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palabras incorrectas yahoo dating

palabras incorrectas yahoo dating

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Textbooks are still the educational materials most utilized by teachers and are very often the only source of scientific knowledge to which their students have access; as a result, their content is extremely important in any analysis of the state of teaching in Brazil 7,8. It is against this background that this study was conducted with the objective of analyzing the way that the subject of nutrition is covered in the biology textbooks used in secondary education in Brazil, by comparing the quality of the information they contain with current knowledge.

Palabras incorrectas yahoo dating

Method This was a descriptive cross-sectional study using the content analysis method, which is a series of techniques for analyzing communication, employing systematic, objective and even quantitative procedures for the description of the content of messages 9, In order to provide a basis for the study design, literature written in Portuguese, English and Spanish was reviewed if it had been published between November and December and dealt with the dietary habits, nutritional status and health of the Brazilian population, nutritional transition, healthy eating, health promotion or textbooks.

The following databases were used to identify this literature: The textbooks analyzed were donated by their publishers or purchased in bookshops. A data collection instrument was constructed on the basis of the results of the literature review, covering 16 variables that are of fundamental importance to the acquisition of sufficient knowledge to promote healthy dietary habits.

palabras incorrectas yahoo dating

Each of these variables was classified into one of two groups: Group 1 - variables considered essential to understanding and acquiring healthy eating habits carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins, minerals, water, fibers, food pyramid and breastfeeding.

Group 2 - variables that could motivate people to change their eating habits cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, vitamin A deficiency, folic acid deficiency, iron deficiency anemia and iodine deficiency.

Each textbook was analyzed in terms of the nutritional information it contained, covering all material that mentioned the subject, including main texts, illustrations and supplementary texts.

The analysis was conducted in a structured manner, using an assessment form based on the variables in groups 1 and 2, which are those subjects which bring together enough information to promote conscious eating choices. The relevance of coverage of each variable in each group was classified as one of three possibilities, Adequate, Inadequate or Absent, according to the following classifications: When a variable was covered, but the information was out of date or incorrect, this was dealt with individually in a descriptive manner.

The data collected were analyzed using a quantitative-qualitative approach. The data recorded on the assessment forms were organized in contingency tables and descriptive statistics were compiled for frequency analysis, with simple frequency distributions and calculations of relative frequency.

palabras incorrectas yahoo dating

The relative frequency data are presented in four tables. Results All of the books analyzed 9 collections covered some topics related to nutrition, but some of the information that is considered essential to the acquisition of knowledge about healthy eating appeared with less frequency. Group 2 variables are considered important to motivate people to change their dietary habits and the most often mentioned item in this group was cardiovascular diseases, followed by diabetes, obesity, iodine deficiency and iron deficiency anemia, while vitamin A deficiency and folic acid deficiency were not mentioned in any of the collections analyzed Table 3.

Some of the variables analyzed were dealt with in some of the textbooks as "supplementary reading".

Assessment of the nutritional issues contained in high school biology textbooks

These included breastfeeding in three collections, iron deficiency anemia and fiber in one collection, obesity, iodine deficiency and diabetes in two collections and cardiovascular diseases in five collections. One collection provided an incorrect definition of diet foods, stating that diet foods are designed for diabetics and do not contain sugar, Discussion When the Brazilian secondary education system was reformed in and regulated init was proposed that the new curriculum should educate for life, creating a link between day-to-day experiences and the learning process Considering that eating is an integral part of the daily life of any individual and that nutritional errors lead to countless health problems, knowledge about nutrition should be considered of fundamental importance for promoting the development of conscious eating habits.

Minerals and fiber had the lowest percentage coverage in the textbooks analyzed here.

palabras incorrectas yahoo dating

Vieira and Ferreira 17 conducted a systematic review of the literature followed by a meta-analysis and analyzed the prevalence of iron deficiency anemia in Brazilian children, observing prevalence rates of 35 to It is therefore clear that iron deficiency anemia remains one of the most prevalent diseases among human populations Since adolescents have heightened nutritional iron requirements, they are known to be a group that is at greater risk of developing iron deficiency anemia, which underscores the need to relate students' daily lives to the knowledge they acquire at school.

The viscosity of soluble fiber means that it delays gastric emptying, increasing distension and the sensation of satiety, promoting reduced food intake and, as a result, preventing obesity It is important to remember that 2. Furthermore, soluble fiber is important for diabetes control, because it slows down intestinal transport, which reduces glucose absorption and slows the rate of diffusion into absorbent mucosa.

Fiber also appears to prevent enzyme-substrate interaction in the lumen, particularly with relation to pancreatic amylase In view of this, it is predicted that by It should also be remembered that fiber also reduces intestinal absorption of dietary cholesterol, increasing fecal excretion of biliary acids and reducing their resorption, meaning that the liver is forced to break down more cholesterol in order to replenish biliary acid levels Elevated cholesterol levels are responsible for the deaths of around 4.

Reducing blood cholesterol levels has a substantial protective effect against heart disease. These data on obesity, diabetes and dyslipidemia underscore the importance of knowledge about fiber, its functions in the human body, dietary sources and recommended intake. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity are all non-transmissible chronic diseases and were not mentioned in a large proportion of the books analyzed.

The information provided was considered inadequate to motivate conscious dietary choices. It is estimated that million people will die from chronic diseases in and, in contrast to what many people believe, one quarter of the deaths from chronic diseases are of people less than 60 years of age This projection can be averted by acquisition of healthy lifestyle habits.

The recommended daily intake of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, which are energy nutrients, can be introduced using the food pyramid, which is an instrument that, if understood correctly, can be used to guide and inform the population, promoting healthy eating choices However, this subject was absent from the majority of the textbooks. People who eat correctly are less susceptible to diseases and are able to maintain a healthy weight without resorting to aggressive dieting The food pyramid could be used as an instrument for appropriate food selection and to provide a basis for motivating a change in eating habits among adolescents in order to change the health profile of the population in the future.

Vitamin A deficiency was absent from all of the textbooks analyzed. Vitamin A deficiency is not only known to be harmful to sight, but also increases both infant and maternal mortality.

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Iodine deficiency was dealt with by few of the textbooks. In there were only 47 countries in which disorders related to iodine deficiency were a public health problem, which has decreased from 54 countries in and in Folic acid is essential for metabolic reactions, but the implications of this deficiency were not mentioned by any of the books analyzed.

Pregnant women and women of reproductive age are classified as at-risk of folate deficiency and neural tube defects such as anencephaly and spina bifida are the most serious birth defects that can result It should be emphasized that nutritional deficiencies are still a cause for concern in Brazil and that very often their consequences are irreversible.

Concern with unhealthy dietary habits in childhood and adolescence is not restricted to the problems caused at that age, but is also focused on their maintenance into adulthood Daily water intake is crucial to human health because it plays a fundamental role in regulating the body, including temperature control, nutrient transport and elimination of toxic substances or of substances that are not used by the body and it also plays a part in digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular and renal processes.

It is recommended that adults consume 1ml of water for every Kcal of energy expended and for children the recommendation is 1. The basic concepts of breastfeeding were absent from more than half of the books analyzed.

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