Germane in a sentence yahoo dating

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germane in a sentence yahoo dating

Define germane. germane synonyms, germane pronunciation, germane translation, English dictionary definition of germane. adj. Related to a matter at hand. Date: synonyms relevant, germane, material, pertinent, apposite, applicable, apropos mean relating to or suggests a felicitous relevance definition>. applicable suggests the fitness. I'll fabulously libel a yahoo/match if okcupid/plentyoffish knick versus any libel if everybody doesn't spread me to it, (hint, libel). The spaghetti but whenever we.

What's Actually Wrong with Yahoo's Purchase of Summly

View the full release here: The Special Meeting will take place at 3: A list of FNTE stockholders entitled to vote at the Special Meeting will be open to the examination of any FNTE stockholder, for any purpose germane to the Special Meeting, during regular business hours for a period of ten calendar days before the Special Meeting.

We expect a strong finish to the quarter with June revenue growth outpacing May. II is a blank check company formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or similar business combination.

Story continues About Intermex At Intermex, the customer is at the center of everything we do. Intermex uses a proprietary financial technology that allows consumers to send money from the United States to 17 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, including Mexico and Guatemala.

Intermex offers wire transfer, telewire, money order, and other money processing services to its customers through its network of 85, sending and paying agents located in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and throughout Latin America. Remittance services are also available digitally through intermexonline. Intermex was founded in and is headquartered in Miami, Florida with subsidiary offices in Puebla, Mexico, and Guatemala City, Guatemala. About Stella Point Capital Stella Point Capital is a New York-based private equity firm focused on industrial, consumer, and business services investments.

And it wasn't taking my blog posts and somehow conveying the nuanced ennui I harbor for bolt-on engineering. It was summarizing news. Articles that are already written with a TL;DR in the first paragraph.

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Very rarely, the first paragraph contains what journalists call a "hook," and the infamous 5-W's are embedded in the second paragraph. And if Yahoo were to look at the work of anyone who is active in NLP e. Claire CardieLillian Leeit'd immediately discover that this is a deep field full of exciting developments at its core. Gluing an NLP engine up to news surely adds some value, but pales in comparison to what cutting edge NLP algorithms can accomplish.

So if Yahoo is to be a technology company, it needs to do core technology acquisitions that give it a competitive advantage. Glue is not that kind of advantage.

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I wrote about this before when my post on MongoDB's fault tolerance was getting really dumb responses from people who seemed to have difficulty reading: I lived through 8 years of a non-reading president along with everyone else.

I know that the brogrammers out there are constantly getting texts from their buddies to plan the weekend's broactivities, trying to decide in whose mancave they'll be setting up their lan party, and are thoroughly distracted in between futzing with their smart phones and writing a few lines of code per day by cutting and pasting it from stackoverflow.

But it's really not ok to act functionally illiterate when you're not actually illiterate, when an advanced society that once put a man on the moon worked so hard to educate you.

Summly's entire business model seems to revolve around catering to this demographic. Frankly, it pains me.

What is relevant meaning?

Our time is valuable, and we definitely need tools that help. And because digital information sources have become repetitive echo chambers, I would welcome tools that can extract the latent signals. And analysis requires content that is not syntactically in the message itself.

What's wrong with the world is not that we do not have time to read, but that reading is so frustrating. On many topics outside our expertise area, we lack the extra information to extract informed opinions -- we lack the capacity and context to judge. Anyone can read the topic sentences of paragraphs to extract a summary a "tl;dr" from any piece of writing of any length.

germane in a sentence yahoo dating

The action in this space is to get at the hidden message that lies behind the words. That's why TL;DRs are often just as worthless as the text they summarize. They mark pieces of badly structured thoughts that look like a wall of text and read like one. The action in AI is happening elsewhere, tackling the deeper problems such as sentiment analysis.

How to Do Due Diligence Finally, the entire Summly discussion seems to be missing a critical element: A search for "I use Summly" reveals 6 hits, only two of which seem unique.

germane in a sentence yahoo dating

For 1M downloads, that's a strange outcome. But it's not unexpected. For only a robot would fall in love with a product that robotically extracts TL;DRs. Taking the FFT of a News Announcement I have this hunch that every news announcement can be expressed as a combination of basic universal sentiments yes, there is some irony discussing this herethe way an FFT breaks down a complex signal into sine waves.

So, some might disagree on the coefficients, perhaps, but it's clear that the following sentiments have non-zero terms: