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Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers

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What must have happened was dfpc online dating some me locked in the yard, while she gun-holder lost his head. Reviews A Review article should provide a critical and in-depth discussion of a particularly relevant or interesting topic in inorganic chemistry. It should aim to provide the reader with an authoritative, balanced and up-to-date overview, and not a comprehensive list of all possible references.

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Authors should also aim to identify areas in the field where further developments are needed. Reviews should not describe any unpublished results. The suggested length of a Review article for Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers is journal pages in general.

Chemistry frontiers Chemistry frontiers publish comments, notes, or conjecture looking forward at the future of inorganic chemistry sciences. The articles should provide insight into the significance of hot emerging areas, as well as personal perspectives on these new developments. Chemistry frontiers could be speculative and controversial in nature.

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Some new unpublished results may be included but the amount should be minimized. Chemistry frontiers are generally four journal pages in length.

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All contributions are subject to a rigorous and full peer review procedure. Highlights Highlights feature the latest breakthroughs in inorganic chemistry and related fields. Authors should discuss on the importance of the recent advances, as well as the potential influence they may bring to the field. Highlights are short, easy-to-read articles within four journal pages.

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Journal specific guidelines The following guidelines are journal specific. Submitting Review-types of articles Reviews, including critical reviews, highlights, and Chemistry frontiers are generally solicited by members of the editorial board and editorial office; however, we are happy to consider submission enquiries from authors. If you are interested in writing such an article for Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers, please contact the editorial office in advance with a brief proposal. This is so that the board can consider its suitability for the journal before a decision on the commissioning of full article is taken.

Figures should include error bars where appropriate and results should be accompanied by analyses of experimental uncertainty. The experimental details and the characterisation data should be provided preferably as electronic supplementary information ESI although on occasion it may be appropriate to include some or all of this within the body of the article.

This will depend on the nature of the research being reported. Characterisation of new compounds It is the responsibility of authors to provide fully convincing evidence for the homogeneity, purity and identity of all compounds they claim as new. This evidence is required to establish that the properties and constants reported are those of the compound with the new structure claimed. Referees will assess, as a whole, the evidence presented in support of the claims made by the authors.

The requirements for characterisation criteria are detailed below. Inorganic and organometallic compounds A new chemical substance molecule or extended solid should have a homogeneous composition and structure.

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New chemical syntheses must unequivocally establish the purity and identity of these materials. Where the compound is molecular, minimum standards have been established. For manuscripts that report new compounds or materials, data must be provided to establish unequivocally the homogeneity, purity and identification of these substances.

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In cases where elemental analyses cannot be obtained for example, for thermally unstable compoundsjustification for the omission of this data should be provided. Note that an X-ray crystal structure is not sufficient for the characterisation of a new material, since the crystal used in this analysis does not necessarily represent the bulk sample.

In rare cases, it may be possible to substitute elemental analyses with high-resolution mass spectrometric molecular weights. This is appropriate, for example, with trivial derivatives of thoroughly characterised substances or routine synthetic intermediates. In all cases, relevant spectroscopic data NMR, IR, UV-vis, etc should be provided in tabulated form and as reproduced spectra; reproduced spectra should be included in the electronic supplementary information ESI.

Mass spectrometric and spectroscopic data do not constitute proof of purity, and in the absence of elemental analyses additional evidence of purity should be provided melting points, PXRD data, etc.

Experimental data for new substances should also include synthetic yields, reported in terms of grams or moles, and as a percentage. Where the compound is an extended solid, it is important to establish unequivocally the chemical structure and bulk composition. Single crystal diffraction does not determine the bulk structure. Referees will normally look to see evidence of bulk homogeneity. A fully indexed powder diffraction pattern, which agrees with single crystal data, may be used as evidence of a bulk homogeneous structure and chemical analysis may be used to establish purity and homogeneous composition.

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The synthesis of all new compounds must be described in detail. Synthetic procedures must include the specific reagents, products and solvents and must give the amounts g, mmol, for products: It should be unambiguous whether yields pertain to a crude product specify purity if possible or a purified product.

They must also include all the characterisation data for the prepared compound or material.