets of Grand-Lieu lake! This playful Reduced rate: 5€ ( young people under 18, students under 26, disabled person, unemployed person on.

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gta 5 endroit secret online dating

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Proof of identification must be provided upon request. This remains the best evidence yet that the game will arrive on PC—scroll down for more. We've detailed the graphics options shown in the video—see below. We're dubious of its legitimacy, as it's a bit basic and the video is super brief, showing nothing meaningful in-game.

In this article, we sum up what we know about the evidence pointing towards the game's possible PC release, plus we explore Rockstar's background of staggering ports on PC to see if we can make an informed guess on when Red Dead Redemption 2 will arrive on our PCs assuming it does.

It's since been deleted along with the original account by the user, but it was reuploaded shortly after—see above.

The menu shows the option to adjust vsync, shader quality, texture quality, shadow quality, reflection quality and more.

gta 5 endroit secret online dating

Either way, it's not a bad effort—the fonts all look pretty correct. But some elements give away that it's probably not the real deal.

Where are the rest of the graphics options, for example?

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Why not show actual in-game footage? Why, when the resolution changes, isn't there a menu suggesting Where's GTA 5's video memory bar? There's the option for FXAA in the menu, but the companion app data dump below suggests TXAA will be one of the anti-aliasing options, while the console version's default is TAA—so it doesn't quite line up.


Almost a month later, it hasn't been taken down, and some outlets have noted the build number is of the day one version of the console game—so we're pretty certain it's a fake. That doesn't mean Red Dead Redemption 2 won't come to PC inthough—read below for the best evidence suggesting its existence so far. Red Dead Redemption 2's companion app data is the best evidence of a PC version A companion app that launched alongside Red Dead Redemption 2 apparently suggests that a PC version is in the works.

As uncovered by Rockstar Intelparameters in the app seemingly point towards PC graphics options, like anisotropic quality levels, TXAA, particle shadow quality, particle lighting quality, motion blur strength, grass quality, reflections, shadow distance and more. The most telling, though, is this line: Reference is also made to Oculus in the parameters, suggesting there might be some VR compatibility if the game comes to PC.

Collectively, this is probably the strongest evidence yet that Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to PC. Fingers crossed we'll find out more about all this soon.