Circumcision pros and cons yahoo dating

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circumcision pros and cons yahoo dating

Plain language answers to your infant circumcision questions. Circumcision facts, video, and foreskin care guide. With circumcision, luckily, she managed to convince me right off the bat. Amy, however, began what became months' worth of research on the relative pros and cons of He can be reached at [at] My spouse tells me that every man she dated who came in under, say, a minute, was circumcised. Public discussion of Gondwe's circumcision was a little muted at home in Zambia, Date Posted: January 13, The broadcasts and webcast triggered discussions on the pros and cons of MC, the bravery . [email protected] com.

We did not have a religious reason for circumcision, as Jews and Muslims do.

Expecting A Boy? Infant Circumcision Facts and Information

The real reason I wanted to do it was so our son wouldn't look different in the locker room when he got older. Alain didn't think that was a good enough reason to snip off the baby's foreskin, a fold of skin that covers the tip of the penis. Maybe I didn't think so, either.

I heard varying rumors: Uncircumcised men have stronger sexual sensations because the tip of the penis is not constantly exposed to the everyday elements; it's hard to keep an uncircumcised penis clean. So I started doing research, looking for a solid, medical reason to warrant the procedure. But bythe AAP had formed a task force on circumcision that decided the procedure shouldn't be routinely recommended.

The task force based this policy on 40 years of studies of both circumcised and uncircumcised boys, and it concluded the following: Problems with the penis, such as irritation, can occur with or without circumcision. With proper care, there is no difference in hygiene.

circumcision pros and cons yahoo dating

There may or may not be differences in sexual sensation in adult men. There is an increased risk for a UTI in uncircumcised males, especially babies under 1 year.

However, the risk for a UTI is still less than 1 percent. Newborn circumcision provides some protection from penile cancer, which only occurs in the foreskin. However, the risk of this cancer is very low in developed countries such as the United States. There weren't any medical reasons that were convincing enough for us to say that all boy babies should be circumcised," he says.

circumcision pros and cons yahoo dating

However, ina study found male circumcision was linked to a reduced risk of penile human papillomavirus infection HPV. The study also showed a lower risk of cervical cancer in the current female partners of circumcised men with a history of multiple sexual partners.

HPV is associated with an increased risk of cervical cancer. But no medical evidence has been weighty enough to reverse the AAP's policy on circumcision. In fact, this past May it reaffirmed its stand that circumcision shouldn't be recommended unless the procedure is essential to the newborn's health.

And most American parents choose newborn circumcision in spite of medical advice; in fact, for many it's a no-brainer. Food for thought, though: Most people assume that removing the foreskin is merely a cosmetic simplicity, involving a mostly numb piece of surface tissue.

Penile trauma The foreskin of babies is actually fused to the head of the penis — to make circumcision possible, doctors have to forcefully separate the foreskin from the glans by inserting a probe and roughly scraping the tissue all the way around. How does such early and awful penile trauma affect the psychology of boys growing up? Hell if I know, but it seems like a question that should damn well be answered.

My son was born perfect Ultimately, the argument for us boils down to this: Every single inch of our babies seemed perfect upon their emergence from the womb — their blessed and delicate fingers that squeeze your thumbs so lightly and so early; their pink cheeks and fat thighs; the sweet scent of new life that lingers on their skin, on their clothes, and in your heart.

As is usually the case, a little research goes a long way to prove that such conventional wisdom is really what should be cut loose and tossed in the red biohazard bags. Some men think their sons should resemble the father.

circumcision pros and cons yahoo dating

A version of this article first appeared on LostCoastOutPost. Male circumcision is completely optional, but disfigurement and the potential severe injury are permanent. Extremely important, also, is the fact that no matter how well-meaning, parents simply cannot know or predict how their son will later feel about being circumcised.

circumcision pros and cons yahoo dating

Male circumcision is an American anomaly. Worldwide, only about 10 out of every l, male infants are circumcised—and eight of those are in the United States alone.

You, too, can do what those parents do: It is too late once a maternity physician or nurse inquires whether they want their son circumcised. The surgery is completely optional, but disfigurement and potentially severe injury are permanent. See also this list of reasons about not circumcising your boy.

At one time, virtually all Americans were intact, too. It became popular in the Victorian era because doctors mistakenly thought it curbed masturbation, which they viewed as an unhealthy practice.

Circumcision is an American anomaly. Infant Circumcision Risks Circumcision is a surgical procedure and not without risks, including death. Common complications are hemorrhage and infection. More than baby boys die each year in the United States as a result of being circumcised.

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Infant Foreskin Facts Human males, like all mammals, are born with a foreskin. Sometimes called the prepuce, the foreskin is thus an integral part of the normal penis.

Its female counterpart is the clitoral hood, with which it shares many valuable features. Foreskin and Penis Anatomy The foreskin prepuce is a retractable, double-layered fold of skin and mucous membrane the only such example on the human bodyand uniquely constructed for its sexual purpose. It covers and protects the head of the penis glans and the urinary opening meatus.

Its outer layer is the same as the skin of the shaft of the penis, but the inner layer is mucous membrane, like the inside of the eyelid. The mucous membrane keeps the glans moist, providing a natural lubricant.

Similar to the eyelid, the foreskin is able to move freely.

Avoid Infant Circumcision Mistakes

When not retracted, muscle fibers keep it in position over the glans, but leave it elastic enough to retract backward up the shaft. The human body has other frenulums, including one under the tongue. The inner foreskin includes a ring of specialized tissue ridged band that is extraordinarily rich in nerve endings.

A typical American circumcision removes the most sensitive portions of the penis— all or nearly all of the foreskin and frenulum, and in all cases all of the ridged band—leaving the glans, the least sensitive.

As much as the genitals of males and females look and work differently, they have a lot in common. The penis and foreskin prepuce begin in the womb as a penile bud.

Why This American Dad Decided NOT To Circumcise His Son — Jennifer Margulis

Eight weeks after fertilization, the foreskin begins to grow over the head of the penis glanscovering it completely by sixteen weeks. At this stage, the foreskin and its glans share a layer of skin balano-preputial-lamina, or BPL that temporarily fuses the two structures together. At birth, the foreskin is almost always still fused to the glans.

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As the boy becomes older, they gradually separate of their own accord, a natural process that may not be complete until puberty or even into early adulthood. The average age of separation allowing full foreskin retraction is ten years.

Some foreskins, however, never fully retract—and that, too, is normal.